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1. snaggs You could own one Major sports league record.171
2. norcaljeff Why Do People Like Celebrities?171
3. Gotskillz Niykee Heaton171
4. bdubs3737 Eagles vs Bears Thread171
5. 93-97___60-3 ** 7th Annual FFB Leagues (2 Auction + 1 or 2 Snakes) **171
6. aholthaus33 What do we think of this?171
7. tjmullen07 I owe you guys this one171
8. niptuck Why I come across as a arrogant jerk to Liberals...$25 on Stars for anyone who can answer the question at the bottom.171
9. URI_Stunna Fantasy football has turned the nfl soft and pathetic fans softer171
10. wab80 Week 6 NFL shared fantasy171
11. alwest eric holder confirms assault weapons ban 2171
12. setherson2 Sex Story ITT170
13. ryhenicee Possible Stakage..220 Back from the leader Thansk for the support but all may be for not!!!!170
14. ess286 If you could change your P5s screenname170
15. MaxxWellMartin What is "Roulette" and what are the basics of Roulette?170
16. TheSilentBob What would you do as Colt's GM.170
17. bfactor ***Official Short Fiction Writing Club Week 1***170
18. FistFights Craigslist Trolling: McDonald's Monopoly Edition170
19. rainmanrcp Anybody else's full tilt spaz out?170
20. Senescent OT Takes Down The Daily Dollar170
21. jetsjets1028 Obama or Hillary170
22. MUPokerPlayer Name as many OT fads as you can170
23. MUPokerPlayer Help the government stifle that darned free speech.170
24. rebelfd Does this win the title of "Dumbest Liberal Quote Ever"? I think so!170
25. Pghfan987 ***OFFICIAL*** Week 11 NFL Games Discussion170
26. Lenny I <3 user-mods and you should too *now open for discussion*170
27. clemsonrich If you could move anywhere in the US....170
28. Hank H1LL The FCC and Net Neutrality170
29. Numan Incognito found responsible170
30. LVpokerdealer Towman Flowers for Funeral Thread170
31. Dyzalot Think racism in America is bad?170
32. ZeeJustin My Statement170
33. Camz Samsung Galaxy S3 (android lovers unite itt)170
34. brsavage Obama ZZZZZZombies wake up! 170
35. SluggerWV Hot Ladies for Monday Night Football aka Hot Ladies for NFL Sunday formerly known as college co eds for college football saturday170
36. iplaypokerandimagirl hi i'm an attention whore.170
37. FenwayKing ***The Official OT Week 3 NFL Power Rankings***170
38. sheets Ok, update on battle of the ages....170
39. the_snail03 I will win a multi table tournament today (Now updated with final review)170
40. Lord Supremo What do atheists do before a hurricane???170
41. Dan It's March Madness at P5s - Win Prizes in our NCAA Pool!170
42. B_O_K_E Gbmantis / Snake413170
43. TUGreenWave OT Presidential Recall170
44. Jaybone2315 Question regarding ex-gf... thoughts?169
45. jay_bear Republican hypocrisy169
46. TonyBlaze **New Update from PS staff ABOUT SIT&GOS**Poker Stars Problems** Official Thread **169
47. rp8289a Abu Musab al-Zarqawi just got owned169
48. TrafficKing Who is your candidate for president?169
49. TeddyKGB109 Week 15 FFB Start/Sit169
50. skeeze666 Just 12 really terrible movies169
51. MonkeyCowboy Silly Occupiers169
52. Paki_Poker MMLP2169
53. towman1 What Ot'er would you most like to meet?169
54. Mr. Blonde What MOVIE title best describes your last poop?169
55. clemsonrich FCC to investigate media outlets169
56. jetsjets1028 Playing Politics with our Taxes169
57. BulldogCafe Baseball Discussion Aug 27 - Sept 2169
58. resilient "The Internet is just a series of tubes..."169
59. SirCrafty how do i bounce a girl back from the club169
60. RioMata American Flag torn into strips and flown upside-down EDIT (Note added)169
61. voorh33s Who here has floated in a sensory deprivation tank?169
62. Lenny NFL Gameday thread169
63. whitealroker Interstellar Movie Discussion Spoilers169
64. PANTERA hottest wife or g/f 169
65. norcaljeff Soak The Rich! What Are They Gonna Do, Leave?? Err...169
66. bdubs3737 **Official Revenge is sweeeeet Bulls vs Heat Game 3**169
67. bdubs3737 ***Official Bears destroy Packers thread***169
68. Norhas00 Weekly Saturday Iowa Football Thread169
69. Wein Reply with one word169
70. dallasttu What's so special about this city? (Austin)169
71. Poker&Golf Who 'runs' the best169
72. SowersUNCC Who wins Mike Tyson vs Ali?169
73. ScottBrewr99 ***NFL Playoff Prediction Thread***169
75. Anonymous This is how i feel about immigrants...168
76. dolphin13 Mark Sanchez: He is who we thought he is, well at least for a couple of us168
77. s1nnr How old are you?168
78. Phi Post a picture of the last girl you had sex with!168
79. Underdog Viewers who watch Fox News are more misinformed than viewers of other news168
80. weeminer Smallest person that could kick your ass168
81. Glo4m I don't use the c word often...168
82. Leafs4ever21 USA vs Finland168
83. Bawsten Situation with an Ex168
84. Moustache Man Cle vs Orl game 4168
85. bfactor World's hottest human randomly appears in a MetroPCS commercial out of nowhere168
86. marinersheep Time for another Republican debate168
87. ripomatic Movies worth watching over and over!168
88. stackinsideways Bouncer bathroom assault168
89. sponge1430 November 2015 NCAA basketball betting thread168
90. MisterKitty Should I hedge My 40/1 160 dollar Kentucky bet?168
91. sssssssivarT smh, young people at it again168
92. paidchex Tipping During Live Cash [i return on p.7] (please read entire OP before responding)168
93. Hank H1LL Walmart Refuses to Bake Confederate Flag Cake, Makes ISIS Cake Instead.168
94. R_Webb18 revis back168
95. astaggs ***UFC 159 Jones vs. Sonnen***168
96. sandman201 best pitcher in baseball168
97. resilient ** Official NFL Draft Friday, Rounds 2 and 3**168
98. Z-Fresh 2015 WSL Championship Surfing Tour Thread167
99. whitealroker New Adele Single167
100. jcohen Jennifer Lopez/Iggy Azalea "Booty'167