888poker Launches State of the Art Personalized Video Program


888poker is giving players around the world the chance to star in their own poker story video.

Many poker players just want to maximize their profits when they sit down at the poker table. For them, it’s all about the money. But there’s another group of poker players who have another motivation in mind when they buy-in to a tournament or a cash game.

They want to see their name in lights. They want to be TV stars. They want to be famous.

And now 888poker has come up with a way to make that possible for online poker players around the world and they don’t have to throw a chair, berate some guy from Northern Europe or whine about their lack of luck. They’ve just got to play.

888 recently introduced a personalized video program that takes the last week of a player’s activity and turns it into a statistic-diven video that can be shared via social media with friends and family around the world.

“888 was looking for a way to engage players in a new and powerful way in order to retain them. By using their stats and behavior and creating a personalized TV poker series; with a new episode each week, each player can see their progress and compete against themselves and other players,” the company said in a press release.

Some of the 21 different data points that appear in the video includes an aggressiveness meter, a loose-tight meter, the number of knockouts recorded in tournaments and the nemesis for each player. As the player continues to create weekly videos the story will continue to expand to include more data including national rankings, gender and even playing patterns.

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“Poker is a skill game with a lot of statistics, so we can generate very personal and engaging content that can be interesting to the player and even improve [their] game,” the company said.

It’s also easy to share the video with friends and family around the world. Each video includes built-in share buttons meaning that putting the video on Twitter, Facebook or even WhatsApp is just a single click away.

If you’re dying to be the star of your own poker video series, you might have to be patient. The program was initially rolled out to 10,000 users and quickly expanded to 20,000 users, all in English-speaking markets. As the program becomes more successful and popular, more users and more languages will be added.

To learn more about the personalized video program visit 888poker.com