ale6ka Rakes $40,000 in Bounties in SCOOP Variable Levels Win


The final weekend of SCOOP began with Belarus PocketFiver ale6kacoming away with the win in a $2,100 No Limit Hold’em Six-Max Variable Level Progressive Super Knockout (say that ten times fast) for $111,000 following a heads-up deal. As if the agreed-upon prize money weren’t enough, ale6ka also banked $40,000 in bounties for over $150,000 total.

As the PokerStars Blog explained about the tournament’s structure, “The variable levels designation meant initial levels were short (just four minutes long) then gradually increased as the tournament wore on, with the structure eventually maxing out with 20-minute levels.”

The Belarus player was the leader in the clubhouse by the time the six-handed final table rolled around, but was almost a 2:1 underdog entering heads-up play.

An hour later, the final two agreed to a deal that left $15,000 to play for and, as coverage noted, “They were playing for more, too… namely half of each other’s remaining bounties, which meant about $12K more for hhecklenwith a win, or about $16K extra for ale6ka by triumphing.”

In the end, hhecklen put his tournament life on the line with J-2, but could not overcome K-3. hhecklen hit a deuce to make things interesting, but Boika spiked a three on the river for the win and his first SCOOP title:

1. ale6ka (Belarus): $111,061 (+ $40,213 in bounties)
2. hhecklen (Denmark): $91,558 (+ $32,400 in bounties)
3. Katz0r (United Kingdom): $62,935 (+ $11,750 in bounties)
4. Kamchatka 1 (Switzerland): $42,980 (+ $15,191 in bounties)
5. psyhoagromor (Ukraine): $30,700 (+ $17,632 in bounties)
6. 1nvoker (Ukraine): $19,648 (+ $9,250 in bounties)

ale6ka is up to $2.6 million in career online tournament winnings. He won the PartyPoker$300K in 2013 for $40,000 and took down the Sunday $109 Rebuy the same year for $51,000. He’s currently the #3 player in Belarus and is ranked #301 worldwide, but should quickly climb the PocketFives Rankings with this SCOOP victory.

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