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  1. Okay I wanted to post this in it's own thread so it can be as big as possible. Sheets posted the hand history here:

    Here is the animated version. Nice win sir!

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    <CENTER>Click here to view a larger version.</CENTER>

  3. MW- that software is awesome
    oh yeah, gg sheets.
  4. how does that software work? you input your HH and it gives you a video? does it work on all sites?
  5. 3 words mindwise...I ....love...you

    haha thanks bro!

    f beanie!
  6. That software is cool and Sheets is awesome obv.

    But who couldn't have won that thing with all the pocket pairs, quads etc that he got in only 37 hands. Unbelievable cards.

    Anyways...no disrespect..just a comment.

    Great job mind
  7. stuff like this is awesome!!! thanks a bunch sheets and mindwise
  8. That was pretty sweet to see a such a master in action. Thanks for the animated post.
  9. vn sheets, and thanks again mindwise for the animation!

    I really like where you've taken this so far. However, if you plan on making more animations similar to this though, might I suggest that you choose a different sit n go. No offense to sheets or anything, but that looked like a rather easy win. It would be great to be able to see a win that really challenges sheets. For example, I would really LOVE to see a sit n go where sheets plays a short stack on the bubble, something along those lines. Not that I didn't appreciate this animation. We all know sheets has mad skillz, I would just love to see him show them off. Thanks!
  10. Sick. Everytime he picked up a big hand the other players bet for him. You have to love that action. Very well played.
  11. Nice final four hands

    K3 flop 2 pair
    105 turn 2 pair - river boat ...

    nice finishing move ...
  12. Extra sick... even your 4 handed 8/5 off-suit hand that you DIDN'T play would've resulted in a full-house. :) How's that for RESULTS ORIENTED???

    BTW -- it's obv that Lee reserves the "Extra Power Boost" button for sheets only.
  13. Agreed, you really know how to play your quads...but how could a Sit and Go master such as yourself not know your Q5s in the BB would have turned into Queens full?!? J/K Great game and posting your hand histories (and mindwise's software) is MUCH appreciated.
  14. Not to sound ungrateful, but I agree with whoever said a different SnG would be nice. This doesn't show anything as far as strategy, it's just him getting a bunch of good hole cards and great flops for them. I'm pretty sure a novice could have won this SnG with those cards, but at the same time, those other players didn't seem very good.

    That aside, this is pretty sweet mindwise. Great work putting this up, hopefully P5's will have a few more of these to come. This is infinitely better than reading through the hand histories, and could be used as a great teaching tool. Really cool to watch. Many props for posting this.
  15. Was it just me, or where your 2 oppenents in the final 3 the worst 2 players at the table....??
  16. Cool post. Thanks for doing this also. As somebody that only play's SNG this
    is a great learning tool from a great player. Sheets can I ask you one thing. I
    think it was at the 75/150 level you folded to you in SB you folded 10 7 suited.
    Was just wondering why?? Good game.
  17. Sheets, if you have time: I was surprised to see how conservatively you played in a few situations. The one that comes to mind is the A10 hand where you checked it down and ended up splitting with a weaker ace.

    Was it because the maniacs were just knocking each other out right and left so you really didn't have to manufacture any plays?

    Thanks as always for sharing!

    **Edit the 10 7 soooted hand also occured to me as it was in position, but given how active the table was, I can easily guess it wasn't worth making a stab there.
  18. I think Sheets's original post was kind of in jest - how to win a sng in 37 hands, check me out I'm sweet. So to those people criticising the choice of SNG, I don't think he intended it to be a training tool. . . with that said, how about a full HH of an MTT win using Mindwise's software?
  19. I didnt like the AT hand either lenny. I liked the check on flop but i certainly would have bet the king on turn in case the other guy had small pp.
  20. ^^^what he said!!!^^^ MTT please!!
  21. I agree with you Matt

    seriously though, Mindwise, I just signed up. Can you put full MTT hand histories in? I am having difficulty.
  22. it really was kind of a joke...while i appreciate the ggs, i find it hard to believe that anyone could lose with the cards I got. By the way, Lenny, I always play conservatively, until I dont.

  23. I wish I could have 1 week's worth of Sheets sng hand histories.
  24. Hey everyone, thanks for the comments. Currently, if you join at PokerXFactor.com (it's free), you can upload a single hand and it is animated automatically.

    Right now we don't have a way for people to upload entire tournaments. We had to hand edit this one for sheets and we hand edited the quiz I posted earlier:


    We're going to have some big announcements about the next phase of the site in February. Stay tuned.

    The PokerXFactor hand viewer currently works with Ultimate Bet, Party, Paradise, Full Tilt, and Stars. We still find bugs in the hand histories and I suspect it will take a long time to get them all out. For example, Poker Stars hand histories for SNGs, it turns out, were different from their hand histories for MTT. Things like that.

    I really want to thank sheets for sharing. Content is king guys. I, for one, have never seen a SNG won so fast.
    Thread Starter
  25. i wish i could have 1 week worth of sheets flops for his hands.
  26. Thank you for posting that up. I watched it after I read the original post.. verry good hand selections man. even though you made it look easy and everyone says it would be too easy. I think that you held your composure well and only played select hands and tore them apart.

    Awesome post, Sheets you are the man..

  27. Haha I love the choice of Sit and Gos comments. if Sheets always got these hands in these situations he would win every sunday tournament in 35 minutes.
  28. Man this software is cool mindwise - thank you for posting. But I gotta know - Did you name the software after Weapon X?
  29. Thank you very much for posting this mindwise.


  30. Yeah except everyone seemed to get nutty good cards - looked like Royal Hold Em there for while. Good job extracting on the quads sheets!

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