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    Dan Tennessee, United States    The owner of Resorts New Jersey says he expects a decision on PokerStars within "weeks, not months": http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/aug/26/resorts-casino-owner-expects-decision-on-pokerstar/

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       Eatahoagie: I would think they would make a major push to make this happen before football season , if they are also trying to launch their fantasy sports site as well

    5 hours, 59 minutes ago · Raise 1


       Tapouttazz9: Mikewebb must be pissed

    64 minutes ago · Raise 

    Sofcknsickk Bayonne, New Jersey, United States achieved the $250k Milestone on 08/26/2015 at 00:00

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       wishihAdsOMeLUcK: Virtual cake being thrown as I write this

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       Vetstadium: Sofcknnice

    67 minutes ago · Raise 1

    Eddiegood86 Piscataway, New Jersey, United States @888poker is the 200 event completely gone from your site, or will you be adding/changing something for the future?


       Eddiegood86: I understand there usually was an overlay. there's plenty of ways to go about it. I do hope to see this event return.

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       bison39: Hopefully they realize this is a mistake. Last year when Party gutted their late night schedule and I was looking for somewhere else to play at night, this tourney was the single biggest driver for me signing up for and playing on 888 as opposed to wsop at the time, and I have basically only played there ever since. It is/was the only big tourney available at night. To have even 1 shot a week at a 10k was important. Not much left anywhere now. Could fix by lowering to $8k, which it will always hit, or take the bold move of increasing to $15-20k - you are generally getting at least 45-50 players now, I'm sure an extra 5k could get you the extra 25-30 needed. Create demand instead of running from it. Or, if it is too many $200 buy ins too far apart on the same day, put it in on a Wednesday night in that time slot instead. Sunday doesn't have to be the only day people play "majors".

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    japhy Trenton, New Jersey, United States    "fairplay" on borgata/partypoker. never seen him before today. he shoves every hand preflop. expect to see him on the leaderboards soon.

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    Billson Flemington, New Jersey, United States    won $1,095.00 for 1st place in the Borgata Poker NJ MAJOR: Daily $5,000 Gtd on 08/26/2015 at 00:29

    wishihAdsOMeLUcK Woodbridge, New Jersey, United States    won $1,203.47 for 3rd place in the Borgata Poker NJ MAJOR: Daily $10K on 08/26/2015 at 00:38

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    NJPokerFella Edison, New Jersey, United States    @888 what happened to the 4:45am freeroll? O.o I've been checking all week and losing sleep over it smh

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    NJPokerFella Edison, New Jersey, United States    joined PocketFives from Edison, New Jersey, United States

    Vulture Culture Rockaway, New Jersey, United States Posted a Borg event 1 package in the staking section for all who are interested.


       cicakman: Blinking

    12 hours, 50 minutes ago · Raise 

    s1w99 United States    Help, will be in N. Brunswick Tuesday of next week. Where is the closest worthwhile poker room? Sugarhouse? Parx? Thanks for the help.


       Dogdaze84: Take Route 1 South into PA. Exit Street Road East. Its about an hour south of N Brunswick. They have a good schedule of daily tourneys and many cash games including PLO.

    16 hours, 38 minutes ago · Raise 


       cicakman: Whatever you do don't go to Sands

    12 hours, 51 minutes ago · Raise 5

    No_Xcape Voorhees, New Jersey, United States    Added the screen name No_Xcape for PokerStars and 2 other sites on 08/27/2015

    ACpoker0271 Forked River, New Jersey, United States Can they change the time of the 5k and 10k GTD on Borgata/Partypoker to 6 or at least 6:30? I know someone posted on here before asking for opinions, but i think it would be beneficial so it does not end too late. What does everyone else think?

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    wishihAdsOMeLUcK: what i would like is, instead of collette just reading comments from pocket5ers who comment on this, why not send a mass email or pop up when you log on for a survey on how the poker experience could be better,cause they changed the 10k and 5k back to 6 and 7 and the 10k never got off, the ideal time for added tournaments has to be between 5pm - 9pm, not 2:30 in the afternoon when they had the 3k $35rb, I'm just saying, maybe I'm wrong tho idk

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       ACpoker0271: i'd say a "knock out a pro" bounty or something to mix it up. although i don't know how many there actually would be lol

    18 hours, 2 minutes ago · Raise 

    Tapouttazz9 Fair Lawn, New Jersey, United States any idea of the next p5 open ?

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       Dan: Unfortunately no plans for the next PocketFives Open in New Jersey, but we'll keep everyone in the loop. Longtime P5er Steve "gboro780" Gross finished second in last year's tournament, while Justin "PocketProfits" Wong was third. Here's the recap: http://www.pocketfives.com/articles/mike-barletta-wins-borgata-pocketfives-open-gboro780-second-589864/

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       Tapouttazz9: dam that sucks was looking forward to another one i thought it was great

    20 hours, 5 minutes ago · Raise 

    doodysocks3 Maplewood, New Jersey, United States Say we lived in a world where 888/wsop listened to our requests and ideas - what tournament would you like added to the daily schedule that you see being a success?

    Some 6 Max tournaments with a decent guarantee would be nice. $20 R&A 3k GTD 6 max at 6:30 pm or $35 1R $2500 GTD 6 max.


       888rep: Thanks for your input guys, I have sent it over for consideration.

    20 hours, 25 minutes ago · Raise 3


       Tapouttazz9: how about a round of 1000$ freerolls on 888

    20 hours, 6 minutes ago · Raise 

    RedsoxNets5 Trenton, New Jersey, United States If anyone's at borgata and wants to sweat a short stack I'm 10/10 in the $400 players series. 197K at 8K/16K restarts at noon. I'm a pretty lucky human though so don't be surprised if I just keep doubling regardless of hands.

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       RedsoxNets5: 20% of the time...it happens every time...

    21 hours, 52 minutes ago · Raise 


    MuckDaRags New Jersey, United States Any one know if 888NJ has a reload bonus code? Thanks


    NoLimitNJ: Maybe if you go in chat with them they could help you out Probably depends on the chat rep you talk to but might give you 50% reload or something. I don't think there's anything else right now. Last 100% reload bonus I got was on Aug 9 w/ code SPECIAL1000 but it expired.

    1 day, 0 hour ago · Raise 


       MuckDaRags: ok thanks man

    23 hours, 0 minute ago · Raise 

    JudgeBen Somerset, New Jersey, United States won $1,085.99 for 3rd place in the WSOP NJ $10,000 GTD Nightly [R&A] on 08/25/2015 at 05:24

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    dom2307 Eatontown, New Jersey, United States won $1,900.48 for 2nd place in the WSOP NJ $10,000 GTD Nightly [R&A] on 08/25/2015 at 05:24

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    Tapouttazz9 Fair Lawn, New Jersey, United States 2 final tables 1 day come rail im in the midnight 150gnt on 888 ft

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    Dlorican: Good job man. How you do?

    1 day, 4 hours ago · Raise 


    Tapouttazz9: I no its just so dam late some times I got 5th

    1 day, 3 hours ago · Raise 

    Jermz New Jersey, United States won $1,663.80 for 1st place in the WSOP NJ $2,500 GNTD - NJ High-Rollers (1) on 08/24/2015 at 03:20


    Jermz: Thanks, tried to give him some extra time to get back, but atleast he still managed a 2nd.

    1 day, 5 hours ago · Raise 


    bison39: You gave him a ton of time. Funny thing is he prob doesn't even know that you did this.

    1 day, 4 hours ago · Raise 1

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