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  1. He won cardplayer opoy which I'm sure most of you know. Its kind of a big deal....

    congrats man
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  2. congrats bro, sick year, hope 2010 is an even better one for you!
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  3. Did not know that.

    Grats Gerald!
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  4. congrats gboro- hell of a nice guy too.... gl @ pca
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  5. yep yep.
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  6. big congrats, glgl 2010
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  7. Congrats Steve, couldn't of happened to a nicer guy and one incredible poker player.
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  8. congrats <3
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  9. congrats geraldine burrows. you are truly the man.
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  10. fantastic player, well deserved, congrats.
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  11. gboro has been so consistent over the years.

    Well deserved, sir.
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  12. Congrats gboro, it's very well deserved. Best of luck in 2010!

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  13. WTG Gboro
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  14. Congrats gboro.....he has always seemed like a stand up guy.....and obv an incredible incredible player, maybe the best NLH tourney player in the world......
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  15. When this guy finally starts running to expectation the rest of the poker world better look out, watch for him to put up some MAJOR numbers in '010

    Grats Steve!
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  16. congratttssss
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  17. Ross Boss..
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  18. I <3 my old school bro gary boro
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  19. did u the maven teach u?
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  20. The list of cardplayer opoy winners is sick. Gboro is worthy company for sure
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  21. His best accomplishment is that not one bad word has ever been spoken about him. one of the nicest guys I have ever met, fun guy to hang out with ( super brag post )
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  22. the best there is, was, and ever will be. congrats brother
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  23. Steve is absolutely one of the nicest guys in the game...not only only a tremendous player, but a tremendous person. A well deserved honor brutha!! (oh btw, he finished 2nd in this race last year...he is the best ever...no doubt about it). Roossssssssss.
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  24. <3 me some gary boro

    congrats bro

    EDIT - run better live in 2010 plz
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    Originally Posted by LVpokerdealer View Post

    His best accomplishment is that not one bad word has ever been spoken about him. one of the nicest guys I have ever met, fun guy to hang out with ( super brag post )

    QFT. Congratulations Steve!
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  26. wtg brotha. Enjoy the $$ and freedom poker gives you. And the sweet ride.

    Keep killing it.
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  27. Class Act for sure. Never met the guy or played with him but all kudos are from peeps on here that have spoken of him.Never a bad word...Teach me oh guru of the Poker gods
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  28. Congrats Gboro. (Even though I congratulated you about a month ago for this win)

    Keep up the hard work. Glad to see good guys finish first for once.

    GL in 2010
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  29. congrats to my original poker hero, Gboro is the illest, great job.
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  30. i fuckin love gboro

    great stuff
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