888poker Tournament Spotlight: Fish ’n’ Chips Series

888poker's The Highrollers offer grinders and shot takes the ability to earn a nice score on a daily basis.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a daily grinder or a recreational player, 888poker’s regular daily slate of Fish ‘n’ Chips branded tournaments has just the right event for you. 888poker gives players looking to hop in a value-packed tournament plenty of opportunities every day to take their shot at a spectacular score.

The Fish ’n’ Chips series offers five different tournament buy-in levels, each with several different starting times every day. Here’s a look at what is on the menu.

The Goldfish

For those players looking to start by dipping their toes into tournament waters, The Goldfish may be exactly what you are looking for. The buy-in is only $1 with the spotlight tournament carrying a $1,000 guarantee. There are three different types of Goldfish to choose from. The Goldfish is perfect for those that do not have a lot of time to dedicate to a tournament. Levels can be as long as six minutes or as speedy as three minutes in the Super Turbo version.

Whichever Goldfish tournament players dive into, the top prize is likely to 100x their investment.

Goldfish Buy-Ins

  • The $300 Super Turbo Goldfish
  • The $500 Turbo Goldfish
  • The $1,000 Goldfish

Even at this super low buy-in level, 888poker allows players to satellite into the tournament through their Step Satellites. A player can start at Step 1 which is only a single penny or jump into the Step 2 tournament for $0.10.

The Blowfish

Take the next step up in tournaments is the $5 buy-ins of The Blowfish. The largest Blowfish tournament of the day also carries a $1,000 guarantee. For those who are looking for longer structures at a value price points, the levels in The Blowfish are extended to 10 minutes. With late registration is open for a full 120 minutes, larger prize pools are allowed to develop. There are at least two types of The Blowfish to choose from every day.

Blowfish Buy-Ins

  • The $500 Super Turbo Blowfish
  • The $1,000 Blowfish

Winners of Step 3 satellites can use their tickets to register for The Blowfish.

The Catfish

The Catfish is where the prize pools really begin to jump. There are increased offerings of the $12 buy-in Catfish tournament with varying structures. The $5,000 Deepstack Catfish has one of the largest guarantees of any tournament in the entire Fish ‘n’ Chips series and is likely to award a player a four-figure score for first place.

Catfish Buy-Ins

  • The $800 Super Turbo Catfish
  • The $1,000 Early Turbo Catfish
  • The $1,500 Catfish
  • The $1,500 8-Max Catfish
  • The $5,000 Deepstack Catfish
  • The $2,500 Turbo R&A Catfish

To satellite into one of the Catfish tournaments, a player needs to take down one of the 888poker Satellite to $12 Tournaments, which can be bought into for $1.

The Starfish

Mid-stakes grinder will find value in the $22 buy-in Starfish. Every variety of the Starfish carries a four-figure guarantee and levels can be as long as 15 minutes for the Deepstack version.

Starfish Buy-Ins

  • The $1,000 Turbo Starfish
  • The $1,500 Late Night Starfish
  • The $2,000 Early Starfish
  • The $2,000 Pacific Starfish
  • The $4,000 Deepstack Starfish

Satellites for any of the $22 Starfish start at $2.20 and often have a multi-seat guarantee. Upcoming satellites can be found in the lobby of the Starfish event that is looking to be played.

The Swordfish

The highest buy-in for the “Fish ’n’ Chips” series are The Swordfish. The bigger the buy-in, the larger the reward and the $30 Swordfish buy-in brings some of the biggest guarantees of the series as well as the largest paydays of the regular schedule.

Swordfish Buy-Ins

  • The $2,500 8-Max Swordfish
  • The $2,500 Pacific Swordfish
  • The $2,500 Turbo Swordfish
  • The $3,000 Late Night Swordfish

A victory in a Step 4 satellite to Live Events & Major Tournaments will qualify a player to register in any one of the $30 Swordfish tournaments.

Every single tournament in the Fish ’n’ Chips series can be found in the 888poker client lobby under the Tournaments tab and looking at all of the regular tournaments of the day.