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    inourtell Jackson, New Jersey, United States    decided to play the 1500 gtd on 888 instead. cashed in 2 tourneys on 888 and won two tickets on borg. so not a bad day even though in the 1000 gtd on 888 earlier i was 7th in chips adn got in AK v A10 and Flop Axx10x....that kinda sucked and then this happened in the 1500 gtd so im done for the night. not a horrible day but tomorrow will def go better.


       inourtell: quick question, you think i am better off playing the 5k and 10k on borg tomorrow or fri or on the weekend? i won tickets and im gonna take a shot before i leave for chicago want to do it when most advantageous but i've never played those events before.

    2 hours, 23 minutes ago · Raise 


       Brilliant27: Def play on Friday and Saturday night. Lot more fish those days

    2 hours, 21 minutes ago · Raise 1

    bloopbloop Hoboken, New Jersey, United States    joined PocketFives from Hoboken, New Jersey, United States

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       Brilliant27: Welcome. If you were driving a hearse that is carrying a corpse, would you drive in the carpool lane?!?

    2 hours, 33 minutes ago · Raise 1

    Eddiegood86 Piscataway, New Jersey, United States I recently found out I have funds still available on ACR (americas cardroom) I ended up playing a Omaha event last week and won 1st place 150$ or so. I spoke to a rep on their site, and they stated that I CAN cash out, but I will not be able to deposit. Does anyone else have any other info on this?


       Sofcknsickk: bro ive been playing on there since they said we cant. u can withdraw not deposit. its been like that. they still have p2p transfers so if they act funny u can send it to someone in ny you trust. def have to keep acr on schedule

    3 hours, 44 minutes ago · Raise 


       mikewebb68: The terms of service are quite explicit, and there have been several article indicating that NJ residents cannot play there. Playing with there would be playing with fire, unless you don't care about the money at all.

    3 hours, 4 minutes ago · Raise 

    inourtell Jackson, New Jersey, United States    what do you guys recommend, been playing poker continuous since 10am with maybe a 1 hour break at lunch. just won my way into the 5k gtd, which is in its 3rd level, starting stack 3000 blinds 40/80 next and 65 ppl with avg stack of 3500, should i buy in or wait til tomorrow, i only ask because im not as regular as you guys at grinding and i feel like im a little burnt out but im running better today than i have all week, cashed twice today already 2nd in one and 5th in another...what say you P5ers?


       Snouch1313: Rest up. Play on the weekend.

    6 hours, 53 minutes ago · Raise 


       inourtell: @snouch, have you played the 5k and 10k on borg and are they softer on the weekends?

    3 hours, 30 minutes ago · Raise 

    chefjohnlago Boonton, New Jersey, United States    don't have the big bankroll but good day took 3rd in the 888 $400 and won a seat to big sunday . i consider myself a good player just wish I had the BR to play bigger tourneys. instead of withdrawing i should work on incrementally increasing my br .

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       inourtell: good run man, i was running bad all week, cashed twice and won a $20 and a $50 ticket. I'm a low limit micro grinder trying to build a br as well. I know the struggle, good luck to you bro, run good!

    3 hours, 53 minutes ago · Raise 


       GratefulD3ad: good game chef, always a pleasure playing with ya

    3 hours, 47 minutes ago · Raise 

    mikewebb68 New Jersey, United States    Has anyone heard yet if we will be getting the Stars software, the Tilt software, or both? And, will it be comparable software to what we played pre-BF? If it is the Tilt software pre-BF, or better, it is serious upgrade to what we have now on other sites, imo. Stars software, no so much....

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       mikewebb68: Was unable to download PStars 7, unfortunately. But look forward to the real thing in the near future!

    5 hours, 27 minutes ago · Raise 


       Drew1979: I watched the live stream of the WCOOP main final table. If that was Stars 7 it looked pretty smooth.

    5 hours, 19 minutes ago · Raise 

    Tapouttazz9 Fair Lawn, New Jersey, United States    Playing a charity poker tournament in nyc tomorrow all expense paid for curtesy of 888poker. I'm going to be giving a lot of business to them from now on.

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       mikewebb68: Excellent! Good luck!

    5 hours, 27 minutes ago · Raise 


       Drew1979: Play your A game and ship it my man!

    5 hours, 20 minutes ago · Raise 1

    kavicarter New Jersey, United States    Anyone have this problem with Ultimate Gaming? Just got the email about the refund and noticed the $100 U$ I had wasn't being refunded. They responded and said that there was a 90 day expiration all of a sudden. However, I logged on last month and it was still in my account when I earned them over 5 months ago. Anyone else run into this and is there any chance they are going to refund that $100 U$ or am I getting shafted by the shady NJ poker sites?

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       mikewebb68: Did you receive the player e-mail today? It addressed what happens to everything....

    5 hours, 24 minutes ago · Raise 


       mikewebb68: And NJ sites are likely the most regulated in the world."Shady:" is not a term I would use to describe them.

    5 hours, 24 minutes ago · Raise 1

    desertrex Millville, New Jersey, United States    WSOP website is nothing but rebuys.... limp calling ever hand with any two cards, all in on every flush draw and top pair...why not? I can rebuy when I'm felted. SMH.

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       ykwon17: theres no such thing as setting a limit in rebuys. ive bought upto 9times in wsop 10k lol

    8 hours, 32 minutes ago · Raise 


       Vetstadium: I mean your own personal limit, a little self discipline lol.

    7 hours, 0 minute ago · Raise 1

    Mergulas Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States    Fairly obvious borgatas customer service is terrible, but they're responses are so poor, it makes me believe there's a chance they're scamming (it's just terrible for business). Since the GSSS, I've been trying to confirm/find out what I qualified for during the GSSS as part of the super suite promotion. The first response was to tell me I earned the same $200 ticket from a satellite (which I was aware of obv). So I responded in kind by just copying and pasting the same question 20 times so they escalated it to their promo team and a week later which was today, their promo team told me they don't have a super suite promotion, and now I can't find details of the promo by searching. I will put transcript in comments, but I have no training with e-mailing incompetent 5 year olds so maybe I'm doing it wrong.

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       Snouch1313: Yea but could you imagine what this does too the rec player. Probably nervous about online play to begin with. Won't try it again for another 5 years.

    10 hours, 13 minutes ago · Raise 1


       mikewebb68: Agreed, but I suspect that the rec player has a lot less issues than the average PFiver tho, and usually it is simple stuff that cann be answered on an FAQ.

    8 hours, 30 minutes ago · Raise 1

    ElGuapo77 Hoboken, New Jersey, United States    won $1,436.40 for 1st place in the WSOP NJ $5,000 Nightly Guarantee R&A on 09/30/2014 at 07:07

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       Redhotmomma: Remember when you first started. I was on your table and some bigot used racial slurs against you, and I stood up for you! Who"s go the last laugh now? You're doing awesome!

    9 hours, 19 minutes ago · Raise 1


       ElGuapo77: I totally remember that! lol

    8 hours, 58 minutes ago · Raise 

    Drew1979 Roselle, New Jersey, United States    Brookfield Asset Management Inc. put in the winning bid for Revel. Good job Atlantic City. Allow a firm that is tied up in lawsuits over property management for the next 10 years move into AC.

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       Drew1979: ^^^^^ Good point.

    11 hours, 33 minutes ago · Raise 


       Adam: We're incorporated in Delaware too for what it's worth. I think something like half the companies in the country are. Nothing bad about that in and of itself, it just helps with some relatively minor accounting and tax stuff. Anyway, I'm not sure we should assume anything yet. These guys also own Atlantis, which appears to be thriving. Most big companies have some skeletons in the closet, or quite a few. But it doesn't mean anything negative from the consumer perspective, that I can see

    9 hours, 40 minutes ago · Raise 2

    Alert_411 New Jersey, United States joined PocketFives from New Jersey, United States

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    Snouch1313: 10 bucks says, you stained the sheets.

    1 day, 5 hours ago · Raise 1


       Slubrad: pay the man his money........

    10 hours, 23 minutes ago · Raise 1

    RDuB South Plainfield, New Jersey, United States joined PocketFives from South Plainfield, New Jersey, United States

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       Brilliant27: Welcome. If a word is misspelled in the dictionary, how will anybody ever know?!?

    14 hours, 54 minutes ago · Raise 3


       Slubrad: retired proofreaders?

    10 hours, 24 minutes ago · Raise 

    Dlorican Somerset, New Jersey, United States    WSOP.com in New Jersey will be running the Fall Festival Series from October 12th through October 19th. There will be $60,000 up for grab spread out through 8 events. The one exciting highlight of this series is that the winner of the $25,000 guaranteed main event will win a WSOP Championship ring. For more details and the schedule, click the link below.


    CommentRaise 1 person raised this

       Drew1979: @dondonyen...that is the sunday 25k that week. And i'm guessing it's a different ring design for the online tournament.

    11 hours, 2 minutes ago · Raise 1


       dondonyen: Ugh, and it starts at noon. 0% chance I play that.

    10 hours, 53 minutes ago · Raise 


       Drew1979: Yeah the upside is the hot drunk girls. Downside is drunk idiots fighting over beer pong. A security guard told me he would rather have live knife fighting than have drunk 21 year olds stumbling all over after beer pong lol

    16 hours, 11 minutes ago · Raise 2


       jp1979: There gonna combine the two into one casino. imo

    11 hours, 4 minutes ago · Raise 

    NoLimitNJ Kearny, New Jersey, United States    adidas
    all day I dream about stars

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       odi420: thought of this when i read this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=239vHrwt8Rs

    11 hours, 38 minutes ago · Raise 

    ykwon17 New Jersey, United States    Anyone got their wsop online tier matched at caesars? I emailed them but shockingly I didn't hear anything from them past 3 days


       Drew1979: You'll get offers for Vegas properties but nothing for AC except the opportunity to eat in the Diamond club. They have been phasing out comps at the AC properties for a few months now unless you are 7 star.

    12 hours, 55 minutes ago · Raise 


       PocketProfits: Yeah they haven't given me a single offer since, but I didn't get it for Caesars. I took my diamond card straight to Borgata to get matched to black label. $10 buffet all day with black card lol

    12 hours, 47 minutes ago · Raise 

    LifeGr1nder Lodi, New Jersey, United States Hey, I'm curious what is everyone's goals for poker this upcoming month? I'm sure each one of us is trying to elevate our game and keep on improving. Personally I want to make sure to use good bankroll management, not tilt, and play my best game at ALL times. Also looking to transition into more live games. What is everyone else on here trying to achieve going forward?

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       Jaybone2315: Well... poker is about to become my full time job in a few days, so my goal this month is to make enough money to pay my bills. Got to start off small.

    12 hours, 57 minutes ago · Raise 2


       itsmejon: win the wsop 10k... my white whale

    12 hours, 55 minutes ago · Raise 

    P-aire 146 New Jersey, United States Any of you SupaStars playing Parx $300 this week. I'll be there to donkey my money away. glgl to all

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    Slubrad: hope to make it to the 500 if I can get a Friday and Monday off...

    1 day, 6 hours ago · Raise 


       dondonyen: Cashed the satty, was checkin out the blog today, they listed the satty winners including a guy named Donald Shimalo. How do you turn a Z-U into an L-O?

    14 hours, 1 minute ago · Raise 1

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