3,500 US Full Tilt Poker Refunds Coming June 12


According to a statement posted on FullTiltPokerClaims.com, the next round of US Full Tilt Poker remission payments will be issued this Thursday, June 12. Included are 3,500 petitioners who will receive a total of $15 million. Garden City Group, the appointed Claims Administrator for Full Tilt Poker refunds, has been busy testing bank accounts of petitioners to ensure their correctness.

To that end, the statement read in part, “CGG has identified certain petitioners who are approved for payment but who submitted account information that was either incomplete or incorrect. On June 6, 2014, GCG sent emails to all such petitioners with instructions as to how to update their bank account information through the online filing site.” These petitioners have until June 25 to update their information or else a check will be snail-mailed to the address on file with their petition.

If you didn’t see any activity in your bank account, don’t fear. Garden City explained, “All other petitioners who have been approved for payment in the upcoming distribution and whose bank account information has passed the preliminary testing process will be sent an e-mail notice in the next couple of days with the amount of their payment.”

Over $80 million has been sent to players thus far, meaning that once the latest round of refunds is accounted for, nearly $100 million will have been paid back to former US Full Tilt customers. Thursday’s recipients will include those who confirmed their Full Tilt Poker balances tardily and, for the first time, affiliates of what was once the second largest online poker room in the world.

Players with disputed Full Tilt claims still have not been paid back, joining Full Tilt Red Pros in that distinction. According to Poker Players Alliance Executive Director John Pappas (pictured), “The latest wave of approved remissions will clear the way for more attention to be given to disputed claims. [The Department of Justice] said they have a huge task of sorting and then analyzing all of the documents provided by players, and that it is still going to take some time.”

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