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  1. I left my passport at my apartment (currently at my parents place) and I wanted to know if I have to go pick up my passport. My sister went to the Bahamas a year or maybe two years ago and says she didn't need her passport. Kinda urgent matter. Thanks.
  2. YES
  3. YES bring a passport you will save yourself a huge hassle
  4. yep definitly

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  5. Huge hassle meaning I can still get there? Or huge hassle meaning its impossible to get there.

    FUUUUCK me
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  6. rules have changed for the carib and all that... yes
  8. imposs w/o it
  9. Dunno if it still works but about 4 or 5 years ago i went to the Dominican Republic just using Birth Cert and a valid ID. Coming back was a bit of a hassle but going there i had no problem. Call the airport your flying out of and check.
  10. No possible way to get into the Bahamas without a passport, my Dad tried really really hard a few months ago to get into the Bahamas without a passport and there was nothing he could do.
  11. i'd get it sent by over-night courier if I were you, SC.

    no way you're getting into the USA without a passport.
  12. you are such a life donk
  13. Just tell them you were getting high, they'll understand.
  14. rules have changed since last year, passport is a must... just wanted to post that so I could call you a dumbass
  15. Yes i do believe u need your passport now for sure. they passed that law at the begining of last year but the influx of people trying get one for the first time made it impossible for them to implment it right away. as far as i know jan. of this year you need it to get into Canada, cribbearn, mexico, ect..
  16. this has all the makings of a 200 post thread, each p5er calling SCT a life donk in 1 way or another.

    jk......kind of.
  18. cooler
  19. should be moved to bad beats
  20. On a side note this is a text I received from scott today "what should I wear on the plane?"
  21. hahahahahaha
  22. sctrojans still makes mistakes..... wow there is hope for us all :)
  23. makes mistakes? he is a total life donk off the felt
  24. hahahaha
  25. With the new law instituted for 2007... you need a passport to go ANYWHERE outside the US now... even Canada. Get it.
  26. dont you have to have your passport even if you go to Mexico or Canada from USA now? i live in Japan and cant travel anywhere without that bitch! i cant even go out to eat without my passport (Japanese laws are very strict)
  27. i heard they pushed it back again?

    doesn't this basically state you don't need a passport until January 23rd?

    obv bringing mine incase but that link looks like you don't need one
  28. Obviously an important matter for the one involved, but Poker discussion?? I think not!

    Meanwhile ZackAttack has asked a poker discussion question to which no one has responded. Oh wait, I forgot, Riverkiller has told him that he needed to read, go to hand advice, etc because this area is only reserved for high level poker discussion such as this thread.

    C'mon, someone talk to Zack & let's quit this elitist attitude that only the highest level of player can ask a hand discussion question.
  29. "doesn't this basically state you don't need a passport until January 23rd?"

    Its 2008 now, so no. I followed the link and found this on the bahamas page:

    December 20, 2007

    ENTRY/EXIT REQUIREMENTS: All Americans traveling to and from the United States by air must have a passport.

  30. Helen that is not what Riverkiller said... shut up plz

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