888poker Hoping Flopomania Game Innovation Proves Player Friendly


888poker recently rolled out Flopomania – a game that takes all players directly to the flop.

For the last few years online poker operators have been working hard to innovate their product offering in an attempt to give their existing players something new to try while also attracting a new, younger generation of players. The latest innovation comes from the minds at 888poker.

Flopomania is very similar to Texas Hold’em with the removal of any preflop action. All players post an ante – there are no blinds – and are dealt two hole cards. The flop is then dealt. The player to the left of the button is the first to act. From there, the game functions identically to Hold’em.

The idea behind the innovation is to give everyday players the chance to have fun at the tables.

“There’s a movement to make poker fun again, much like John Hesp did during his run in the World Series of Poker Main Event,” said Chris Moorman, 888poker ambassador. “888poker has taken it to heart with Flopomania, which puts a unique spin on the game. Players will no longer have to worry about getting outplayed preflop, but instead will jump straight into post-flop action.”

Flopomania is now available in the 888poker client, but the innovation doesn’t stop there. In the coming days, 888poker will be unveiling a variation of Flopomania that has a push/fold feel to it. Tables playing this variation will have a predetermined bet amount along with the antes. When action is on a player, they can either check or bet that amount – no more, no less. Players still in the hand will then only have the option to call or fold.

“Push-or-fold Flopomania is nothing like regular push or fold or any other game really” said Dominik Nitsche, another 888poker ambassador. “The skill comes in evaluating your hand strength relative to your position. In regular no limit it’s always expected that the pre-flop aggressor has the stronger range and is therefore most likely to bet. In Flopomania everyone can have anything on the flop. Position is therefore key when making decisions as it’s gonna make your decisions much easier. Playing out of position on the other hand is gonna be very tough and there will be a lot of factors you need to take into account.”

Flopomania is just the latest game variant from 888poker. The company has previously released BLAST sit-n-gos, a lottery-style sign-n-go, and SNAP poker, their own fast-fold variation.

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