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    lucaspicking North Brunswick, New Jersey, United States    Any NJ players looking to sweat some WSOP action this summer, please take a look at my thread. Great deal.

    teampartypoker New Jersey, United States    Hi all

    We have created a survey to help gather some player feedback regarding our current room offerings and would appreicate if you could take a couple minutes to complete.



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       Gags30: same applies for level length. a tourney can have 3 minute levels and start at 10/20 with 3k chips, then go to 6/12, 7/14, 7.5/15, 8/16, 9/18, 10/20, etc. and have the slowest structure in the world. conversely it could start with 100k chips and 30 minute blinds and start at 10/20, but if it goes 10/20 500/1000, 5k/10k, 50k/100k then it won't be a slow deep structure at all...

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       NoLimitNJ: Well in the last section you write whatever other feedback you have. You can say something about the structures there but still I know what Gags is saying. That definitely crossed my mind when choosing what starting stack I preferred or what blind structures I preferred. They're difficult to answer but I just assumed using Party's current system for the way their structure is (which is way too slow in the beginning) Also, when choosing the payout structure I liked most, it said 10% is the current payout structure? I don't play there much so I don't know but it always seemed like more than 10% to me. I like the way most of their payout structures are except on the real big tournaments.

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    Dlorican Somerset, New Jersey, United States    Atlantic City may Don Guardian says that his city will be the state's attraction this summer. According to Press of AC "a long list of events and attractions planned for the season, including 84 concerts, beach dances, comedy, spas, and performances from entertainers like Jerry Seinfeld, Boyz II Men, Bob Dylan, Ricky Martin, and Wanda Sykes."

    Many other attractions that will be featured this summer.

    Read more here:


       Vanderwiel: Are they moving AC closer so it doesn't take 3 hours to get there? Good luck.

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    Snouch1313 Rockaway, New Jersey, United States Because I just got asked again last night. I have become tight with some of you guys ever since the soft launch. Most knew my wife was pregnant. Today was supposed to be the day. Madison Havekes was born March 25, 2015. Unfortunately her little heart never started. I didn't really want to say anything on here, but figured this would answer some questions. So at the end of the day, enjoy the bad beats and the one eyed jacks. If you have kids, give them a long hug. Mommy and Daddy love you Angel.

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       novum777: so sorry for your loss

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       Adam: Blake, I can't imagine how difficult that must be for you and your wife. All of us who are parents know this is the worst of the worst of nightmares. I hope you guys have the support you need, you will get through this in time

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    TasteRed Toms River, New Jersey, United States Does anyone know why my results aren't updating on thepokerdb on my wsop account?
    I just went to look this morning and it hasn't updated in quite a while. Has this happened to anyone before? Thanks


       Pker4Dummies: ya I was wondering why some of my wsop tournies didnt pop up and they are on pokerdb under 888. Weird

    10 hours, 35 minutes ago · Raise 


       Pker4Dummies: just linked all my accounts and my results that were mistakenly under 888 are gone. Just going to give it a few days and see what happens

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    savant111 Saddle Brook, New Jersey, United States Holy crap...PP has a $50 super bounty at midnight. Late night guys always asking for more tournies....lets make this a thing! Would play this pretty much every night. If anyone else sees it hop in...maybe we can turn it into a small gtd tourney.

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       bison39: Respectfully disagree boosh. Although once it gets rolling with the new time and guarantee, if there are still low numbers maybe they can reevaluate. Honestly don't think that will be a problem in a couple weeks once everyone has a chance to see it.

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       booshsquad: I only suggested it because last night it was only paying first and the prizepool was around 200. Now that its a 1k gaurentee 50% bounty it should be alright assuming they dont pay to many spots

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    CBinzz Tuckerton, New Jersey, United States    won $2,059.58 for 2nd place in the WSOP NJ $10,000 GTD Nightly [R&A] on 05/05/2015 at 05:32

    jtsnakes Branchville, New Jersey, United States    won $1,217.30 for 1st place in the WSOP NJ $2,500 GNTD - NJ High-Rollers (1) on 05/05/2015 at 02:44

    lshotgun Tuckerton, New Jersey, United States I wanted to get some opinions on this. Yesterday I was playing a reg hu at a six max table that broke down. We played for awhile till he sat out and said since he uses the same screen name on all sites I should tell him all my SN's. Seems like total BS to me and I said no. He said I was just another slimey poker player and that was the end of our match. I see zero problem with refusing to give away this info. What do you guys think about this?


    lshotgun: Villain is pure_reason

    1 day, 9 hours ago · Raise 1


       FrickenWacko: Hey bro, why don't you tell me all your screen names, so I can merge my HUD. While you're at it, why not tell me your hole cards too..... oh wait.. I have that program. I already know them.

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    Vulture Culture Parsippany, New Jersey, United States won $10,000.00 for 1st place in the Party Poker NJ MAJOR: Sunday $50K on 05/04/2015 at 02:48

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    Gags30: congrats!

    1 day, 5 hours ago · Raise 1


    Vulture Culture: thank you guys.

    1 day, 0 hour ago · Raise 

    seedload Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States Having trouble with Borgata poker. Last update didn't work. Tried uninstalling, re-downloading, and installing again, but the installer dies at 12% every time. Customer service asked for install logs which I provided and they claim to be forwarding to developers to look at, but it has been a few days. When I look at the install logs, all of the downloads are working but it is just getting stuck after the downloads. I have even tried disabling all firewalls while installing, still no luck. Like I said, it seems like the downloads are working, it is just the install part that is "stalling". I am logged in as admin. Windows 8.

    Has anyone had a similar problem installing? Is there something in the registry that gets left over after an unintall that I should delete or is there some other trick to make this work.



    seedload: Thanks to Savant111 for solving my problem. Easier than pie. Just delete some left over files after uninstall. Wonder why support doesn't know how to fix this.

    1 day, 1 hour ago · Raise 1


    mikewebb68: that's why savant is, well, a savant.

    1 day, 1 hour ago · Raise 2

    Drew1979 Roselle, New Jersey, United States I was following the Parx Big Stax 300 the last few days and my mind was blown last night. They made a deal 3 handed....with the chip leader having just under %70 of the chips in play. 1st was a touch over 94k and he took 74k!?!?! Why the hell would any one give up 20k with such a chip advantage??


    Jaybone2315: Im assuming the guys in 2nd and 3rd were the ones that haggled the deal. They have the upper hand since they have a lot less to lose by saying no.

    1 day, 2 hours ago · Raise 


    Sofcknsickk: I've not chopped and been sick about it after. Chopping 330 buy in for 74k is winning play IMO

    1 day, 2 hours ago · Raise 1

    No_Xcape Voorhees, New Jersey, United States won $6,300.00 for 2nd place in the WSOP NJ $40,000 GTD Weekly Sunday on 05/04/2015 at 03:31

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    money4bacon: bravo dood

    1 day, 3 hours ago · Raise 1


    No_Xcape: ty guys

    1 day, 3 hours ago · Raise 

    Tapouttazz9 Fair Lawn, New Jersey, United States So I was browsing the web today and found something that I think could compromise the integrity on online poker. It's very scary to think that if someone finds this tool and uses it they could create another pot ripper type situation. I don't want to post the name of hit for security purposes but I can tell you this claimed it cracks the random number gen of poker sites so you can see the cards before there delt... Wish I could do something but what?


    Tapouttazz9: I don't need a program to crush you fish ;)

    1 day, 7 hours ago · Raise 


    mikewebb68: shots fired....

    1 day, 3 hours ago · Raise 1

    Dan Tennessee, United States PocketFives is giving you 2 free tickets worth up to $75 combined to the Phillies, Yankees, or Mets. All you need to do is sign up for one of Tropicana Casino, Virgin Casino, or 888 Poker, all of which are licensed in New Jersey, make a deposit of at least $20, and wager real money at least once on anything you want by the end of the day on May 31.

    The link to use to sign up for Virgin is here:

    The link to use to sign up for Tropicana is here:

    The link to use to sign up for 888 Poker is here:

    E-mail to claim your tickets!

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    Yodudesbro: If I already signed up for 888 poker can I still receive tickets for Yankee game?

    1 day, 8 hours ago · Raise 


    Dan: This is for new sign-ups only. Feel free to sign up for Tropicana or Virgin, though!

    1 day, 7 hours ago · Raise 

    FrickenWacko Glen Ridge, New Jersey, United States PokerTracker 4 on Windows 8.
    It tracks all Borgata/Party tournaments and all WSOP tournaments.
    Most 888 tournaments do not show up. Help


    cicakman: Don't play on 888

    2 days, 3 hours ago · Raise 


    FrickenWacko: @PokerTrackerSoftware, I will do that. Thanks for responding

    1 day, 9 hours ago · Raise 

    Dlorican Somerset, New Jersey, United States The fate of the shut down Showboat casino can be determined as early as this Friday. According to Press of AC "Straub and representatives of Caesars Entertainment would attend the meeting. Stockton officials last week said they'd be willing to meet to discuss a possible solution."

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    Sirtommy Lambertville, New Jersey, United States won $2,009.28 for 2nd place in the WSOP NJ $10,000 GTD Weekly Sunday on 05/04/2015 at 06:25

    Sofcknsickk Bayonne, New Jersey, United States won $2,800.00 for 4th place in the WSOP NJ $40,000 GTD Weekly Sunday on 05/04/2015 at 03:31

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    easymoney82 Dunellen, New Jersey, United States won $10,800.00 for 1st place in the WSOP NJ $40,000 GTD Weekly Sunday on 05/04/2015 at 03:31

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