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1. Jaybone2315 How about a real degen/grindier thread?7,347
2. Futon The Chazmental (aka Charles Kraynak) Job: Now with fake claims about IRS Harassment!6,254
3. Z-Fresh ::Official OT WSOP Sweat Thread::5,844
4. sacaniga where should I move? (outside of US)5,800
5. The Precedent **Official** Ron Paul Presidential Race Thread5,575
6. cmval NCAA Basketball Betting Thread5,211
7. Aaron_Hacker Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman trial starts today4,414
8. Admiral Boston Marathon bombing4,335
9. aupoker1 Fantasy football draft/discussion thread4,156
10. TheWacoKidd ITT OT counts to a million3,838
11. Lord Supremo Is 2013 Going to be the Best Year in Movie History?3,189
12. Camz Not Quite Thread Worthy - August 2013 (nsfw)3,167
13. TheEngineer FRIDAY ACTION PLAN: Tell 6 more House committee members to oppose the Adelson Bill3,057
14. Mr. Blonde Not Quite Thread Worthy - November 2013 (NSFW)2,948
15. BulldogCafe Not Quite Thread Worthy - Sept '13 (nsfw)2,938
16. Randers Madden10 OT Franchise: Legit OT Contest. Rare Randers Unfail2,933
17. ntanygd760 Not Quite Thread Worthy - October 2013 (NSFW)2,926
18. Believer82 October Playoff Baseball Discussion Thread2,875
19. Hughes4 NBA Betting Thread2,831
20. SpankyHamm Not Quite Thread Worthy - December 2013 (NSFW)2,822
21. localface welp..here we go.2,734
22. Mr Galt **Official Federal Government Shutdown Thread**2,719
23. saxman Not Quite Thread Worthy - May 2013 (NSFW)2,617
24. ripomatic OT Live Tournament Action Rail2,594
25. littleze ***Official Breaking Bad season 5 discussion***2,589
26. sean614 ***Official NFL Offseason Thread***2,576
27. Jaybone2315 Cooking with Jaybone2,554
28. Zeppelin Picture A Day2,502
29. SpankyHamm Not Quite Thread Worthy - March 2013 (NSFW)2,467
30. Jaybone2315 Coffee Talk: With Jaybone2,442
31. Hughes4 *Official McKayla Maroney Thread*2,417
32. kmc28 *** Official Divisional Weekend Playoff Thread ***2,415
33. Jaybone2315 ** NFL Divisional Round **2,390
34. TheWacoKidd Kate Upton (NSFW)2,360
35. dolphin13 Tuesday stock talk/more bailouts?2,310
36. duece9ofRed Tim Tebow era..?2,285
37. Superleggera OTers playing in the WSOP Main Event2,281
38. krispycream Not quite Thread Worthy - April 2013 (NSFW)2,232
39. bluefront April MLB Discussion Thread2,218
40. ScottBrewr99 ***NBA Finals - San Antonio vs. Miami***2,205
41. thereraise OT Cooking Thread2,204
42. wackyJaxon OT Regs buying and selling Live tournament action2,174
43. snaggs Clean thread: OT regs buying and selling WSOP action2,159
44. Goldenad Osama Bin Laden dead2,158
45. SpankyHamm NFL Offseason Thread2,118
46. squinonez81 Lets go Red Sox!!!!!!!!!!2,111
47. SpankyHamm Not Quite Thread Worthy - March 2014 (NSFW)2,094
48. Zeppelin ***Official Main Event Sweat Thread***2,071
49. pimpnuho The Press says Obama is up! I disagree!!2,045
50. djg23 ***Not Quite Thread Worthy - July 2013 (NSFW)***2,041
51. blufhard Thread Killers1,968
52. SpankyHamm NQTW Jan 2013 Edition (NSFW obv)1,964
53. TheAlbatross NBA Draft/Free Agency Thread1,957
54. eagleseye13 Official April MLB Betting Thread1,948
55. Glo4m OT Confessions1,941
56. sketchy1 u know those threads that shouldn't be 1,000 pages long but are?1,890
57. dolphin13 WTF is wrong with people1,882
58. Zeppelin **NBA Playoffs Conference semifinals**1,849
59. jetsjets1028 All Suthereader fans....GTFI!!!!!!1,841
60. SaulGood NQTW - Februany 20141,841
61. sponge1430 March 2014 NCAA Basketball betting thread1,834
62. resilient *** 43rd Annual WSOP Main Event - OT's all-to-its-lonesome railbird thread!!!***1,808
63. Willywoo How is the transition to the Affordable Care Act Exchanges affecting you?1,795
64. whitealroker NQTW February Edition (NSFW)1,789
65. SpankyHamm Big One for One Drop - $1,000,000 WSOP Event (OT Style)1,774
66. LoLN2plus2is5 Chemical Attack in Syria1,772
67. DONKWOOD Not Quite Thread Worthy- April 2014 (NSFW)1,674
68. dolphin13 Let's send Jaybone from the internets to the WSOP ME1,655
69. Jaybone2315 My Road Trip to Vegas... with a dog1,630
70. sponge1430 March 2013 College BBall Betting thread1,617
71. ScottBrewr99 ***2012-2013 MLB Offseason Thread***1,606
72. threeven The threeven bad beat thread O RLY?!1,588
73. sponge1430 August MLB Betting Thread1,584
74. marinersheep October 2013 NFL Betting Thread1,583
75. sean614 Official NFL Week 1 Thread1,583
76. wantagolf NBA February Betting Thread1,577
77. Popperhead NFL Discussion week 31,573
78. tmac456 ** Official NBA Playoffs round 1 thread**1,566
79. Camz Game of Thrones Season 3 disc (No Book Spoilers)1,564
80. raisethis2 Why Mitt Romney's candidacy will fall short1,553
81. paidchex TheWacoKidd- WSOP Event 40 Final Table, Live Stream Sweat *Spoilers not Allowed*1,536
82. AFink93 *** Official NHL Round 1 Playoff Thread***1,534
83. sponge1430 January NBA Betting Thread1,532
84. Randers NCAA Football '13 Dynasty/Franchise for Xbox1,523
85. aheggem Minecraft1,519
86. TheWacoKidd Official Madden '11 (XBL) OT League1,502
87. Keynes Daily NBA Action (Wednesday 5/19)1,500
88. Hughes4 *NBA Conference Finals*1,475
89. UcouldBbettor Not Quite Threadworthy (OT's Dumping Ground) - Dec 2012 (NSFW)1,456
90. resilient *** Week 5 NFL Discussion ***1,443
91. LoLN2plus2is5 NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden: PRISM, Privacy and Intelligence.1,441
92. Jaybone2315 Sweetness is a ridiculous person...1,441
93. TheBigEarn Official 2012 OT Workout Crew Thread1,437
94. JulieHastings RIP Paul Buchsbaum - now stop hating on this man1,435
95. Realbigfish4 *NBA Playoffs Rd 1*1,430
96. Shaaarrrp Fancy Beer Thread1,425
97. ScottBrewr99 ***Official 2011-2012 MLB Hot Stove Thread***1,414
98. wab80 Official May MLB betting thread1,376
99. wantagolf *** NFL Wildcard Weekend ***1,372
100. LVpokerdealer Post annoying facebook status updates here please...1,361