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  1. With FTP being down I decided to re-install Pokerstars. I last played on there over a year ago and have since moved. I still have my login ID and Password info but still no luck. The format seems slightly different to me and I am having a hard time figuring out how to deposit $$$? Every tourney on the main page is FREE and I am looking to play fo real $$. I can't even locate my account as far as how many points I have amassed overtime or if I had left any nominal amount of $$$ in there. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please help this somewhat computer illiterate 38yr old! Thanks!
  2. LOL

    Pokerstars.com my friend

    You downloaded Pokerstars.net (which is not a gambling site)
  3. HAHAH......needed that smile!
  4. loll .com sir and gl
  5. Thanks gentlemen! I am a complete CLOWN!!! Good luck at the tables!
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  6. awww that made me lol


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