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    FrickenWacko Glen Ridge, New Jersey, United States    Most amazing luck ever....
    Since everyone likes to talk about bad beats, I thought I would turn it around. What was the craziest luck you've ever had playing poker? For me, I once made back to back 10 high straight flushes in clubs, AND I got maximum value both times!


       Tapouttazz9: I once flopped pocket AA 3 times in a town thought it was busted lol

    2 hours, 7 minutes ago · Raise 


       WillisNYC: 5/10 NL Cash game Borgata pre bad beat Jackpot. 58s in bb. Flopped str8 flush draw, turned str8, river str8 flush, opponent flopped set and rivered quad 8s. $7k pot. Too bad pre bad beat jackpot!

    2 minutes ago · Raise 

    Adam Atlanta, Georgia, United States    Heard the Revel might sell at auction for $50mm or even less. Amazing considering it cost $2.4bn to build....

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       Snouch1313: You jack wagons. Shit is stuck in my head now.

    18 hours, 14 minutes ago · Raise 1


       Adam: I listened to that like 10000 times in high school....haha

    13 minutes ago · Raise 1

    Tapouttazz9 Fair Lawn, New Jersey, United States    anyone looking to split cost of room for 3 nights at borgata pm me


       FrickenWacko: Check Golden Nugget as well. It's right across the street.

    4 hours, 43 minutes ago · Raise 


       curiousgeorge77: damn they rob me for saturday then if your getting 135 a night? I got comped sunday and paid 79 for each night monday and tuesday. I would like to go down saturday night but they probably would want $300 which im not down for. So i will drive sunday early afternoon

    28 minutes ago · Raise 

    salsch21 Mercerville, New Jersey, United States    joined PocketFives from Mercerville, New Jersey, United States

    Snouch1313 Rockaway, New Jersey, United States    Wow ceasers got robbed big time last night. I'm at work already, if somebody could post a link that would be awesome.


       Dan: That's crazy

    3 hours, 47 minutes ago · Raise 


       batman3939: Lets just say I can start playing bigger buyins now :)

    84 minutes ago · Raise 

    Dlorican Somerset, New Jersey, United States    As mentioned earlier in the NJ forum by Snouch1313 and odi420, Caesars Atlantic City was robbed of $181,000 which took place Monday morning at around 6 am. According to Press of AC "A gun was brandished by one of the suspects during the robbery at Caesars Atlantic City, according to a flier put out to law enforcement."

    Not much details are being released at this time about the robbery.


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       Snouch1313: One hell of a score.

    3 hours, 23 minutes ago · Raise 3


       Drew1979: Just enough to cover Tapout's markup.

    109 minutes ago · Raise 3

    Redhotmomma Glen Ridge, New Jersey, United States    I am so pumped! Won seat last night for the P5 event along w Msclick. Very difficult, got no cards, also missed an op to hit quad deuces cause I didn't want to come in utg. Just shows you patience perseveres!

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       Brilliant27: Congrats rhmomma

    3 hours, 51 minutes ago · Raise 


       Dan: Congrats. Looking forward to seeing you at the Open

    3 hours, 47 minutes ago · Raise 

    nutsooncow North Arlington, New Jersey, United States Anyone playing the $180 100k mini series starting today at borgata? I'll definitely give it a bullet day 1d Thursday

    CommentRaise 1 person raised this

       FrickenWacko: Joey, are you related to Tapouttazz? You guys look alike.

    4 hours, 46 minutes ago · Raise 2


       nutsooncow: Good stuff joey!

    4 hours, 4 minutes ago · Raise 

    FrickenWacko Glen Ridge, New Jersey, United States Just out of curiosity, how many people in this forum are playing full time and earning enough to consider themselves a pro? Do you all think the player pool size is large enough for this to be the case? If you answered yes, are you doing it in tournies or cash games?


       Vetstadium: If somebody wanted to play every day and not miss a day even more (but that would be nuts)

    21 hours, 17 minutes ago · Raise 


       FrickenWacko: @cicakman, I think there is a direct relationship between prize pool and ROI. Back in the day, you could play a 30-40k tournament on Partypoker for $20. I think the ROI's will not deflate as the player base expands. The sites are projecting a tripling in size by the end of next year.

    4 hours, 39 minutes ago · Raise 

    dondonyen Eatontown, New Jersey, United States    Officially got my seat for the p5 tournament from the deepstacks leaderboard challenge, but feel really burnt out after like 2 weeks of poker every day after feeling committed to playing all the online deepstacks tournaments. There were stretches in there where it was really a struggle to sit at my comp and play, and I played really terrible during those times. Really surprised I didn't take a hit to the br and stayed even.

    but on a more relevant note for everyone else, I was having geolocation probs (couldn't locate at all) on borgata/party (as well as occasional probs on all sites), and could only play there on my laptop. After misclicking a 200bbish all in with j10s because of the mousepad, I went out and got the Linksys Ac1200 wifi adapter for like 60 bucks. All geolocation probs solved instantly. Anyone having connection/geo probs should go out and get this or something like it. I just didnt play on party/borg for months because it stopped geolocating me,when all I had to do was go out and spend a few bucks on this.

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       FrickenWacko: Partypoker will send you a free wifi adapter. Just ask.

    4 hours, 42 minutes ago · Raise 

    centrfieldr Phillipsburg, New Jersey, United States    In light of JohnnyDrama bringing attention to the 3pm start of the WSOP 25k and the discussion that followed I put together a mock schedule with misc. thoughts (bored at work today). Already sent it to Dlorican, curious what everyone else thinks (might stir something up over at WSOP, who knows)

    Just my 2 cents on WSOP Sunday Schedule.

    4:00 - $5k - $50 Warm-Up (2 Hours late-reg to catch the $25k traffic)

    4:30 - $2k - $25 R&A PLO (might be the current time slot)

    5:00 - $25k Major

    6:00 - $5k - $10 - R&A

    7:00 - $10k - $100 (move it up an hour from the 8pm start time)

    8:00 - $2k - $10 Turbo R&A

    9:00 - $5k - $50 Turbo Last-Chance

    And then could obviously fill-in with smaller buy-ins/guarantees at every :30 min past the hour.


    7:00 - $10k rebuy is fine

    8:00 - $5k move this rebuy to this time-slot and shorten the re-buy period. Just runs too late for most people that have a 9-5.

    Add some nightly mid range buy-in freeze-outs, I think even a $2.5k - $20 tournament would get a lot of traction. I think all of their tournaments being re-buys kinda deters a lot of the more recreational players from entering. I mean right now I literally only play 1 or 2 WSOP tournaments on weeknights.

    And I think they can definitely try adding more Satellites that aren't rebuy/add-on to encourage more interest.

    CommentRaise 11 people raised this

       Dlorican: I was told the schedule is being tweaked. So it's just a matter of being patient. Again, thank you all for the feedback.

    6 hours, 59 minutes ago · Raise 


       centrfieldr: thanks for the feedback and thanks Dennis for listening!

    4 hours, 50 minutes ago · Raise 1

    ninjaGO Somerset, New Jersey, United States    won $3,032.15 for 4th place in the Borgata Poker NJ Sunday $50K on 07/21/2014 at 02:14

    papsdee New Jersey, United States    won $2,928.04 for 1st place in the Borgata Poker NJ Daily $10K on 07/21/2014 at 00:53

    acesfullrjr Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, United States    won $2,400.00 for 3rd place in the Borgata Poker NJ Deepstacks Event 14 - $20K GTD - [Deepest] on 07/21/2014 at 04:45

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    piffffffffff Freehold, New Jersey, United States    Anyone ever play on the wsop/888/pp mobile apps? Are they legit?


       Dlorican: Use them all the time on both wifi and LTE. Work great.

    6 hours, 57 minutes ago · Raise 


       LitoLoco0: Wsop is smooth and they have a number pad to enter your bets; which I prefer.

    5 hours, 32 minutes ago · Raise 


       Dlorican: Good shit Mike. Less then 24 hours right?

    6 hours, 56 minutes ago · Raise 


       Redhotmomma: i'm wtg for money to hit my Paypal acct, then I will send.

    6 hours, 46 minutes ago · Raise 

    Tapouttazz9 Fair Lawn, New Jersey, United States    what time will day 1A start on Saturday


       hashy: I should be playing day1b.. If I get back to jersey from flynns in time

    12 hours, 17 minutes ago · Raise 


       FrickenWacko: Are you asking about the P5 open?

    7 hours, 27 minutes ago · Raise 

    No_Xcape Voorhees, New Jersey, United States    lol that was the chat box of the year. sad that it ended. lol

    CommentRaise 2 people raised this

       Tapouttazz9: Lol

    14 hours, 17 minutes ago · Raise 


       Pker4Dummies: brilliant is too nitty to close a 3 some.

    10 hours, 48 minutes ago · Raise 

    Jluddy12 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States    wow while playing on party poker I was playing the clover slots, I picked the best possible bonus with a 5 times multiplier and got all wilds in rows 1 3 5, which is insane to get let alone with the multiplier, as it came out it froze with all lines covering the symbols, I was able to snap a couple photos in the first I noticed the symbol was covered entirely by the lines and in the second appeared the tip of a king, this means the symbols changed, and knowing the history and stories ive heard about these sites cheating I feel like I finally have some proof. For those who don't know the game this is the difference in potentially thousands of dollars I wish I was able to post the pictures on here as it would be a lot easier for all to understand, of course when calling customer service I was told "its being directed to the technical team and they will respond after investigating. If they do not compensate me properly what can be done?

    CommentRaise 2 people raised this

       batman3939: this now makes me wonder when i went into a slot bonus and it randomly froze as i got into it and i had to close it out and reopen just to get the bonus to run and won like 12 dollars on a 3 dollar bet

    12 hours, 18 minutes ago · Raise 1


       Tapouttazz9: Lol why I never play slots

    11 hours, 31 minutes ago · Raise 

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