See Where You Rank in Washington

  1. been watchin the liver coverage for a bit but still have not seen it? Any help?
  2. Can you post the link?
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  4. that feed aint working for me.
    anyone got the password
  5. just got to www.pokerstars.tv if you want to watch the pca world cup final table that is going on right now
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  6. if you got it, share it. itss your thread now your holding out after asking for help?
  7. no i still need it, the lobby says to watch it for the password, but ive been watchin for an hour and ive seen nothing, ive noticed about 98% of the people signed up look to be from non north america, grrrrr maybe it being an EPT event has something to do with it, no idea
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  8. my feed is not working. maybe i dont have the right tool to watch i dunno. if u get the password, post it. also try emailing them.
  9. i get the audio, but no video. so im just listening for it. 18 minutes left until the freeroll starts...
  10. im watching with windows media player 11 ...................still no password
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  11. looks as if only the euros r in it... donkfest.

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