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  1. So this is more of a hypothetical scenario about what your average players 5b or 6b means early on in an MTT. I will present a couple scenarios without saying what we hold and see what others think. Playing level 1 or 2 of a tournament sitting 150BB+ deep, lets say we open in MP get 3b about 3x our open and we decide to 4b about 2.5x the 3b and the villian 5bs a small ammount like 1.5xish. What kind of range can we put the villian on here is it always KK+ assuming villian is not a spewtard(obv hard to know in lvl 1 or 2 against a random).

    Another scenario villian opens we 3b standard size they 4b and we 5b, if they come along with a smallish 6b that is only about 1/3 to 1/2 of their stack can this ever be a hand that is not KK or AA more weighted to AA? Mainly I want to know if in spots like these do we ever see the villian showing up with less than KK and that might even be a stretch I think alot of players just shove KK on a 5b or 6b. I think most of the time when we see a villian 5b or 6b thats not a shove in lvl 1 or 2 sitting 150bb+ deep it is AA and only AA. Just wanted to hear some thoughts...
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  2. i would love to see what holdings you are deciding to 4b with no plan, or 5b with no plan...also...love the fact that you're getting mini 5 and 6b so often at 10/20
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  3. its not that it happens often, and I never said I didnt have a plan my plan is always to get it in if im 4b or 5bing at 10/20, obv my holding in these spots is always KK but I didnt wanna make it a fold KK pre thread. Like I said I simply wanted to know if anyone sees the villian show up with non KK or AA hands here. I guess this thread is basically pointless as I pretty much have answered my own questions already...

    edit: I as I always do just start typing and type way too much information the bolded part is the only thing I am interested in.

    edit2: Also the 6b scenario is basically irrel since I only 5b for not a shove in lvl 1 once in my life and that was in minitops ME sitting 350BB deep...

    edit3: see what i mean about just typing and not being able to stop, my holding isnt always KK as I have obv 4b JJ, QQ or AK before but those are usually in multiway situations and are just shoves...
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