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  1. Hello , i was wondering if someone ( skill level doesnt matter ) wants to be a poker partner with me . We would be playing and watching each other, discussing hand histories and developing strategies to beat games . ( im not saying collude ) i mean after game analisis . If anyone is interested post it here or pm me, it would be best if you have msn, aim , yahoo or skype. Thanks in advance and hope te recieve some replys

    I would like to add i play NL hold em sit n goes ( 9 handed non turbo ) and short handed games plus limit full handed ring games .

    Im currently down to the 5.50 dollar level, i was in the 10+1 but i had to withdraw 400 for college and now im down to 200 :( with is not enough to go up
  2. Pmed. I was about to make a post exactly like this, except in a week when school gets out. You have the same bankroll as me, and I think we could do a lot of damage.
  3. Cool sounds intersting i play on paddy power at the moment but soon putting money in pokerstars as i like how their site looks. I play 6 man sit and gos. Birthdayday coming so have money then. Anyone interested pm me. My Level between 10 and 25$ on paddy power wont obviously be on pokerstars at first that hopefully not too long anyway.
  4. I will on bodog...can't on party though, cashed out alot and then went busto with the remaining $200 that I left myself...sign in name is bhagen7 on bodog, and if you try to talk to me, pm me on here, my chat is disabled because I got a little mad at someone who hit a 2 outter
  5. Im in. Once school is over I am going into full poker mode :) I am determined to go from the $6s at Party to the $55s by the end of August. I have a big enough roll for the $11s, but I am kinda doing a Gigabet challenge for myself. If anyones interested in talking poker my AIM is AceEight86.
  6. Since there seems to be quite a bit of interest in this maybe it should be a group. I am in almost the exact same situation as all of you(171 BR, playing 5.50 sit and goes). Whatever happens I'm game.
  7. im down...pmed you
  8. A group of SNG players would be cool. I am pretty sure it would make a difference in our game.
  9. Yeah, count me in on this, anyone that wants to talk about some sit and go strategy, limit results, etc. give me a hollar.
  10. Ok guys so far we got a lot of members for this group. Currently i play under pokerstars and i think the best way for us to talk and have a conference type of talk would be threw msn , so if everyone could dload msn it would be esaier .
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  11. give me a link where i can d/l it...ill do it tomorrow
  12. msn.com. I am AceEight86@yahoo.com if anyone else wants to talk poker
  13. Ibanez do you have any sort of chat system , that would be esaier, try dloading msn at www.msn.com ^_^
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  14. paddy power? LOL
  15. I'm up for this. I'm currently playing limit ring games on Party with the occasional SnG or mini-step.
    My AIM and Yahoo are both Kintanon.

  16. ok i just d/led MSN..the email i used was busabus28@yahoo.com
  17. I would also be up for this. I'm in the same situation as most of you. BR just under 200. Was over 200 but had a bad run at the 5.5 SNG's over the weekend. I play on Full Tilt most of the time because I use my Mac Powerbook. I do have a PC at the house so could play on whatever sites worked for the group. Will keep an eye on this thread and hopefully talk to some of you soon.


  18. I'm currently playing $11 5 man sitngos on Paradise. Bankroll about $325 right now. Waco1910@hotmail.com
  19. Just to play devil's advocate, don't you guys think that you're just going to pass each other bad information since you all seem new to the game and play at the lower levels where the play is worse?
  20. I'm up for a discussion group, anyone interested PM me your AIM or yahoo name. I play $11 SNGs and $1-$5 MTT right now on Paradise and mostly Absolute Poker for the bonus whoring/rakeback. I have accounts on Party, Stars, and UB too but I don't like playing for no rakeback/rare bonuses so I would just watch you play and those. I play from 7pm-11pm M-TR usually, more on weekends, 40 hour job gets in the way, ugh.
  21. Hey wow not really cos we might learn different stuff off each other like one might be good at cash, one at 9 man sit and gos other at 6 man. We might be able to pick up different stuff off each other and follow each other progress, might be good. Worth a tryh anyway. Hey dont you like germans and british. Im half german half irish shame my other half is not british instead id be perfect for you huh?? what you think??
  22. Irish bookmakers skin on Tribeca...exactly same as DoylesRoom
  23. your ass must be huge, pics?
  24. Hey man, im down for this. I play 5$ Sngs/MTTs right now on UB. What I used to do with people is discuss poker on VENTRILO (voice-over-ip). Basically, a program which lets you talk through a mic instaend of typing which is long and not efficient. Add me to your email list or something, (( email sent as PM)) Lets own.

    The way ventrilo works is that you have to loggon to a server, which costs a bit of money (20$ / month) . HOWEVER, i know of a bunch of servers that I have access to through online gaming (warcraft, gogo DotA ). Me and a guy I met on UB that lives in Toronto (im in Ottawa) are alawys on ventrilo when were both playing poker, advising each other on hands, discussing scenarios/situations etc etc... Id love to do this with you guys... lets own.
  25. skype is similar and is free, you can also have conference calls I don't know what the max is though. I pmed my msn name 2 ya Ace. msn = kyle_morrison1167@hotmail.com
  26. any 1 want to do this with $30 sng's on poker room..pm me
  27. Maybe you could teach us a thing or two wow ;-)
  28. Wow i presume that was for me. What you mean my ass must be huge?? pic in my profile but it looks out of shape cos could not resize it right and from a year ago when i was 17 lol. By the way i dont mind your age i had older
  29. no, you read it wrong. I didn't mean that you are over weight, i just meant that your butt is bigger because Germans and Irish tend to have big nice round ass. I bet i can bounce a quarter off of it. pics? don't be shy

    and i've had older too :)
  30. my aim id is 'wastesomepaint', i play on party where my user id is 'bananapancakes', hit me up sometime to talk poker

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