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    Jaybone2315 Brigantine, New Jersey, United States    I just want to say that weed should be legal. So dumjk.... its so dunk. Any kom that whats fy qsafty... tham she with

    romeo8880 Garfield, New Jersey, United States    won $1,000.00 for 1st place in the Party Poker NJ Daily $5,000 Gtd on 11/25/2014 at 00:49

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       Naluneabezshapki: Ship those chickens!

    4 hours, 15 minutes ago · Raise 

    P-aire 146 New Jersey, United States    Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy it. See you all on WSOP or Party or at Parx next week.

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       dude904: Pete you're good people

    4 hours, 47 minutes ago · Raise 


       NoLimitNJ: Happy Thanksgiving to all! Drive sober and be safe everyone. God bless

    4 hours, 43 minutes ago · Raise 

    Jluddy12 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States    these ppl who wana hate but not have the balls to say it to my face, cause they decided to not keep up their end years ago and I clearly don't use social media and I cant escape it, grow sum balls and say it to my face, maybe if you got nothing better to do than talk about me behind my back cause youre jealous im soo much better in every aspect of life than they are especially poker, mayb they should give it up and get a job instead of ruining my name and my business, I will find a way to get there even If I have to grind the next 4 days straight and I will once again show them why they wll never be on my level, its my own fault for thinkin theres actually good ppl in the world who wont get caught up in gossip and will make judgements on ppl based on their own experiences with them instead of this whisper down the lane bs


       dude904: this is gr8

    4 hours, 46 minutes ago · Raise 1


       dude904: cya in florida if you go!

    4 hours, 45 minutes ago · Raise 

    Dlorican Somerset, New Jersey, United States Here is some news about some Atlantic City Casinos who actually show higher profit in the third quarter of 2014. According to Philly.com "Four of Atlantic City's eight casinos still open on Sept. 30, when the third quarter ended, posted higher operating profits than in the same quarter a year ago. They were Borgata, Tropicana Casino & Resort Atlantic City, Resorts, and Golden Nugget."

    Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/business/20141125_Four_of_A_C__s_surviving_casinos_posted_higher_3Q_profits_than_a_year_ago.html#6uuOpKgRKubhoGmf.99

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       Adam: Well that's good news. Still think that city is in trouble long term. Neglected for way too long, and most of the businesses there have acted entitled instead of trying to make AC (and themselves) more of a destination. Most of AC has dug its own grave. Borgata is an obvious exception, and there are some other less obvious ones. But there's a lot of work to be done in that city that's going to take years and years if it's going to survive casino growth throughout the rest of the northeast

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    Jluddy12 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States I cant take being here anymore I need to get out of this place, can someone please assist me with getting setup with poker refugees? id be soo grateful ill give 10% of all my winnings just for sumone to help me out and make me feel like Im not alone

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       cicakman: 0 x .10 = 0

    11 hours, 0 minute ago · Raise 2


       Adam: They're a service that assists you with moving to other countries - particularly in Latin America but also elsewhere. You definitely don't need assistance getting set up with them - their whole thing is assisting you with everything you need in order to move

    6 hours, 55 minutes ago · Raise 

    Redhotmomma Glen Ridge, New Jersey, United States What's everyone's poker plans this week with the Holiday? I have family in town. Hard to escape. Sunday is a definite though..Gl everyone if you are able to play!

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       NoLimitNJ: My plans - get as stuffed as I can.

    8 hours, 14 minutes ago · Raise 


       Snouch1313: ^ that does not sound good.

    7 hours, 1 minute ago · Raise 

    wishihAdsOMeLUcK Woodbridge, New Jersey, United States WOW, first time logging into PARTYPOKER in about a month and all i can say is WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? Where did all the tournaments go? Instead of upgrading, they down graded.... is this permanent? Is party going to fold? Is this site even worth playing on anymore?......thats the real question

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    Pker4Dummies: They say we should see a new schedule in a few weeks lol

    Nov 22nd · Raise 1


       wishihAdsOMeLUcK: They said they are replacing the 5k gtd too.... That was 2 months ago already...

    10 hours, 10 minutes ago · Raise 

    Redeemer of Souls New Jersey, United States    I hate seeing all these Black Friday holiday sales. Everytime I see those two words my butt cheeks clench up tighter than a clams a$$ :-O


       Slubrad: Theres a dancer down at the local club who has butt cheeks as tight as a clams......

    11 hours, 48 minutes ago · Raise 


       Redeemer of Souls: Wacko - you're encroaching on Brilliant territory :-)

    11 hours, 31 minutes ago · Raise 

    BiggDaddy Maple Shade, New Jersey, United States    won $1,019.90 for 1st place in the 888 Poker NJ $2,500 Gntd - NJ High-Rollers on 11/25/2014 at 00:20

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       Naluneabezshapki: Donks gonna donk, dtddddd

    16 hours, 19 minutes ago · Raise 1


       BiggDaddy: DTD!!!!!!

    11 hours, 45 minutes ago · Raise 1

    briangrim310 Montclair, New Jersey, United States Looking like the daily $50k (in this case $100k) freeroll on Party that is normally offered at 5:20 isn't running today. Not seeing the 7:20 either. Hoping this is a one day thing because I really enjoyed having the option throughout the week when I wasn't in a place to put $ in the account or as a filler for multi-tabling.


       FrickenWacko: What's a deposit?

    14 hours, 13 minutes ago · Raise 2


       IAmDewman: i think i did one of those once

    12 hours, 0 minute ago · Raise 

    bison39 Woodbridge, New Jersey, United States Why is it so hard for me to just fold A10 at the final table?!? I know I am only getting called by a hand that crushes me. I know I can't win. Why do I do it to myself? Just fold. I hate you A10.


       bison39: I never do either. In fact i hate it. I just can't help myself. I actually literally have a note on my monitor that says just fold AT. Its bad news. But I somehow figure out how to ignore that note every time. I need AT annonymous.

    13 hours, 49 minutes ago · Raise 


       Redhotmomma: I have a note that says, " aq utg and short will lose almost always!" Lol

    12 hours, 35 minutes ago · Raise 

    irishcby New Jersey, United States    joined PocketFives from New Jersey, United States

    LifeGr1nder Lodi, New Jersey, United States Has anyone here bought comp dollars from the Borgata store? I have around 4.4k points I want to spend... and thinking the $5 comp for 75 iRewards
    is best deal. What do you guys think?


       seedload: The tournament entries are the best bargain. For some reason, I always seem to cash the 10K when I play for points. I never cash it when I pay cash. Weird.

    17 hours, 40 minutes ago · Raise 1


       LifeGr1nder: Yeah I know what you mean... I run horrible in the $100 and $200 buyins. Alaways get leveled or level myself.

    17 hours, 39 minutes ago · Raise 

    japhy Trenton, New Jersey, United States    joined PocketFives from Trenton, New Jersey, United States

    ucmywork2 Little Falls, New Jersey, United States    won $1,350.00 for 1st place in the WSOP NJ $5,000 GTD Nightly [R&A] on 11/25/2014 at 08:06

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    sisco Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, United States    won $1,200.00 for 3rd place in the Borgata Poker NJ Daily $10K on 11/25/2014 at 00:31

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    ninjaGO Somerset, New Jersey, United States    won $1,675.00 for 2nd place in the Borgata Poker NJ Daily $10K on 11/25/2014 at 00:31

    LifeGr1nder Lodi, New Jersey, United States WOW!!!! WSOP is now offering Omaha and Omaha H/L SNGS. This is on top of their SNG promo!!! This might be the best promo that WSOP or any other site has offered.


    Pker4Dummies: I think the freerolls WSOP ran back in the day may have this beat.

    1 day, 4 hours ago · Raise 1


    LifeGr1nder: @ykwon17 it is for the SNG leaderboard.

    1 day, 1 hour ago · Raise 

    ActionBob Barnegat, New Jersey, United States Changed Party Poker screen name to ABH70 on 11/26/2014

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