7th Anniversary Sunday Million Attracts 49,000 Players, geeforce1 Earns $836K

Published on Mar 4th, 2013

The Sunday Million to end all Sunday Millions took place over the weekend in celebration of the tournament's seventh birthday. If you haven't heard by now, PokerStars, the world's largest online poker room, held a $7 Million Guaranteed Sunday Million, which with a $215 price tag attracted just shy of 50,000 entrants, the size of most sports stadiums. When the smoke cleared, a three-way deal was struck that ultimately gave each person at least $813,000.

Eight-handed to three-handed play took less than ten minutes. At one point, three players went busto from the final table in a span of just four hands. Then, a deal was struck after a chop had been pushed for throughout the final table. The PokerStars Blog explained, "sexygee, Kasra84, and benislovas agreed to pause the action and a deal was made, each of them guaranteed more than $700,000 for outlasting this massive field."

A handsome sum of $140,000 was left on the line for the winner. Heads-up play lasted seven hands, with Lithuania poker community member benislovas ultimately coming away with the title after getting his money in with second pair on the turn and improving to trips on the river. Second place belonged to longtime PocketFives member Dave geeforce1 Gent, who calls the U.K. home and took away $836,000:

1. benislovas - $848,589.33

2. sexygee - $836,321.83 (geeforce1)

3. Kasra84 - $813,370.28

4. n0rflip - $358,809.36

5. pellompogos - $254,320.92

6. stradale430 - $181,376.16

7. 2outs4cake - $117,303.06 (2outs4cake)

8. rewgr343 - $85,759.38

9. Heminsley - $62,101.62

The Sunday Million's inflated prize pool was all anyone could talk about in the hours leading up to the historic tournament. Take Mickey mementmori Petersen (pictured), for example, who Tweeted, "Huge Sunday today with the 7th Anniversary Sunday Million tonight with $7M guaranteed prize pool! GL everyone, hope you all get second!"

Even Cliff JohnnyBax Josephy was Tweeting about a tournament he couldn't register for: "I don't often miss online poker, but with @PokerStars guaranteeing $1M for 1st and a $7M pp in the Mil today, I def miss it. #LandOfTheFree."

In a thread in the Poker Community forum here on PocketFives, posters applauded Gent for his mammoth score. When a chop was initially discussed, he was a holdout, as the PokerStars Blog reported, "While the first set of numbers were enthusiastically received by most of the table, sexygee told his opponents that he was looking for a number closer to $350,000, nearly $55,000 more than what the ICM chop offered."

Discussions became so heated that PokerStars' Lee Jones had to bring order, telling the table, "We will not have pressure put on people to deal, or even pause to look at numbers." One person snapped back, "Mod please leave us alone." No one said, "I WONT MILLION."

A total of 6,039 players finished in the money in the commemorative Sunday Million. See who else scored big over the weekend by checking out our Tournament Review.

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  1. Finished 14,663 / 49,287 when my AK got taken out by a BB defending w TT ... it was fun though. :D

    Originally Posted by flintsword View Post

    Finished 14,663 / 49,287 when my AK got taken out by a BB defending w TT ... it was fun though. :D

    Nice run... Ridic large field.

    Thread Starter
  3. 683 / 49,287 :) Really enjoyed it as well

  4. musta been a blast, i'd like to know what the stacks were, i don't think I coulda chopped with much of an edge (stacksizes or opponent strength), with 1st being what it is and 3rd being huge as is...

    to each there own though.

    Greed is good in pokerz! :P

  5. "Lee Jones had to bring order"

    (bout wet my fkn pants) rock on lee jones, yu fkn pimp!.....

    The article didnt say how he arrived! That alone was prolly sumserious pimp shit there too!!!

    Mikey petersen fkn rocks!!!! I hope to be as cool, and as good at poker as him someday...fer real

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