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    briangrim310 Montclair, New Jersey, United States    Took some time this morning to analyze my MTT cashes on Party Poker over the last year (it's where I have the bulk of my volume). I wanted to see if there were any patterns developing that pointed to particular days of the week where I tend to be more consistent/successful. Obviously there are a lot of factors that would need to be considered to dig more deeply into this, but Sundays, Wednesday, and Thursdays I show up to play. Apparently I have no business opening up my laptop on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays. Not saying it's a catch all by any means, but interesting to consider nonetheless. Probably see less of me on Mondays now if nothing else :)


       briangrim310: And 56 total cashes.

    23 minutes ago · Raise 


       briangrim310: Definitely agree @Vanderwiel. I was just curious to see if anything jumped out at me. Mondays I only had 4 cashes (2 of which were $50 tickets) over the course of a full calendar year. Mondays were far and away my least successful. Could be burnt out from Sundays, sluggish from the start of a new work week, trying too hard to make something happen on a slower traffic day or all of the above. But still might make me think twice about firing up my laptop on Monday after work next week...

    8 minutes ago · Raise 

    Dlorican Somerset, New Jersey, United States    As reported by PokerFuse.com, Pala Interactive has put off in launching their online Poker room which was slated to launch in the first quarter of 2015. Pala CEO Jim Ryan said "the company did not expect to garner a large market share anyway, but that the lack of potential liquidity in the market was also a contributing factor in the decision"


    teampartypoker New Jersey, United States Hello All,

    Please note some changes which we will be making to our MTT offering on Monday March 9th

    We have optimized our $10K and $5K qualifiers:

    - Addition of 1 x $10K 3 Tickets Gtd qualifier@17:20 – Mon-Sat
    - Removal of 1 x $10K qualifier@17:30 (to make way for the above)
    - Addition of 1 x $5K 3 Tickets Gtd qualifier@18:20 – Mon-Sat
    - Increase $3,000 Gtd@21:30 to $4K Gtd – (we have upped the Gtd)

    We have also listened to feedback and are launching 3 new MTTs with increased guarantees to improve our offering:

    - $3,000 Gtd Rebuy $35 Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun @14:30
    - $2,000 Gtd PLO Rebuy $25 Fri, Sat, Sun @16:30
    - $2,000 Gtd 6 max $75 Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sun @20:30

    More info may be found on our blog - http://nj.partypoker.com/blog/tournament-updates.html



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       RedsoxNets5: Excuse me? Sucking Gags kneecaps? My point is that you litter this site with ideas that pertain only to what YOU want and claim that "any successful business model knows this stuff." The way you think you know best on every single topic is absurd and wrong. And adding that little insult at the end is very brave as well way to go bud

    85 minutes ago · Raise 


       bison39: I don't know. If it were my business and people were literally begging me to give me their money - just need a product to spend money on - and I look at the only competition and see them offering the same product that people are begging for from me and getting 300+ players every night, I would feel like a big dope for not offering that product that people are begging for and clearly willing to show up for - since they do it elsewhere. If the person that is making that business decision worked for me, I would fire them.

    26 minutes ago · Raise 

    Adam Atlanta, Georgia, United States Hey everyone we are likely looking at running another live event this summer sometime. Anything particular you'd like to see that we didn't have last year?

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       curiousgeorge77: I wish we had poker closer the AC. THat 2 hour to 2 1/2 hour ride sucks! Thats with no traffic. I cant wait to see if we get casino in meadowlands. Wow I cant imagine being able to go to a casino 15 minutes away. I will live there!

    4 hours, 22 minutes ago · Raise 3


       Vanderwiel: The only regular tourney I know of up North. http://www.eastcoastpokertournament.com/register-for-next-tournament.html

    71 minutes ago · Raise 

    Tapouttazz9 Fair Lawn, New Jersey, United States    Why no pocket gives store ?


       Tapouttazz9: Pocket fives ".

    89 minutes ago · Raise 

    inourtell Jackson, New Jersey, United States ? For all u cash grinders. What is a sustainable win rate at 10NL/20NL/50NL respectively on the sites we currently have access to? Also what times of the day are prime iyo?


       inourtell: thanks for the well thought out responses (not trolling). I am still learning and I'm aware of the rake and the effect it will have on my win rate and all. I have grinded (ground?) live cash for a couple years profitably at 1/2 and 2/5 as i think i mentioned a while ago, but I've come to realize how different online grinding is and how even more different grinding mtts online is. I am planning my way through this and starting with a healthy bankroll and close to the bottom. I think playing 2NL or 4NL will be a waste of my time so I'm planning on starting at 10NL with a 100 Buy In BR that I will also use to grind low and occaisionally mid stake MTTs. I plan on putting in the work and the studying and review to grind my way up the stakes. I have this one opportunity with this money and I'm gonna make the most of it. Will be looking to whoever is willing to bounce thoughts off of, for that reason I'm glad I'm a P5er, cheers

    22 hours, 19 minutes ago · Raise 2


       seedload: Hey, sorry inourtell, didn't know you were grinding 2/5 live and winning. If you can do that then you can surely beat 10NL and higher. GL, bud.

    2 hours, 20 minutes ago · Raise 

    Dan Tennessee, United States Promo for you New Jersey guys that ends on Monday, March 9. If you sign up for Tropicana Casino, which is licensed in New Jersey, through PocketFives' link, make a deposit of at least $20, and wager real money at least once on anything you want, we'll give you a free PocketFives hat, t-shirt, or hoodie, or 2 free months of Tournament Poker Edge training: you pick. E-mail support@pocketfives.com to claim it. The link to use to sign up for Tropicana is here: https://affiliates.market-ace.com/processing/clickthrgh.asp?btag=a_41195b_10612


       lilmisrocker: been good thank you!

    18 hours, 24 minutes ago · Raise 


       Dan: Great! Three more days left for this promo.

    2 hours, 41 minutes ago · Raise 

    Dlorican Somerset, New Jersey, United States    Here is last month's article featuring Mike JohnnyDrama Heberman. NJ repping this year.


    CommentRaise 5 people raised this

       Jvicious: That makes me feel good knowing theres a secret society of NJ online grinders. Grouping up sharing hand historys and stratgizing how to take on the small nj field. How do I get in that club?

    8 hours, 29 minutes ago · Raise 


       Dlorican: Yea Jake, you should get the phrase of the year award..lol

    3 hours, 3 minutes ago · Raise 

    jerseyjosh Bloomfield, New Jersey, United States    won $2,513.51 for 2nd place in the WSOP NJ $10,000 GTD Nightly [R&A] on 03/05/2015 at 06:51

    Mergulas Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States    won $1,489.60 for 1st place in the WSOP NJ $2,000 GNTD - NJ High-Rollers (2) on 03/05/2015 at 06:22

    Mergulas Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States    won $1,038.70 for 2nd place in the WSOP NJ $2,500 GNTD - NJ High-Rollers (1) on 03/05/2015 at 04:06

    Mergulas Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States    won $1,054.50 for 4th place in the Borgata Poker NJ $3,000 Gtd Turbo on 03/05/2015 at 23:07

    Jermz New Jersey, United States    won $1,616.90 for 2nd place in the Borgata Poker NJ $3,000 Gtd Turbo on 03/05/2015 at 23:07

    Gags30 New Jersey, United States    won $2,179.30 for 1st place in the Party Poker NJ $3,000 Gtd Turbo on 03/05/2015 at 23:07

    Mergulas Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States    won $1,095.00 for 1st place in the Borgata Poker NJ MAJOR: Daily $5,000 Gtd on 03/05/2015 at 00:28

    Joey Gloves New Jersey, United States    loooook at all these sons of bitches on pp/borg tonight. let it snow.

    CommentRaise 2 people raised this

       slystyle012: holy shit 6k up top?

    12 hours, 51 minutes ago · Raise 1


       savant111: @Adam I think the article you linked misses a key point (at least from an MTT traffic perspective). The MTT schedules are 10x better now due to the WSOP/888 Merge and Party/Borg adding tournaments. That is the key to the growth. Sure the snow brought players to the site, but it's the schedule thats retaining them and driving the "snow boom".

    11 hours, 9 minutes ago · Raise 1

    bison39 Woodbridge, New Jersey, United States    Wonder what the over under on the 888 5k rebuy will be tonight. 11.5k I'm guessing.

    dhubermex Distrito Federal, Mexico    Live stream POKER TRIVIA SHOW hosted by Michael Gagliano (Gags30). Watch lives tream now on PocketFives TV! http://www.pocketfives.com/pocketfivestv/

    skomie87 New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States    joined PocketFives from New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States

    hags021 Somerset, New Jersey, United States won $2,519.82 for 1st place in the Borgata Poker NJ MAJOR: Daily $10K on 03/04/2015 at 00:25

    CommentRaise 1 person raised this

       RedsoxNets5: leggo hags

    21 hours, 35 minutes ago · Raise 1


       hags021: Thanks dude! owe it all to Jesse Katsopolis

    19 hours, 59 minutes ago · Raise 

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