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1. Jaybone2315 How about a real degen/grindier thread?7,347
2. kmc28 WSOP OT rail/live stream thread *no spoilers*6,887
3. sacaniga where should I move? (outside of US)6,373
4. Futon The Chazmental (aka Charles Kraynak) Job: Now with fake claims about IRS Harassment!6,254
5. Z-Fresh ::Official OT WSOP Sweat Thread::5,844
6. TheBigEarn **** Official 2014 World Cup Thread ****5,660
7. The Precedent **Official** Ron Paul Presidential Race Thread5,575
8. cmval NCAA Basketball Betting Thread5,211
9. Aaron_Hacker Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman trial starts today4,414
10. Admiral Boston Marathon bombing4,335
11. aupoker1 Fantasy football draft/discussion thread4,156
12. SmokeyCasinos Mike Brown Shooting Discussion - Ferguson (From Cop Gonna Cop Thread)4,113
13. SyphonSoul Official 14-15 Fantasy Football Discussion4,008
14. SpankyHamm NFL Offseason Thread3,914
15. TheWacoKidd ITT OT counts to a million3,838
16. wackyJaxon OT Regs buying and selling Live tournament action3,734
17. TheEngineer WEDNESDAY POKER ACTION PLAN: Let's make & like pro-poker comments on two new op-eds3,607
18. Mr. Blonde Not Quite Thread Worthy - May 2014 (NSFW)3,341
19. Jaybone2315 Coffee Talk: With Jaybone3,323
20. Lord Supremo Is 2013 Going to be the Best Year in Movie History?3,190
21. DONKWOOD Not Quite Thread Worthy- April 2014 (NSFW)3,179
22. Camz Not Quite Thread Worthy - August 2013 (nsfw)3,167
23. Mr. Blonde Not Quite Thread Worthy - August 2014 (NSFW)3,024
24. Mr. Blonde Not Quite Thread Worthy - November 2013 (NSFW)2,948
25. BulldogCafe Not Quite Thread Worthy - Sept '13 (nsfw)2,938
26. Randers Madden10 OT Franchise: Legit OT Contest. Rare Randers Unfail2,933
27. DONKWOOD 7Delux OT Staking Issue2,932
28. ntanygd760 Not Quite Thread Worthy - October 2013 (NSFW)2,926
29. norcaljeff Not Quite Threadworthy June 2014 NSFW2,887
30. Believer82 October Playoff Baseball Discussion Thread2,875
31. Hughes4 NBA Betting Thread2,831
32. thereraise OT Cooking Thread2,827
33. SpankyHamm Not Quite Thread Worthy - December 2013 (NSFW)2,822
34. SpankyHamm Not Quite Thread Worthy - September 2014 (NSFW)2,799
35. localface welp..here we go.2,734
36. Jaybone2315 Cooking with Jaybone2,732
37. Mr Galt **Official Federal Government Shutdown Thread**2,719
38. SpankyHamm Not Quite Thread Worthy - July 2014 (NSFW)2,687
39. littleze ***Official Breaking Bad season 5 discussion***2,675
40. saxman Not Quite Thread Worthy - May 2013 (NSFW)2,617
41. ripomatic OT Live Tournament Action Rail2,594
42. sean614 ***Official NFL Offseason Thread***2,576
43. TheWacoKidd Kate Upton (NSFW)2,572
44. Hughes4 *Official McKayla Maroney Thread*2,509
45. SpankyHamm Not Quite Thread Worthy - March 2013 (NSFW)2,467
46. kmc28 *** Official Divisional Weekend Playoff Thread ***2,415
47. rebelfd Ebola outbreak 20142,409
48. Jaybone2315 ** NFL Divisional Round **2,390
49. dolphin13 Tuesday stock talk/more bailouts?2,328
50. duece9ofRed Tim Tebow era..?2,285
51. Superleggera OTers playing in the WSOP Main Event2,281
52. truesyalose OT Regs Buying and Selling WSOP 2014 Action2,266
53. krispycream Not quite Thread Worthy - April 2013 (NSFW)2,232
54. bluefront April MLB Discussion Thread2,218
55. ScottBrewr99 ***NBA Finals - San Antonio vs. Miami***2,205
56. Willywoo How is the transition to the Affordable Care Act Exchanges affecting you?2,160
57. snaggs Clean thread: OT regs buying and selling WSOP action2,159
58. Goldenad Osama Bin Laden dead2,158
59. AMARTIN1181 Official NBA Playoffs Thread2,148
60. squinonez81 Lets go Red Sox!!!!!!!!!!2,111
61. SpankyHamm Not Quite Thread Worthy - March 2014 (NSFW)2,094
62. pimpnuho The Press says Obama is up! I disagree!!2,045
63. djg23 ***Not Quite Thread Worthy - July 2013 (NSFW)***2,041
64. Suthereader Missing Miracles?1,981
65. blufhard Thread Killers1,968
66. SpankyHamm NQTW Jan 2013 Edition (NSFW obv)1,964
67. TheAlbatross NBA Draft/Free Agency Thread1,957
68. eagleseye13 Official April MLB Betting Thread1,948
69. Glo4m OT Confessions1,941
70. sketchy1 u know those threads that shouldn't be 1,000 pages long but are?1,890
71. Cooker First World Problems1,888
72. Suthereader Unofficial Suthethread1,884
73. dolphin13 WTF is wrong with people1,882
74. Mr. Blonde Not Quite Thread Worthy - October 2014 (NSFW)1,871
75. jetsjets1028 All Suthereader fans....GTFI!!!!!!1,841
76. SaulGood NQTW - Februany 20141,841
77. sponge1430 March 2014 NCAA Basketball betting thread1,834
78. resilient *** 43rd Annual WSOP Main Event - OT's all-to-its-lonesome railbird thread!!!***1,808
79. Shaaarrrp Fancy Beer Thread1,789
80. whitealroker NQTW February Edition (NSFW)1,789
81. SpankyHamm Big One for One Drop - $1,000,000 WSOP Event (OT Style)1,774
82. LoLN2plus2is5 Chemical Attack in Syria1,772
83. ScottBrewr99 ***MLB Discussion Thread - March/April***1,754
84. ntanygd760 Movies you just watched1,740
85. ripomatic **** Official 2014 OT Live tournament Action Rail****1,689
86. LoLN2plus2is5 NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden: PRISM, Privacy and Intelligence.1,679
87. rebelfd Missing Malaysia flight had 2 passengers with stolen passports1,666
88. Dyzalot Remember Benghazi?1,657
89. dolphin13 Let's send Jaybone from the internets to the WSOP ME1,655
90. Glo4m Celebgate. Happening Status: It's1,649
91. Jaybone2315 My Road Trip to Vegas... with a dog1,630
92. Lord Supremo ***Official Game of Thrones Season 4 Thread*** (TV Show only) - Do NOT post spoilers1,622
93. sponge1430 March 2013 College BBall Betting thread1,617
94. astaggs Tony Stewart Runs Over Driver1,609
95. ScottBrewr99 ***2012-2013 MLB Offseason Thread***1,606
96. threeven The threeven bad beat thread O RLY?!1,588
97. sponge1430 August MLB Betting Thread1,584
98. sean614 Official NFL Week 1 Thread1,583
99. marinersheep October 2013 NFL Betting Thread1,583
100. wantagolf NBA February Betting Thread1,577