Poker school

Online tournament poker coaching for beginning and experienced players

$1 494 655 net profit of students
in 2015
170 students
in 14 groups
29 coaches
in team


We have the top coaches available



Jonathan $ 11 736 353


Alexander $ 3 048 852


Matthew $ 1 386 994


Dennis $ 1 826 706


Dmitry $ 1 036 966


Vadim $ 2 669 895
Аватарка нового тренера


Jase $ 1 633 293


Luke $ 559 484


Artem $ 642 469

How do we coach

Divide into small study groups. Discover players’ strong and weak points. Train 2-3 times a week.

Study groups

Every week you will be training with a regular coach

Hand History review

The coaches will regularly review your HH, point out mistakes and set up a plan for you to work on your game

Seminars from the poker greats

We organize training sessions where prominent poker players share secrets of their success

Self-study under the coaches’ guidance

You will receive engaging weekly homework and go through analysis of your work with the coach

Personal Approach

Coaches answer any of your questions on hands played through the online chat/conference

Training in utilizing poker software and calculators

Theory and practice in Holdem Manager, PokerTracker, TableNinja, ICMizer, Flopzilla and others

Up to 30 hours of training every month

Advance your own skills within a team of successful players supervised by several coaches

Students testimonials

illidan14 Iliya Illidan14 Hi everybody! Before joining the school, I have been grinding the micros for two years. I picked 2CardsCollege because of its students’ results, top coaches and their approach to the process of education. The students have everything they need to improve their skills. There are school-wide and mini groups with a regular coach. I like to study and never get bored. The coaches give us lots of food for thought to use in our personal work. As for me, I played $10 ABI in November and now I am comfortable at $40 ABI. There is room to grow.
radin-ua Eugene RadinUA I have been studying at the school for over four months. I have learned a lot thanks to the excellent coaches, especially ProzAk-R and his lectures. There is a lot of theory to study and a lot of time to put in, which will eventually bring you to a remarkable result. I am sure that anyone who joined the school is happy about it.
Рави Ravi Boogleman This project features many types of training, ranging from large-scale webinars to working in small groups with your peers and personal coaching. For me, the coaches’ rotation is a great advantage. Different people – different approaches and opinions. Thanks to the school, I have an opportunity to look at the game from different angles..
nau Dilshat Nau Before joining the school, I have been playing $14 ABI tourneys with a good ROI. I wanted to move up in stakes, but did not know if I was good enough, and also could not afford it. After just first two months of intensive training, I moved up to $24 ABI with a full confidence that I can beat these limits. It took me six months to move up to and beat $50 ABI. All this is a result of constant studying. The coaches will point out all of your leaks, and if you make an effort, the results will not be long in coming.


Staking agreement

per month

A staking contract allows you to train free of charge. Requirement: playing out at least 1000 tournaments with a profit.

ABI 40 and lower

per month when paying for 12 months

Months Total, $ Per month, $
12 3600 300 save 1200$
6 2100 350
3 1200 400
ABI over 40

per month when paying for 12 months

Months Total, $ Per month, $
12 6960 580 save 840$
6 3780 630
3 1950 650

Frequently Asked Questions

What level of players is this school for?

We coach MTT players of all levels: beginners who play low buy-ins, mid-stakes players, players with ABI over $40, as well as anyone who wants to switch to MTT from other poker specialties. The students are divided into small study groups based on their level of skill and current ABI.

What are the prerequisites?

In order to obtain backing, a player has to have made profit over at least 1000 tournaments or 180-max SNGs. The profit amount does not have to be large. We evaluate each player individually. The same goes for the paying students – at least 1000 tournaments or 180-max SNGs with some profit, however, the results may be more modest.

How often are the training sessions conducted?

Students participate in the formal training sessions twice a week. The coach assigned to the group conducts the first session; the second session is a school-wide webinar for several groups combined based on their ABI. After the training session, students receive homework. Each group creates a Skype conference to communicate with other students and ask coaches questions at any time outside of the formal lessons.

How long does it take to process an application?

Approximate time of waiting is 3-5 days, depending on the amount of currently pending applications.

How do you review an application?

We review Sharkscope statistics and check if a player had been involved in any fraudulent activities or unscrupulous actions in the past. If a player meets our requirements, an interview over Skype is scheduled. Then we make the final decision based on gathered information.

What are the terms of a staking contract?

The terms will differ depending on the player’s level. General provisions are as follows: a) player invests from 20% to 50% of his own funds; b) player agrees to attend training sessions; c) player may not play tournaments using only his own funds (except for the rating tournaments); d) player must play at least 350 tourneys a month; e) the tournament schedule must be approved by the school; bonus points, deposit bonuses and rakeback belong to the player.

When does the coaching begin, if my application is approved?

Usually, the waiting period does not exceed 2 weeks. During this time, we are forming the groups and design and finalize players’ tournament schedules.