888poker Tournament Spotlight: The High Rollers

888poker's The Highrollers offer grinders and shot takes the ability to earn a nice score on a daily basis.

For online grinders looking to put together a resume of impressive scores, or even shot takers looking for a jumpstart, the larger buy-in tournaments on 888poker offer impressive value.

The 888 branded Highroller tournaments provide great guarantees for the buy-in and as a bonus, the fields sometimes even provide a nice little overlay.

The Whale

The top-tier tournament of the 888poker schedule is The $50,000 Whale. The tournament goes off during peak grinding time (19:00 GMT) on Sundays and provides one of the biggest guarantees of the weekly schedule.

The buy-in is also one of the largest on the site coming in at $1,050. While this tournament is named the Whale, you’re likely to see some of the sharpest online players of today mixing it up in this tournament because the prize pool regularly exceeds the guarantee.

For those looking to take a shot without wanting to cut out a large part of their bankroll, step satellites – starting for as little as $0.01 – can be won that allow you to work your way up to earning a ticket into The $50K Whale.

The Monsoon

The next tournament in the Highroller series is the daily Monsoon. The tournament runs regularly twice a day in two different variations.

The first is the $5,000 Deepstack Monsoon. It’s a $55 buy-in for 5000 chips and a steady online structure of 15-minute levels. If things go wrong there are rebuys. If things really get out of hand, you have up to five rebuys per tournament. The Deepstack Monsoon is going to offer a number of four-figure paydays for those who are able to go deep into the final table. However, the fields are usually enough to exceed the guarantee, but not so wild that it will take you more than half a session to close it out.

The second Monsoon tournament is the $10,000 Monsoon. It is double the guarantee with the same $55 buy-in price point. Even though the other Monsoon is labeled deepstack, the $10K Monsoon starts with 50,000 in chips and has 12-minute levels. There are only two rebuys allowed for this one and the winner of this should expect a nice, mid-four figure payday.

Satellites are available for both of these tournaments. Win your way into the Monsoon through the Step satellite structure or $5 satellites to win a $55 ticket with two seats guaranteed.

The Twister

Another tournament in the Highroller category is The Twister. This is similar to the Monsoon in that they both have a $55 buy-in, however, the Twister has a slightly lower guarantee at $4,000.

This tournament fires once per day and is a mixture of the Monsoon structures. It starts with 5,000 chips and 12-minute levels and allows for five rebuys.

Mini Lightning 6-Max

The Mini Lightning 6-Max is technically labeled a Highroller, but the $12 buy-in price tag keeps this short-handed tournament extremely affordable. Despite the lower buy-in, the guarantee is $2,500 and offers a nice multiple on the buy-in for the eventual winner.

Also in a bit of misdirection, the once-a-day Lightning is not exactly a turbo with its 12-minute levels and 5,000 chip starting stack.

Of course, if players would like to win their way into the Mini Lightning 888poker offers satellites for $1 that award a $12 tournament ticket. These satellites run consistently under the satellites tab in the 888poker client.

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