2017 WSOP: The How-To Guide for Registering with a Credit Card


The WSOP is allowing players to register with a credit card for events with buy-ins up to ,000 for the first time ever.

In 2016, the World Series of Poker allowed players to pay tournament entry fees up to $1,500 with a credit card for the first time in history. Players can do that again this year – but the limit has been increased high enough to allow players get themselves into the Main Event.

Players can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club credit cards to enter tournaments with buy-ins of $10,000 or less. It comes at a cost though, a $3 processing fee for each transaction using the Bravo registration service plus an extra 2.95% fee (3.95% for American Express users) to cover credit card processing fees.

Even with the added fees, there are some luxuries to entering with plastic. If a player decides that is the route that they want to go, there are certain steps they need to go through before the transaction will be completed.

Register Online

The first step players using a credit card need to take is to register online through Bravo. It’s important to note that this must be completed at least 72 hours before the player uses the card for the first time. If a player waits until the last minute to register, they will have to register in-person which only allows cash, casino chips, or a cashier’s check.

Once a player is registered through Bravo and the credit card has been verified, the same card can be used again for the rest of the series.

Players should visit www.bravopokerlive.com/venues/wsop/ to begin the process. Once arriving at the website, players will create a login and a password. Bravo will keep their information stored with this login so that registration for subsequent events will be expedited. Players must also have a Total Rewards account to register online.

Once creating their account, they will be able to register their credit card with their account and use it to enter future events.

Proof of Identification at the Rio

Once a player finished the registration online at Bravo, they must complete the process by showing up to the Rio at least one hour before their first event’s start to show proof of identification.

Players will make their way to the “Rotunda Area’ of the Rio Convention Center and go to the WSOP FasTrac Total Rewards Desk. They will have their identity verified and they will present the credit card that was used online to register.

The credit card that is used must be in the name of the player that is registering the event. Once their ID and their credit card are verified by a WSOP employee, they will receive their seat assignment and receipts for all the events that they registered for.

Use of FasTrac Kiosks

Once they have been verified before the start of their first event, players are allowed to use the FasTrac kiosks for all future events they decide to register. Players will be able to register for the event via the Bravo website and then print out their seat assignment at these kiosks located in the Rio.

According to WSOP.com, the process is “Similar to an airline boarding pass experience once at the airport.”

Players will scan their Total Rewards Card at the kiosks in order to receive their receipt and seat assignment for events that they registered for online.

The WSOP implemented a rule that allows players only one advanced entry for multi-flight events and the FasTrac kiosks should help players who bust out of early flights of events like the Colossus and want to immediately enter a subsequent flight.

If a player has already been verified with his credit card, they are able to go online and register for the event on the Bravo site. Then, they can head to the FasTrac kiosk and receive their seat assignment and receipt without ever having set foot in a massive line to register.


If a player registers for an event and chooses not to play, they are able to get a refund at the WSOP registration cage as long as it is done before the start of the event. Players that don’t actually make it to Vegas in order to play the events they have registered for may contact Tyler Pipal at tpipal@caesars.com to start the process of getting refunded.

Players will only be refunded for the amount of the tournament buy-in. The refund will exclude any processing fees charged by the WSOP in order to execute the credit card transaction.