See Where You Rank in Virginia

  1. Hand 48 about 12min 20 sec in

    DerHenker misplays his hand IMO.
  2. an open pre wld of solved all this mess, i cld see the k 10 3 betting but not much else the call off is brutal in a 4 way pot with a limper going all in.
  3. Yeah that was pretty bad. The only way he can call there is if that other guy is just bluffy as fuck. If that guy isn't good then I'm sure theres a lot more to it than it looks like.
  4. trying not to get away from original topic but hand 121 at 22:15 is so sick
  5. Definitely misplayed the hand.. Just awful
  6. Yeah definitely raise pre... C-bet after first two players checks is fine if he was going for a steal.. then the worst part is the call when button decides to shove giving him about 2;1 on his money.. which his bad since he needs 33% to make the call good and has about 25 % chance of winning if he puts his opponent on a two pair. so calling is bad IMO... unless opponent is shoving wide which is not the case
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  7. lol, i love it when he goes "what a disgusting card."