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PokerStars Mobile

PokerStars is the most popular online poker site in the world. Due to the volume it generates, there are a wide variety of poker games available for cash and tournament players, including Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha High-Low, Stud, Stud High-Low, Razz, Five-Card Draw, 2-7 Lowball, Badugi, and Eight-Game.

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Big $109, $60K Gtd - $100 starts in 10 mins


$11+R NLHE, $10K Gtd - $10 starts in 10 mins


SCOOP-54-M [Main ... - $75 starts in 10 mins


Bounty Builder $109 ... - $10 starts in 12 mins


Omania $27 PLO8 ... - $25 starts in 15 mins


Hot $162 Sat: $27 ... - $26 starts in 16 mins


$82 NLO8 [6-Max, ... - $78 starts in 18 mins


$27 NLHE [6-Max, ... - $26 starts in 20 mins


Fast Friday Sat: ... - $20 starts in 24 mins


Hot $162, $20K Gtd - $150 starts in 25 mins

Full PokerStars Mobile Review

  • Online poker has extended its boundaries in the past decade. Smartphones and tablets have become increasingly popular, which caused a demand for the major online poker sites such as PokerStars to create mobile applications. With the needs of online poker players in mind, these mobile applications are perfect for online poker players constantly on the go and are an extension of their experiences playing behind a computer. PokerStars is not only the leader in the online poker arena, but it also has the top application available to play mobile poker.

    The PokerStars mobile application is available wherever is offered for almost every smartphone and tablet, including iPhones and iPads. The free application is very quick to download and install. Without much effort, you can be up and running quickly.

    PokerStars Mobile features include:

    -Easy-to-use lobby to find the game you are looking for
    -Ability to play all available tournaments, sit and gos, cash games, and Zoom Poker against the same shared player pool of
    -Smooth play if you have a decent WiFi or mobile connection
    -Easy to switch tables while multi-tabling
    - Find a friend playing while you are on the move via the player search feature
    -RSA security token works on your mobile device

    There are some limitations playing on PokerStars instead of on your computer. These include:

    -Can only play on four tables on most devices and five tables with an iPad. Serious multi-tablers will only want to use PokerStars Mobile while on the road. For casual players, four to five tables are plenty.
    -No access to your cashier to deposit or withdraw funds. With an Android device, PokerStars has a limited web cashier that allows the depositing of funds only.
    -PokerStars Mobile will disconnect you from your mobile client if you take a phone call while playing. For those playing at home, you might want to think twice about playing on your smartphone instead of your computer if you plan to answer calls while playing.
    -No ability to change your account information or security settings. If you plan not to use your RSA token when traveling with your mobile device, you should disconnect this setting via your computer before you hit the road.
    -No third-party software such as HUDs work on your mobile device. Since most players use this software to help with playing a plethora of tables, this isn't the end of the world, but many players will avoid opening up a few tables without their prior statistics on players being displayed.
    -Other options are not available such as resetting your bet slider amounts, sharing hands via the Boom Replayer, always declining heads-up sit and go rematch requests, and the absence of Home Games.

    Despite the few features that are not available on PokerStars Mobile, the site did an excellent job of capturing all of the critical features of PokerStars on your computer.

    For poker players constantly on the go, PokerStars Mobile gives you the look and feel that you are playing the site you know and love to allow you to enjoy poker while on the move.

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Premier Regularly Scheduled Tournaments

Name Frequency Buy-In Notes Time -ET
Sunday Million Weekly $215 Major 4:30 PM
Afternoon 109R Daily $109 Rebuy 2:00 PM
Nightly 109R Daily $109 Rebuy 8:00 PM
Hundred Grand Daily $162 9:00 PM
Ninety Grand Daily $55 3:00 PM
Wed 1/4 million Weekly $320 9:00 PM
Super Tuesday Weekly $1,050 9:00 PM
Sunday Warm-Up Weekly $215 Major 1:00 PM
Saturday 150k Weekly $320 1:00 PM
Sunday 109r Weekly $109 Rebuy 2:00 PM
Sunday 500 Weekly $530 Major 5:30 PM
Sunday 2nd Chance Weekly $215 6:30 PM
Sunday 215R Weekly $215 Rebuy 8:00 PM

Recent Large Cashes By P5ers

P5s Name Tournament Amount Date
ilios72 $215 Fat Thursday ... $15,656 05/05/16
normannolly Big $215, $60K Gtd $14,516 05/05/16
croll103 Big $55, $65K Gtd $10,834 05/05/16
SENSIMIL1 $109 Mini Thursday ... $11,282 05/05/16
rph $1,050 Thursday Thrill ... $35,498 05/05/16
wantme Big $109, $65K Gtd $12,978 05/05/16
AlexKP $320 Wednesday PLO ... $10,896 05/04/16
roboalbeia $215 Battle Royale ... $17,771 05/04/16
padjes $215 Battle Royale ... $13,326 05/04/16
CKRUEL $320 Super Tuesday [Late ... $13,374 05/03/16
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  • Play up to 5 tables
  • Smooth game play
  • RSA security token compatible
  • Player search feature


  • No cashier to deposit and withdraw
  • Will be disconnected if you answer a call
  • No third-party software
  • Cannot change account info or security settings

PokerStars Mobile Info

PokerStars Mobile
Isle of Man
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Top 10 Ranked Players

Rank PLB Points Overall Ranking Biggest Score


58,213.55 35th 344.84


44,465.28 70th 268.76


38,226.02 19th 335.41


34,415.61 10th 828.74


33,000.72 167th 305.07


32,191.64 193rd 203.75


30,286.63 172nd 291.60


29,135.83 59th 237.17


29,026.99 60th 201.43


27,515.86 23rd 420.72