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  1. My problems in tournaments always start in the final 20. Yesterday in the final 20 of the UB 100 I had an avg chip stack, but the problem is at this point it turns into a raise festival and I never can catch cards at this stage for some reason. Or maybe Im just playing wrong?

    Anyway, since I cant seem to find a book on "How to get lucky in the final 20 races" I was wondering how you all deal with this situation.

    Do you just raise with any A, or suited cards or just raise whenever you are in position? What are your standard raise amounts (3x, 4x, 5x the blinds?).

    In this last tournament it seemed anytime I was in position to raise I got raised by the position before me or someone would reraise me after I raised or even put me all in. I ended up reraising all-in w AQ on someone that had TT and lost to his set.
  2. My modest perspective on it is this:

    1) You have absolutely no chance of winning a tournament without "stealing"

    2) Anyone who thinks they can describe the process well enough in a blog short enough to appear here is fooling themselves (and you?)

    3) Having said that.............raising good, calling bad
  3. I will attempt to keep this short, but it is very important to keep track of both your stack and your opponants stack reletive to the blinds in this stage in the tourney....if youre a short stack, look for a place to push, if you are medium stack or large stack, try to steal the blinds from other medium stacks who are playing tight so they can move up.
  5. Stealing is the only way to go late in the tournament. Generally when stealing, the cards don't matter...its the situation that does.

    If you're in LP with no limpers and your stack is healthy but the blinds are worth stealing, go for it. Every time. Doesn't matter what the cards are.

    If people start playing back at you, tighten up and wait for a hand.

    You're trying to keep people on their feet, while stealing their chips the whole time, or eventually getting all your chips in with the best of it.
  6. One recomendation on stealing from late position. This comes from Layne Flack, but it is also something that I strongly believe in. Raise from 1-3 off the button to steal. But rarely if ever (usually when you have a legit hand) raise on the button. Reason being is that the button raise is expected, therefor one of the blinds might try to resteal with something as bad as Ace rag in which you would be in a tough position to call.
  7. Stealing is one of those fundamental poker paradigm things, and the key to survival. Obvisously position will help you take the blinds and antes because you minimize the number of hands you have to run threw. As for the amount. That depends on the table. Surprisingly, Clowie Gowen made a good point during a WPT interview that you might need to test the water and determine just how much you need to bet to scare the table.

    PICK ON THE SHORT STACKS! Be mean. Anytime you suspect you're racing with someone with fewer chips, make them put them all in with you. No one wants to go out, so build your stack by padding your stack wiith the chips of people weaker then you.
  8. This may sound a little mad, but I love the UTG raise. Its rare to do it so close to the money, makes everyone think you MUST have a big hand to be raising from there. Its amazing the amount of times an UTG raise makes everyone fold. Plus it doesnt look like youre trying to steal by waiting to see what everyone else does.
  9. Do this only if you are playing with good players. Bad players are not savvy enough to give you credit.
  10. I think it depends on your perspective of stealing. I don't steal with any two cards. I steal with A7, Q10, 109s from before and at the cutoff. My stealing hand has to be better from the button.

    You also have to know the BB. Is he a defender? Some people have a defensive mentality about their blinds. I love it when I piss someone off by stealing their blinds, and then I get a good hand and I make it look like every other steal attempt. They push, I bust.

    vigorous stealing should only be done with a healthy stack or a low stack. Moderate stacks are tougher. If someone busts you on a steal, you have just given up almost 20 hands of cards.

    I think stealing is overrated if you talk about doing it with no hand. If you have A7 on the cutoff you probably have the best hand, and are just betting it.
  11. Actually not so true. Good players won't let you beat on them forever. They've made final tables before and its not that big a deal to them whether they finish 17 or 8th. They want to win, or at least make top 3, and if you keep pushing on them, they're going to look for chances to push you back. Its bad players, or players without much expierence late in tourneys who are saying to themselves, "man I want to make the final table, boy it would suck if I finished 10th." These are the people you can pick on.
  12. Gab,

    I was only referring to the UTG steal. I agree with you on the other stuff.
  13. Here's the thing, suppose you raise and the guy goes all in, are you going to want to call with all of your chips anymore with A7 than you with 25? Hell if I'm pot committed anyway, I might prefer the 25, I'm more likely to be live. Even if they call, I might prefer to have two random cards, If I hit the flop hard, my hand is going to be disguised pretty well and if I miss, I'll just miss and can figure out what to do without worrying about kicker trouble. Until the blinds get big, I agree with you, when I raise in late position, I don't raise to steal, I raise to put pressure on my opponents and don't mind a call, because with position I can usually outplay my opponent. But late when the blinds get big, you have to pay for those blinds. Is it risky? Sure it is. But so is letting the blinds eat your stack away. Think about it this way, if you can get away with stealing 2 out of 3 hands, you're going to make a small profit doing it. If you can keep opponents off balance you can usually get away with it more than that.
  14. Oh, then I agree with you about that. A good player will pick up on that eventually if you keep doing it. Sorry, I'm not trying to dump on all your posts here, all in the spirit of good discussison.
  15. Good points Gab. A7 is good when they just call, but with a push, it's useless unless the chip stacks are right. Assuming the BB wasn't paired when he called, he'll only have a hand 1 out of 3 times after the flop. Still room to play with him.
  16. Bingo.

    I was going to say the same thing. There's nothing I like better than having the whole table watch me bust a shortstack with [8][3]. Everyone will know you're willing to call if you've got close to the right odds and they want to play back at you. So next time you've got players playing back at you, you know they're for real.
  17. This is a play mastered by madhattter (highroller48). He pretty much always raises the same amount, but if any stack under a certain size pushes in, he calls. I've seen him call with T 2, 7 5, and all kind of other garbage, and sometimes he wins, sometimes he loses, but you can only imagine how many pots he takes down without showing because people know they can't get him to fold.

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