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    bison39 Woodbridge, New Jersey, United States    Question. Been playing borgata only. Thoughts/reviews on the other sites?


       briangrim310: A lot of it comes down to personal preference. I log the most time on Party. Then 888. Then Borgata. Can't afford to play on WSOP with any regularity. Seems to be where the most consistent talent lives and rebuy and add-on is the name of the game there.

    45 minutes ago · Raise 


       FrickenWacko: Just a side note, most of the online NJ pros are not making money playing MTT's on 888.

    2 minutes ago · Raise 

    FrickenWacko Glen Ridge, New Jersey, United States    Ok, so I look at all of these players ranked in NJ, and it occurs to me that quantity doesn't equal quality. Some highly ranked players are barely profitable, and some are actually down money. The first step to becoming a winning player is to admit when you aren't one. I have made a habit of keeping a notepad with my results. This eventually was replaced by PokerTracker4, which has been invaluable in seeing exactly how well you've been doing. Even if you do take steps to improve your game, how can you really tell if the changes have had a significant impact? I'm at the point where most changes I make are pretty subtle. What do you guys do to gauge your performance (aside from account balances)?


       jp1979: Mine us usually gauged by the amount of alcohol I consume during any one session, I sometimes have great nights cause it makes me play more aggressive, on the other hand I seem to be spewing a ton and not taking the game seriously. Sometimes I'll raise and get re raised and just jam it right back no matter what just because lol. Not so great strategy. I've been wanting to utilize the Pt4 I bought months and months ago, still haven't. I would like to start taking notes but I don't. I got a lot to work on but I love to play. :)

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    Dlorican Somerset, New Jersey, United States At the mobile and tablet gaming summit in Atlantic City on Monday, before some of us P5ers took the panel for player feedback, Senator Lesniak spoke about online gaming and how credit card companies are one of the main factors as to why iGaming is struggling to do better the expected.

    According to Press of AC, Lesniak told conference attendees: “Don’t expect stellar results until the major credit card companies come on board.”



       Jaybone2315: its not that women dont like poker, they just dont play. Its pretty much a fact. Im in a live tournament right now. I can see 14 tables from where Im sitting.... i see 5 women.

    17 minutes ago · Raise 


       Dlorican: I played in a small $1k gtd turbo at Bally's. I had about 4 women at my table alone. There were maybe 10+ women in the tourn with about 40 runners. When playing in the WSOP nightlies this summer, every table I was at was minimum 3 women. So I mean more and more women are playing. Whether they do it online is another story.

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    Dan Tennessee, United States    New Jersey online poker player Rodney Vetstadium Koodray talks about winning the PartyPoker/Borgata Poker $50,000 Guarantee Sunday Major: http://www.pocketfives.com/articles/heads-up-with-party-borgata-50k-winner-rodney-koodray-vetstadium-590145/

    chefjohnlago Boonton, New Jersey, United States    been working on vpip in deepstack tonight 8% in the 888 $1500 thought i was playing too tight but along with taking detailed notes on players came in 9th not a huge cash but only mistake i made was last hand of tourney raising qq oop with short stack leaving me with 2 bbs left if i were to fold after flop ace hits flop know im dead made the call anyway. thoughts? fold and pray i make another hand or just be happy with one mistake? Eddiegood KK was good tonight won the race twice against aq a7


       chefjohnlago: thanks agree its too tight went into FT in 4th place only 22k away from chip lead stand corrected i took a shot early on at FT with kq raise pot got call . board runs out with q being good op had aq left me short. maybe the dynamic of the tourney was tight last night only 3 bbs separated chipleader from 6th place going in . gonna try and open range hard with cards under 7 in pocket 200 out of 217 hands

    73 minutes ago · Raise 


       seedload: If Jon is suggesting that you should open up your range, then you should OPEN UP YOU RANGE. Just sayin :)

    11 minutes ago · Raise 1

    FrickenWacko Glen Ridge, New Jersey, United States    Is anyone using any scripting programs for multitabling? If so, what program and what scripts do you use?


       Jaybone2315: Is it bad that i dont even know what that is?

    14 minutes ago · Raise 


       FrickenWacko: StackAndTile looks interesting, but I hate the monthly fee model. Placemint looks like a decent alternative: http://sourceforge.net/projects/placemint/

    12 minutes ago · Raise 

    wishihAdsOMeLUcK Woodbridge, New Jersey, United States    anyone else agree that more then a double rebuy and addon in a rebuy on Party/Borgata is a waste, figuring the way the pay outs are setup? maybe its just me....

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       briangrim310: I see double re-buys often being one of these 3 scenarios. You're skilled enough, and your bankroll is healthy enough for you to take several shots at a tournament that might not offer a significant payout relative to the buy-in. (I don't fall into this category, most players don't). You've got poor bankroll practices and subscribe to the any two will do mantra...you'll just double up next hand, no biggie. Or you're having a knee-jerk reaction to a bad beat or poorly played hand. Can't let that villain get the best of you. Say it's a $5 r/a, $500 guarantee on Party with around $140 going to first, $25 to 9th. Double re-buy twice, add on once and you've spent more than you'd get if you final table and bow out 9th. Over the long run I'd rather take my shot with $5, add on at the break if I go the distance and more than double up on my buy-ins if I final table.

    17 minutes ago · Raise 


       briangrim310: Take that money I would have used to double re-buy twice and play some other MTT's.

    16 minutes ago · Raise 

    nutsooncow North Arlington, New Jersey, United States    Awesome freaking read and vital to poker success!

    47 Things That I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Started Playing Poker

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    LifeGr1nder Lodi, New Jersey, United States By any chance does anyone on here use Fanduel or Draftkings? Looking for some good websites so I actually know what I'm doing when I play. So far found rotogrinders.com but not much else.


       briangrim310: @LifeGr1nder I generally do pretty well when it comes to fantasy hockey, but it can be tough on sites like Draft Kings. I find it's easier to make picks for a sport like football that plays once a week and is very match up dependent. It's harder to pick who will have a break out night on the ice because there's a lot more parity in the NHL. Some of the contests are for one night only and it seems a lot more hit or miss.

    3 hours, 1 minute ago · Raise 


       Dlorican: I've started going on fanduel more now that the NBA season has started. Got better knowledge on NBA players then NFL. But I am playing fantasy in both leagues on there. Never used rotogrinders, might give it a shot. My cousin who doesn't play poker is a waiter part time and makes a killing in these daily fantasy sites.

    2 hours, 56 minutes ago · Raise 

    steve5779 Brick, New Jersey, United States    won $1,675.00 for 2nd place in the Borgata Poker NJ Daily $10K on 10/29/2014 at 00:48

    Lav519 Montville, New Jersey, United States    won $2,300.00 for 1st place in the Borgata Poker NJ Daily $10K on 10/29/2014 at 00:48

    chefjohnlago Boonton, New Jersey, United States    Brilliant when someone says its neither here nor there, where is it?


       FrickenWacko: In the middle

    5 hours, 31 minutes ago · Raise 


       Drew1979: It's down the road a piece.

    4 hours, 9 minutes ago · Raise 

    Chopitup99 Somerset, New Jersey, United States    After taking a bunch of bad beats in other tournaments, I GAVE some for a change winning the 888 NJ High Roller today. Lately it has seemed if there was a bad beat, I'd be catching it. I try not to whine in the text box because I hate when others do it. Everything I've seen on line I've seen happen in live games. Props to Diorican who does a nice job reporting on the poker scene.

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       Dlorican: Awesome job neighbor. Keep it up!

    5 hours, 2 minutes ago · Raise 

    aopitz Metuchen, New Jersey, United States    joined PocketFives from Metuchen, New Jersey, United States


       FrickenWacko: Ah, another solid microgrinder. Welcome.

    5 hours, 30 minutes ago · Raise 

    FrickenWacko Glen Ridge, New Jersey, United States Am I the only one with this problem?
    I tend to make a lot of final tables, and then I get too aggressive too early on and spew, ruining my chances of a much deeper finish. It's almost like there is some pent up pressure to get involved in more pots once the FT bubble bursts.

    CommentRaise 2 people raised this

       ElGuapo77: If there are volatile short stacks acting after me, I try to raise only with hands I think will play well against a likely short stack all in hand which is still a wide range.

    9 hours, 43 minutes ago · Raise 


       FrickenWacko: It's funny, got AA 3 times at the FT and got no action. 4 handed in the BB, it was folded to me once too.

    5 hours, 32 minutes ago · Raise 

    Pinocchio New Jersey, United States Just wondering what the average age of the P5 NJ player is? I'd guess I'm older than most here at 51

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       Chopitup99: 51? You're a kid! I'm over 65 and still alive!

    10 hours, 51 minutes ago · Raise 1


       ElGuapo77: 37.5

    9 hours, 47 minutes ago · Raise 

    nutsooncow North Arlington, New Jersey, United States OK maybe I can get some advice from you degenerates. . Don't play too many tourneys per night or at the same time but thinking about getting a second monitor like 17 inches or so just to add to by bull shit Toshiba laptop screen windows 8 lol. I want something I can just plug/connect to my Toshiba laptop when I'm playing or want to rail some extra games. Any good places to look for cheap or used? Do I need to get any cables? Thx for the help!


       Snouch1313: Go you your towns recycling center. Just walk in the electronics bin and take one.

    18 hours, 46 minutes ago · Raise 


       7douche: i have a 17 in laptop hooked up to two 27 in screens. for some reason my laptop (hp envy) hdmi port is right next to the vga port, and you cant run both at the same time lol the cords are just too fat to fit both. Fortunately they make usb to whatever port you want or need, so i have 2 hdmi ports now basiacally

    10 hours, 6 minutes ago · Raise 1

    Dan Tennessee, United States    Josh jerseyjosh Baer talks about playing on the regulated New Jersey online poker sites, how he got started in the game, and finishing third in the $100K: http://www.pocketfives.com/articles/heads-up-with-new-jersey-poker-player-josh-baer-jerseyjosh-590144/

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    wishihAdsOMeLUcK Woodbridge, New Jersey, United States    anyone else experiencing alot of lag on Party/Borgata today? or is it just me?


       mikewebb68: Borgata Party IS a huge memory hog. If it is laggy, i would suggest a) closing any open browsers/prgrams you may have and b) if a) doesn't work, disable antivirus program that chew up a lot of memory be scanning the poker clients.

    12 hours, 50 minutes ago · Raise 

    Dlorican Somerset, New Jersey, United States Looks like Senator Lesniak is pointing his fingers toward Gov. Christie for the delay of Pokerstars launching in NJ.


    CommentRaise 1 person raised this

       mikewebb68: This latter artcile's author indicate's that he would be shocked if Poker Starts was not up an running by 12/31, which was the original projected date that I suggested.

    13 hours, 2 minutes ago · Raise 1

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