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Article: WSOP Main Event Strategy with Chris Wallace (Fox)
wtf getting in with aces on that flop
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Jul 4th, 2012
Article: Tapie Lawyer: Full Tilt is in Worse Financial Condition than We Anticipated
All those Red Pros should be smart enough to pay what they have to. Otherwise they will never be able to play live events again (can you imagine Lederer ever playing a wsop event' ppl would kick his face).Do the smart thing "BAD" pros. Pay the players ...
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Feb 9th, 2012
Sunday Million hand with 200 players Left
9 players hamido25 (MP): $181,504.00 x_cimpo_x (MP+1): $232,688.00 vladimir584 (CO): $146,933.00 cookiehana (BTN): $136,385.00 Arne2606 (SB): $246,665.00 roi_MM (BB): $200,817.00 Doroshev G (UTG): $310,902.00 Lunms (UTG+1): $356,868.00 123_Thabo (UTG+2): $123,708.00 Hero is BB with 4h, 4s Preflop: ( $12,000.00 ) 4 folds, x_cimpo_x raises to $19,000.00, 2 folds, Arne2606 calls $15,000.00, roi_MM calls $11,000.00 Flop: ( $57,000.00 ) 6d, 2h, 5c (3 players) Arne2606 checks, roi_MM checks, x_cimpo_x bets $32,000.00, 1 fold, roi_MM: ' I don't like folding here because x_cimpo_x had a very ...
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Jan 6th, 2012