See Where You Rank in Virginia

  1. isnt very good it reminds me of freshman year of college creative writing and goes no where. how does what you say HELP anyones game? isnt that the point?
  2. Obv brag post about finishing creative writing his freshman year.
  3. he makes a few good points. def reminds me of my creative writing classes in college. cliche! cliche! cliche! mountain peaks and top performances and all that mess is unreadable. i do agree with his takes on getting in to it with others in the chat. and how it just takes away from your game.
  4. Hygro, are you really asking what would HELP anyone's game?

    - kice makes an excellent point about managing your competitive streak different at different stages of your poker career.
    - kice makes an excellent point about letting your competitive streak drive you off your game
    - kice makes an excellent point about letting chat get in the way of your end goals

    I guess we can tell how much that freshman creative writing class helped your reading comprehension skills.
  5. kice looks cute on the front page
  6. id hit it
  7. Thanks QTgirlE3, your avatar is hot, do you two want to go out for drinks sometime?

    As for the article, I have only tried to write about things that have been or are mistakes in myself because I assume it probably applies to plenty of players. I realize that some of the points in my articles won't resonate with everyone, but I have taken a lot more successful points from articles focusing on things in articles different than poker strategy, the assass, graps articles rather than some of the strategy that I have read in 100 different posts.

    Metaphors rule