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  1. I'm heading off to Dubai next week for my xmas holiday. I know they block all porn/gambling sites there, so does anyone know a way of getting arround this? Would using a differnt i.p work? If so how do you go about doing that?

  2. I don't know what the law is there, but if they go to the trouble of blocking all that stuff I'd guess they might be fairly serious about it.

    I'd look into that before I found a way to get around the filters.
  3. i live in dubai and play online poker occasionally. There are two internet service providers here etisalat and du. etisalat has a proxy and blocks gambling related webpages (but not pocketfives) and porn sites howevevr most poker clients work. du has no proxy and every website works. etisalat is the most common provider as it serves most of dubai but depending on where u are staying whether it be hotel or family they may use du either way u should be ok on playing...
  4. big big big no no.....i travel to and from dubai every 4 months for my job.....and gambling in a muslim country is a big no no....if you get caught you can go to prison and probably get a couple years.....muslim countries have very strict laws.......do not even attempt to connect to an online poker site....it would not be in your best intrest to do so.....with that said hope u have fun in dubai.....Has alot of stuff to do there.....Billionaires everywhere.......
  5. No gambling and no porn?? Crazy Arabs!
  6. Just leave your computer at home on, establish a RDC (remote desktop connection) from Dubai to your place and play. It would be just like playing at home, no one in Dubai will even know.
    Good luck
  7. i wouldnt pay attention to people saying ur gonna get thrown in prison for playing online poker. i linked up my local dubai bank account to the poker site and when i made a withdrawal i got a phone call from the local bank asking whether or not the credit was from an online gambling site. I said yes and they went through with the transfer.
  8. if u get caught they will chop ur head off
  9. Wear a burka, that should protect u.
  10. Many thanks for the replys, esp shoar83. I'll be staying in my parents appartment and I guess their isp is etisalat. I'll give it a go to see if it works when I get there.... Just cant imagine not playing for 2 weeks!
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  11. i wanna live on the palm in dubai..... just thought id put that out there
  12. I hear Dubai is one of the richest cities in world. Would love to visit sometime, I hear I can purchase my self a wife for 5 camels, hmm...or was it sheep. Not sure, but seems like a pretty fair trade.
  13. My biggest client is in Dubai. Lots and lots of $$$. Guess how much gas cost there?.....

    .50 a gallon.
  14. Dubai has that massive horse race each year for like 10 mil....but apparently you can't bet on it there...? Is this true?
  15. u can bet on it and gas is around 1.75$ per gallon
  16. bring a deck a cards with u and rosie palm and her five sisters.
  17. And when you get to know the price of a camel you may reconsider!
  18. What is the price of a camel, btw?
  19. It's a country.. god americans
  20. I know u can get a woman for 2 camels but couldn t say the exact price.
  21. How many camels could I get for my wife?
  22. Proxy FTW

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