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    Redhotmomma Glen Ridge, New Jersey, United States Sick brag...Just moved up 23 pts in 25 days on my P5 rankings playing 5 days a wk. For those of you trying to break the 100, totally doable. Nutsooncow, you've been talking about it. You are at 101. C'mon buddy, one more wk!

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       seedload: I see you took my "you better get to work" literally. Your welcome! GJ.

    2 hours, 3 minutes ago · Raise 2


       Lennycappy: how you doing it i need some help

    35 minutes ago · Raise 

    NoLimitNJ Kearny, New Jersey, United States Just busted two tournaments probably within 5 minutes of each other. AK < AQ aipf on 888. Had a great stack in both tournaments before the shove.

    I don't even play many tournaments . This is ridiculous.


       briangrim310: It's important to get to a point where you can shrug them off. If not laugh them off. Only the really brutal ones in important tournaments get under my skin at this point.

    92 minutes ago · Raise 


       RedsoxNets5: When will it end. When will these posts end good god

    44 minutes ago · Raise 

    Redeemer of Souls New Jersey, United States    bink
    (v) in poker, to catch fortuitous cards; also applicable in other gaming contexts

    (interj) in poker, exclamation made upon catching fortuitous cards and/or winning a large pot
    I binked a straight flush on the turn.

    Bink! I just doubled up!


       Redeemer of Souls: I hate this fucking word.

    2 hours, 19 minutes ago · Raise 


       briangrim310: I don't really like shipped either.

    106 minutes ago · Raise 

    TJGotcha United States    Congrats to Redhotmomma - binked the Borgata 5k tonight. Nice job!!!!

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       nutsooncow: RhM is turned her beast mode settings on!

    118 minutes ago · Raise 


       nutsooncow: Has*

    118 minutes ago · Raise 

    PocketProfits Piscataway, New Jersey, United States    won $1,849.12 for 2nd place in the Borgata Poker NJ Daily $10K on 10/24/2014 at 00:44

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    jtsnakes Branchville, New Jersey, United States    won $2,600.44 for 1st place in the Party Poker NJ Daily $10K on 10/24/2014 at 00:44

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    letsflipit New Egypt, New Jersey, United States    don't play ewhite on Borgata pretty sure he is cheating


       NoLimitNJ: How's he cheating? If you're going to accuse somebody you need to back it up.

    10 hours, 7 minutes ago · Raise 4

    ykwon17 New Jersey, United States
    ebola in nyc.
    so whos going to play live tournaments?

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       jbeezer63: i thought it was funny wacko just maybe too soon lol

    14 hours, 44 minutes ago · Raise 


       mikewebb68: Level? OT=Off Topic. Jaybone would be insulted!

    12 hours, 12 minutes ago · Raise 

    Vetstadium Waretown, New Jersey, United States A night of suck outs and bad beats......and I was giving them for a change!

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       FrickenWacko: I also expect to have some snowballs or eggs in return. I think we've been on a whopping total of 2 FT's together ever. I also think we probably haven't played in more than 10 tournies together either.

    19 hours, 30 minutes ago · Raise 1


       Vetstadium: Don't worry Wacko this weekend I'm expanding my playing tables by 4 more so may see you more.

    12 hours, 46 minutes ago · Raise 1

    LifeGr1nder Lodi, New Jersey, United States Curious on what other people think about collusion and online poker. What is stopping brothers, husbands/wives,friends, and everyone in between from colluding? For all we know people are talking on the phone or another device during the middle of a hand. Not accusing anyone.... but defiantly think it exists on these sites. Are we really suppose to think WSOP, Borgata, and 888 are competent enough to spot colluders?

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       Joey Gloves: this is the truth.

    13 hours, 27 minutes ago · Raise 


       jp1979: "church" Strongly Agree, as if it were law. Player 1: "Look at the junk in her trunk, I'd tap that ass" Player 2: "Church!"

    12 hours, 59 minutes ago · Raise 2

    Tapouttazz9 Fair Lawn, New Jersey, United States Anyone know of any poker tournament series in February 2015 in pa or ac ?


       Snouch1313: No Sands.

    16 hours, 4 minutes ago · Raise 2


       Tapouttazz9: My point is your from pa and this is the NJ fourn. It looks like your in the wrong area !

    15 hours, 7 minutes ago · Raise 

    Dlorican Somerset, New Jersey, United States The state of New Jersey has responded to the major sports leagues trying to prevent sports betting from staying legal. Bets on sporting events could be taken as early as this Sunday at Monmouth Race Track. According to Press of AC "The track is the only venue in the state that has said it will take bets under a law signed by Gov. Chris Christie last Friday that allows sports betting at racetracks and casinos."


       Snouch1313: Not happening.

    15 hours, 26 minutes ago · Raise 

    FrickenWacko Glen Ridge, New Jersey, United States    Just curious... how many people know of and act on online poker tells? Aside from the obvious betting pattern tells, does anyone use the long pause and reraise as a bluffing tactic, or against a less savvy player as a way to let go of a non-nut strong hand? How about the instacall on a draw?


       bison39: Yea, I think overthinking the clock is a bit of a waste of time. I usually assume that anyone not acting fairly quickly against me is probably watching porn.

    19 hours, 33 minutes ago · Raise 4


       mikewebb68: don't forget, only 8 more days to tank call with the nuts and wish your opponent a happy Ganktober!

    15 hours, 48 minutes ago · Raise 1

    teampartypoker New Jersey, United States Hi all,

    Please note that we will be removing the Daily Double Chance - $5,000 Gtd which runs daily at 21:00 ET. This will be removed from Monday 13th Oct.

    We will be replacing this tournament in the near future and will be announcing this as soon as possible.

    Thanks for your understanding


    CommentRaise 1 person raised this

       seedload: Still waiting for that replacement tourney.

    18 hours, 30 minutes ago · Raise 2


       FrickenWacko: It's been replaced by thin air

    17 hours, 21 minutes ago · Raise 2

    Snouch1313 Rockaway, New Jersey, United States So who else is on the Pocketfives Panel next week? I'll be there Sunday playing the 7pm at Wild West.

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       Dlorican: Look forward to see you there Monday.

    18 hours, 35 minutes ago · Raise 


       rdellafave: You too man, thanks.

    18 hours, 26 minutes ago · Raise 

    Eatahoagie Riverside, New Jersey, United States So here's a major flaw w/ party / borgata software . I asked them to remove access for the ability to play any casino games except poker and this was the response I got .
    "Dear Anthony,

    Thank you for contacting Customer Service.

    In regards to your e-mail, I would like to inform you that closing just roulette and blackjack is not possible. You can however perform a service closure on all casino games if you wish to."

    I think if think if these sites want to get responsible on gaming , not only should you be able to ban your self from games but also limits . I know there is daily play and loss limits , but I remember pokerstars used to have he ability to cap things as cash games , and stakes you play. Pokerstars wasn't even regulated and they were promoting the ability to cap your limits . Nj sites really need to follow suit .

    CommentRaise 1 person raised this

       briangrim310: Lets be honest, they are offering these features because they have to. They want you to stare at those blackjack and roulette bubbles while you play poker and opt back in as soon as your impulses will let you :)

    21 hours, 19 minutes ago · Raise 


       fishingfreak: You can also hide the blackjack and roulette bubbles from the main screen. This was done over under the settings menu from the main screen. Then it only shows the word casino. Self excluding from casino games does NOT include poker... only casino @eatahoagie. Once you ban, the casino server won't load @flipflopdoc.

    18 hours, 37 minutes ago · Raise 

    GRaman32 Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States    joined PocketFives from Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States

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       Brilliant27: Welcome. Is the chemical aftertaste the reason that people eat hotdogs, or is it some sort of bonus ?!?

    21 hours, 21 minutes ago · Raise 1


       FrickenWacko: Hot dogs are great because you get to taste them all over again when you belch hours later.

    19 hours, 27 minutes ago · Raise 

    Dan Tennessee, United States PocketFiver Mergulas made five final tables this week across the regulated New Jersey online poker sites for $5,700. See what happened this week:

    CommentRaise 2 people raised this

       seedload: Boooo... where's the "Rising star Charlie "seedload" Zimmerman ran over the field to take down the nightly 10K destroying Mergulas who had to settle for second place." JK. Five final tables is pretty amazing!

    20 hours, 2 minutes ago · Raise 1


       FrickenWacko: I see an interview in Mergulas' future DLo...

    19 hours, 31 minutes ago · Raise 1

    Acesfull32 New Jersey, United States    joined PocketFives from New Jersey, United States

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       Brilliant27: Welcome. Why did you create two p5s accounts, GRaman32 and this one?!?

    21 hours, 18 minutes ago · Raise 6


       seedload: Uh Oh. More Mount Laurel competition.

    19 hours, 45 minutes ago · Raise 

    Vetstadium Waretown, New Jersey, United States Is it January yet, I don't play live much but itching to play the Winter open when my vacation time resets.

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       Vetstadium: @Center me too taking unpaid days off as well.

    20 hours, 26 minutes ago · Raise 


       Vetstadium: I was considering trying my first selling of action in January, just to try it out. I really don't need to sell any more of an experiment so if I can ever make it to Vegas one time I know what I'm doing. Was roughly thinking of making some sort of live/online 100k package or something. That's next year I'll see.

    20 hours, 24 minutes ago · Raise 

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