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  1. I was talking to him about some random things and the conversation came up about how he was willing to give someone 2-1 odds that he could win the tlb for the month on either stars or party. Seemed like a sick bet to me considering all the players, but he is gigabet after all. Sp the guy eventutally backed out, but he says the offer stands for anyone who wants to take it, for a minimum of 10k and a maximum of 50k.

    I will hold the money if anyone wants to try...to me it would be an awesome spectator sport.

  2. Lets make a pool. I will put in 1k to make a quick 2k.

    Sheets you put up the other 9k and were good to go.
  3. i am a disinterested obseerver in this one
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  4. back me on this bet?

  5. Hell yea if you escrow the $30k I'll be in for $10k - which month?
  6. June is bad cause of WSOP. How about July? Which site would you prefer.
  7. Isnt WSOP in July ?
  8. who is gigabet and y is his first post on these boards just happening today?
  9. Poker Stars - you pick the month
  10. I heard that gigabet is now playing under a new name at party. Is this true?
  11. gigabet should need no introduction but his his first post is today because i begged him to do so.

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  12. I guess I will pick August. That will give me time to settle myself at home after the wsop. Just so there is no confusion, I will not be playing under the username Gigabet. I will give you the username a day or 2 before Aug begins.
  13. Ok, Sheets will hold my 10k and your 20k? I would also want your word that it will only be YOU playing under that account. And if you have someone play for you for whatever reason then you forfit the bet.
  14. I am at ease with Sheets holding the money. And i agree that it has to be me playing, however, the only thing you can do, is asccept my word. I don't really think there is anyway that I could prove that it is really me playing at all times.


  16. How about random checks of he finds you at the table and asks you to telphone him at that exact time within 3 minutes.

    If it was you playing then there would be no problem in you makin the phone call

    Of course he would have to talk to you beforehand so he knows the voice.
  17. count me in for september lemme first check with gank, sdouble, mackerel, and bigslick789 to make sure there going to be around in september
  18. You don't have to wait, I will take more action in Aug. You can bet 40k more in Aug if you would like. 40k would win you 80k.
  19. i like september especially if your doing august- i would hope u be a little burned out and one less day of the month. i will be rooting for you in august though
  20. LOL, I always knew you were an angle shooter. Fair enough though.
  21. 2-1 odds. These odds are so ridiculously good I wish I would be willing to wager 10k.

    Maybe I can get 10k together for it .
  22. Will the name you'll be playing under be made public? Or will the wagerers have to keep it secret? If we know your name, we'll buy-in all the fish we can. TCLucky will damn sure take you down with a little 37o action.
  23. I think I've played with Gigabet in some of the $1000 step tourneys, but haven't seen him play many tourneys. Is there any info that you'd be willing to give out to make this a fair bet. If you are TJ or someone like that, I might just pass on the bet.
  24. I don't care if it is Daniel f'in Negreanu I am in for $10k. Either way that it works out it will be a fun bet. And if Gig wins fair and square then you deserve the money. I obiously will need to know a little more about you. And it sounds like Sheets can vouch for you being legit. Can anyone else? Email me thurmand@aol.com
  25. Giga, what kind of odds would you give me vs you?
  26. Gigabet is not TJ or anyone known(yet) in the live poker circles.

  27. Webcam??
  28. he is kosher (so to speak)

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  29. Wow, cool thread, and welcome Gigabet, great to have you on our site!

    Unfortunately I woke up today to our internet service being out (great when two people live in the same apartment and run a web business there and the internet goes out) and while we waited for it to come back, it never did, so I eventually snuck over to Vanderbilt campus and found a place I could get on. I found about 2000 new posts, so now just weeding through it all....

    This wager should be very exciting to watch. Best of luck to all parties involved, but I will be rooting for gigabet to win it--I always like to see a player dominate. Looking forward to seeing this play out...
  30. Sheets, why are you speaking for Gig? I haven't recieved an email yet.

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