See Where You Rank in Virginia

  1. Just asked to trade at a table, thought I'd give everyone a heads up.
  2. LOL at someone being stupid enough to try and scam people at a site that doesn't allow player-to-player transfers. How is this genius planning on getting the $$$?
  3. Imperium's from Canada, so he can't even play on Bodog. LoL.
  4. I know this is the greatest scammer ever!!!
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  5. the scammer made an appearance at my table too
  6. laugh it up, but i've already gotten it to work against 6 ranked players. ship 12k!
  7. i can just imagine these scammers all like "man they wont even see this coming"
  8. here's a shocker... it's the same guy as always.
  9. Scamming on Bodog=Fing hilarious

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