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  1. Hello out there, to the entire pocket fives community, i have been a follower of this site, for probably close on 2 years now, but i have finally bridged the gap and became a member and a poster recently, in my quest to turn my poker a little more serious, and a lot more profitable, i have been playing for about 3-4 years now, on a fairly regular basis, my problem in the past had always been whenever i would run good for a short period, it would always follow by letting my ego, and drunken state get the best of me and playing well over my head.
    I feel like i've finally reached the point where i am both capable, and bankrolled to take the game to the next level, i have had some good rsults in the past few weeks after a terrible month of may that really kicked my confidence, i cashed off a good portion, tohelp with some expenses upcoming in switching apartments, but have left myself a sizable roll, i woke up this morning and logged on to see that the ept4 satelittes were starting, i also looked up the ept website and found that the barcelona tourney for aug 28th is a 600 player max, this appeals to me, because i just dont like the thought 2,000+ fields because i find to play top notch poker from what ive heard these live event typically run 10-12 hour days, and i know just how mentally exhausting and draining that can be, so to think about beeing on my game for 4-5 days straight i dont really know, but this event seems to be a little shorter, and looks appealing, my question to the community is what would be the best way to about trying to get into the event, and is it a realistic goal?? Thanks

  2. First off, congrats on the success you've had up to here. 95% of players are losing players. I don't think this is an unreasonable goal for you to set. Pokerstars has great satellites going on all the time for the EPT which are surprisingly easy. I played a very TAG game for the two sats I played in to the WSOP $27 Rebuys and got two $650 tickets for $27 each. I find that stars satellites are alot easier than some of the satellites on the other websites. I wouldn't buy into the EPT event direct obv but if you are willing to spend $215 on a few satellites that would be your best option. Either that or play some of the other satellites and build up Tourny money like the $27 Rebuy for a $650 ticket. That would be the best option. GL.
  3. thanks, snooker i very much appreciate it, i also agree with yopu that sats on stars are not too difficult, as i have sattelited into the nightly 100k man many times, as well as the million, i also managed to snag a seat to the super tuesday this week, i wish they had a 110 turbo sng or somthing similar to the sat they had to the super tuesday, the 33 double shootout doesnt appeal to me, i dont have great results in shootouts, your idea of playing other sats to build T$ isnt a bad idea, as the sats foir the million, esp on saturday and sunday morning are very lucrative
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  4. The buy in for most EPT sats is $215 so you could grind the $39 Rebuy for the million or any of the $11 and $3 rebuys for the $216 ticket and use it in the EPT sats. The 39 rebuy is super easy to get a ticket as well as the $11 Rebuy. Also the $55 turbo is a crapshoot with bad players just looking to take advantage of the 1 in 4 scenario. So gl.

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