Alexandros Kolonias Takes Down GGPoker Super MILLION$ For $438K

On his 24th attempt, Alexandros Kolonias took down the $10K GGPoker Super MILLION$ for over $438K. (Photo courtesy: partypoker LIVE)

After 23 prior attempts, high-stakes cash game pro Alexandros Kolonias finally broke through this week and made the final table of the weekly $10,300 buy-in GGPoker Super MILLION$. A hard-fought battle through a swingy and tough final table helped Kolonias erase all his prior Super MILLION$ frustrations by taking down the tournament and walking away with the $438,733 first-place prize.

Although Kolonias entered the final table as the chip leader, his path to victory was anything but straight forward. Week-in and week-out, the Super MILLION$ final table features some of online poker’s strongest players and this week was no different. Samuel ‘€urop€an’ Vousden, Kevin Rabichow, and Michael Addamo all had a seat, and Kolonias’ aggressive style had him losing and re-taking the chip lead multiple times before all was said and done.

Vousden who started the day as one of the three shortest stacks, and early in the final table found himself with under five big blinds and in need to double-up. From under the gun, Rabichow put in a raise with AdTh only to be three-bet by Gleb Tremzin in the big blind with 5s5h. Vousden then called off all-in holding KsQd. After Rabichow folded, the pair watched as the board ran out 8c3c6h4dTd, shipping the pot to Tremzin’s pocket fives. Vousden’s day ended in ninth place for $54,842.

Chips flew for well over an hour before the next elimination. Now with fewer than four big blinds himself, Tremzin opened with 8s8d, leaving himself less than a small blind behind. In the small blind, ‘Pluto The Doggo’ called with Ac2s and ‘imjuniar’ came along holding Jd7c in the big blind. The flop came Kh7h7d and ‘Pluto The Doggo’ and ‘imjuniar’ checked it to Tremzin who put in the rest of his stack which was roughly 1/30th of the pot. ‘Pluto The Doggo’ made the call and, having flopped trips, ‘imjuniar’ called as well. The turn was the 5c and when checked to, ‘imjuniar’ put in a small bet which got him heads up against Tremzin. The river was the 5d sending Tremzin out in eighth place for $71,121.

The very next hand, Carlos Villamarin raised in early position with QcQh. It folded to ‘Pluto The Doggo’ on the button who shipped his final 16 big blinds holding Ad2d. It folded back to Villamarin who quickly called. ‘Pluto The Doggo’ flopped a gutshot straight draw to go with his overcard on the 5c7h4c flop but the Td turn and 9d river was of no help and ‘Pluto The Doggo’ hit the rail in seventh place for $92,323.

After an early position raise from Addamo with AsKc the action folded to ‘imjuniar’ in the big blind holding 9d9h with fewer than 10 big blinds. ‘imjuniar’ shipped his stack, Addamo snap-called, and the pair watched as the board ran out Kh6d5cQh8d. Addamo took down the pot with his pair of kings and ‘imjuniar’ laddered to sixth place which was good for $119,610.

With five left, Rabichow put in a nearly 10 big blind big raise under the gun with AcJd, leaving himself with roughly five bigs behind. EPT Barcelona High Roller champion Juan Pardo Dominguez made the call on the button with 8c8s, also leaving himself just a few big blinds behind. The action went check-check on the Ah3hKc flop. The turn was the 2c and Rabichow moved all-in with top pair. Dominguez took some time but eventually made the call with his dominated pocket eights. Down to two outs, Dominguez saw his tournament end in fifth place when the 7d fell on the river. Pardo collected $155,116 for the deep run.

Addamo started the day as the short stack, but through a series of hands was able to rise up the leaderboard throughout the day. With four players left, it looked like he found another spot to put himself in position to make another run at a Super MILLION$ title.

Folded to Kolonias in the small blind, the chip leader open-shoved with Ad6h. It was a quick call by Addamo in the big blind who had Kolonias dominated with his AhTc. The Qc7d4c flop kept Addamo in the lead, but everything changed when the 6c hit the turn. Addamo’s day concluded when the 7h came on the river. While Addamo didn’t win another Super MILLION$ this week, his $201,160 fourth-place prize put him back top the Super MILLION$ Top Earners list.

For a decent stretch of the tournament, Rabichow had been in the lower half of the chip counts. But with three left, the chip stacks evened out and he found himself back in the thick of it. After Kolonias put in a raise on the button, Rabichow defended his 5h4h in the big blind. The flop came 6hKhKs giving Rabichow a flush draw. Unfortunately for him, Kolonias was sitting on KdKc for flopped quads. Rabichow checked and Kolonias min-bet the quads. Rabichow check-raised and Kolonias just called. The turn was the 7s adding a worthless open-ended straight draw to go with Rabichow’s perceived flush outs. Rabichow checked, Kolonias put in a bet and Rabichow thought about it and decided to shove all-in. Kolonias made the quick call with Rabichow drawing dead. Rabichow earned $260,872 for third place plus a little needle on the way out as the meaningless Ah hit the river.

Heads-up play between Kolonias and Villamarin had the pair passing the chip lead back and forth. When the final hand of the tournament was dealt the pair had virtually even chip stacks with Kolonias holding just a slim advantage.

Villamarin called on the button with JcTd and Kolonias put in a raise from the big blind with JhJs. Villamarin made the call and the flop came Ts5h3s. Kolonias bet out and, with no time bank left, Villamarin moved all-in with top pair. Kolonias called with the overpair which held through the Kh turn and Ac river. Villamarin collected $338,310 as the runner-up and in his 24th appearance in the GGPoker Super MILLION$, Kolonias took home the title and $438,733 for first.

Super MILLION$ Final Table Results (1/12)

1. Alexandros Kolonias – $438,733
2. Carlos Villamarin – $338,310
3. Kevin Rabichow – $260,872
4. Michael Addamo – $201,160
5. Juan Pardo Dominguez – $155,116
6. ‘imjuniar’ – $119,610
7. ‘Pluto The Doggo’ – $92,232
8. Gleb Tremzin – $71,121
9. Samuel Vousden – $54,842