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  1. What percentage of money are yo playing with when playing at more than 1 table. I would think it would very costly and expensive to put 30 big bets on each table. Because you have a bad day and lose on 3 or 4 tables, you may end up wiping out your bankroll. So what is a safe percentage to play with when doing more than 1 table? Thanks.
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  2. Hey Magic, I think you need to stick with your original percentage to multi-table. So, if youre playing the 10-losing-sessions-rule, you would need to add all the money from all the tables together and make sure you can afford to lose that much 10 times. Which is why he goes from 20/40 limit, to 3/6 NL....its a large drop in limits, so he can play more at once. Also, when he wins, he can win big, but when he loses, its easier on the bankroll. And youre right, it is costly, but if your roll is 10K, it can handle that...if its 500, youd better stick to the .25/.50 tables...hehe
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  3. What percentage is that though? Do you put in 5%, 10%, !5% of your bankroll on each table? What is the 10 losing sessions rule?
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  4. That rule says that in order to play at a given limit, your bankroll must have enough to sit down at the table with 30-40BB and support ten losing sessions.

    so, to play at 1/2, you would need $800
    (2BBx40=$80 x10=$800)

    To play at 3/6 you would need 2400, to mutlitable 4 tables, youd need just south of 10K
    (6x40=$240x10=$2400) times 4 tables=$9600

    got it?
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  5. Wow supermoves is even more conservative than I am. I didn't think anyone was more of a bankroll nazi than yours truly.

    Multi tabling actually cuts down your variance somewhat. because your are less likely to lose your buy in at all 4 tables of 3/6 than you are to lose one buy in at 20/40 you need less of a bankroll to play. You also need a bigger bankroll when you are just getitng started multi tabling becasue you aren't sure when you try something new if you are going ot win. For two tables i would say you need 1.5 times as much money as you need for one table, and there is a curve that I won't get into here that describes what you need. Some crazy mathematical principle that Sklansky probably first invented. To play one table of 3/6 and consider yourself to have a real long term bankroll you might want $1200. To play two tables of 3/6 you might want $1800 (if you know you are a winning player at two tables).

    Remember that the bigger the bankroll the more conservative you need to be. A $200 bankroll can be replaced with onepaycheck but a $10,000 bankroll is much harder to replace and therefore must be protected more carefully.
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