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1. Lord Supremo I'm officially a Guardian of Liberty162
2. dhubermex LOST S6 E15 -- Across The Sea162
3. Frank1The1Tank OFFICIAL SCOOP* Schedule Released162
4. Bawsten Whats the craziest thing youve seen in person?162
5. dandickau Cougars4444 wins $160k!162
6. Da Donkey OT's Random Thoughts162
8. MustbeMoore UFC Heavyweight Title Fight 5/26/12162
9. clemsonrich Tom Cruise has got to be a level162
10. FTWDomer Kanye West162
11. Zeppelin **Cowboys @ Patriots: Romo gonna Romo, Brady gonna Brady**162
12. Pker4Dummies AL RoY. Wug OT?162
13. ndahlhoff10 I'm skipping my final year of school to play poker162
14. voorh33s My puppy almost got eaten by a Pitt Bull today162
15. rebelfd **Official** NHL Hockey is back162
16. 7CardRyon To all the one trick donkey no limit players!162
17. Lenny Not all Idiots are on Fox News, but all Fox News personalities are...162
18. MUPokerPlayer San Francisco to foot bill for sex changes162
19. SaulGood Hipolito Pichardo 162
20. tb4rizzl are drugs like acid/molly bad162
21. The Hoke 3 TCU at 5 Utah.. does anyone care?161
22. ayecido Monday Night Raw Episode #1000 Tonight! (edit)161
23. Hank H1LL UFC 140 - Toronto161
24. kellykip MNF Fantasy Sweats Only: Giants vs Lions + Chargers vs Cards161
25. ttplaya edit***Official Oregan vs Boise St. game Thread***161
26. Hughes4 2013 OT NFL SuperContest161
27. Aznsportsnut So I'm turning 25 tomorrow.....to whom it may concern...161
28. clizzark McCain suspends campain, challenges Obama to do same161
29. Tread **Official Texas vs Texas Tech thread**161
30. resilient How many game should Tom Brady be suspended by the NFL for cheating?161
31. Numan Farewell Jon Stewart161
32. thechemist83 gl Alex "Assassinato" Fitzgerald in EPT San Remo161
33. yogiblair I keep getting asked, so here are some answers about SWINGING!161
34. artlifeAKQJX 25th billion bash when is it going to hit161
35. Magnet Steve * Official Baseball Opening Day Thread *161
36. Camz Guy in my town defaces 9/11 memorial, are the charges legit?161
37. RayRoss87 $32.45 on Stars or Full Tilt to the first person TO....... Edit: Completed. Come back Later.161
38. dolphin13 OT Midwest Christmas Party Dec. 20 9 p.m. at Horseshoe Steakhouse161
39. jtown1010 Clean OT competition thread, send the $$$ before 1-10-08.161
40. threebanger **Official** how Obama blew the election with 2 days to go thread161
41. md7156 Annual top QB list161
42. Jaybone2315 I feel like bragging to you guys...161
43. BBOY3110 Mid/High FTOPS/UBOC/WCOOP Competition SIGN-UP Thread.161
44. Realbigfish4 World population is about to hit 7 billion161
45. KidKGB **Week 2 Consolidated FFB Strategy Discussion**161
46. westflatwolf Amit "amak316" Makhija Disses p5er's ranked161
47. Sweetness777 Derek Fisher161
48. Oh Rale All 05' joinees...161
49. PoWdA This or that anyone?161
50. time4badbeat A Day in the Life of The Maven161
51. wackyJaxon John Racener accuses Sorel Mizzi of cheating in Chinese Poker161
52. ShOrTy25 World Series Picks, Who ya got?160
53. in4games imdanuts160
54. PoWdA UFC 141160
55. smwatkin May 180 Challenge ---> 1 seperate for each buy in (4, 10, 20)160
56. hypnotrader Does anyone in OT believe in love at first sight?160
57. R_U_Nuts Scoop #1 low How is OT doing?160
58. KA_Spirit September 11th 2014160
59. StlngMyChps Cain Velasquez VS Junior Dos Santos160
60. jasmith85 Best CFer in Baseball? (especially for marinersheep, saul, xmas32)160
61. Ringmybell Canada??160
62. clemsonrich Numbers guys please get ITT160
63. iansmithca Greatest Condiment of all Time160
64. fly44 $12 180 competition next week160
65. stackinsideways Why do you pay taxes?160
66. jetsjets1028 MNF- Vikings@ Jets-- Anyone gonna be there tonight??160
67. gamblingfun Is my dog dying?160
68. Kiribato Goodbye Pokerstars! signed: all french players :(160
70. Movetime99 Official 4/20 Thread160
71. norcaljeff Where's The Global Warming, Gorebowski?160
72. Anonymous The next President needs start locking down our borders....160
73. Camz UFC *Henderson v Diaz*160
74. arthurevans lurkers unite ITT160
75. mattg1983 most overrated band of all time=160
76. raisethis2 They call this leadership? 160
77. tayke2 My 16 hour poker day is underway!! EDIT: Out in 38th for 250.160
78. Phi Daytime OT vs Nighttime OT160
79. Phi My Co-Workers Hate Me!160
80. RichardHurtz Rancher sued by illegals159
81. Underdog Myths about the Canadian Healthcare System159
82. DoubleS00ted Gay son or a daughter that strips159
83. DoubleUp28 Life/Job Problems159
84. bassmaster Over 4100 Americans Dead159
85. jerichoholic Best OT State159
86. Glo4m 17k! Let's have a funny pic/gif thread. Newish ones preferred.159
87. kasey_gcp Hide yo kids, hide yo wife159
88. EyeKnows free-range parenting or neglect?159
89. Ser Davos Why Canada sucks .... By a Canadian159
90. Wretchy My Reponse:159
91. resilient NFL Thanksgiving Day games159
92. Cory Zeidman Wanted to say hi!159
93. Moonlight Graham West Philadelphia Abortion Doctor Charged With 8 Counts of Murder159
94. kellykip ** 2015 OT $150 Survivor Fantasy Baseball Thread **159
95. clemsonrich What's your best purchase ever?159
96. Pabloonly19 Hi, my name is Pablo159
97. kingpinofkw Canada!!! The land where you cannot protect your own family!159
98. FistFights ITT I divulge my dark past and hopefully turn it all around (Joe Dirt Style) TLDR!159
99. Superleggera ***Patriots vs. Steelers Thread***159
100. whitealroker Things you're ashamed to admit you don't know159