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  1. only way I can cash out on cake is by paper check :((

    how long should it take?




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  2. from what i've heard it takes a week or two so yes, its realiable. the problem with paper checks is its a 500 min which is a problem.

    also verifying your identiy is a bitch imo. i sent a scanned license copy and its too dark to prove my identify or some bs. they also want a bill proving my address and a scanned copy of the debit card i used to deposit. that just ridiculous imo. much easier cashing out elsewhere
  3. Do you have to do all of this before you can cashout the first time? If so, I better do that now then.

    To cashout I read on their site its $50 min - $500 max. Someone want to confirm?
  4. Yep....That is all required for the first cashout. Cashouts afterwards require no further verifications.
  5. the 50 min is not for paper checks 500 min for paper
  6. <span>Thank you for your email. Checks have a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $9000. You can also cashout using ewalletxpress. Information is available in the Cake Poker Cashier. Prior to processing your recent cash out request, we will require that you verify your identity. </span>

    <span> </span>

    <span>Please scan the following and send as JPEG attachments to: </span><span>support@cakepoker.com</span><span>.</span>

    <span> </span>

    <span> </span>

    <span>Required information:</span>

    <span> </span>

    <span>- The front and back of the payment card used to deposit on CakePoker (for security purposes you may obscure the middle 8 digits and 3-digit CVV code as applicable).</span>

    <span> </span>

    <span>- A recent Utility Bill or Bank Statement, showing your name and mailing address as registered on your CakePoker account (for purposes of privacy you may obscure account numbers, balances, etc...)</span>

    <span> </span>

    <span>- A government-issued photo ID (passport, Driver's License)</span>

    <span> </span>

    <span>On successful review of the above we will be able to proceed with your cash out. In the event you do not have access to a scanner we will be able to accept a clear digital photograph attached to an email and sent to support@cakepoker.com.</span>

    <span> </span>
    <span>After you have provided the required documentation and it has been verified true on our side, we will proceed with the cash out process. Please note that once you have provided the appropriate documents you will not be required to re-submit these details on any subsequent cash out request, unless you choose to use a different card. We certainly regret any inconvenience this process may cause however we must uphold the integrity of this site at all times. </span>
  7. Have never had a problem cashing out from Cake.

    Checks take 2-3 weeks on avg. for me.

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