Alexandros Theologis Wins WSOP Online $25K Super High Roller For $1.2 Million

Greece's #1-ranked pro, Alexandros Theologis won a career-high $1.2 million and his first WSOP gold bracelet.

Greek high-stakes pro Alexandros Theologis took down one of arguably the toughest fields of the 2021 GGPoker WSOP Online when he bested the 255-entry field of Event #21 ($25,000 Super High Roller Championship) to claim the $1,212,033 first-place prize and his first career World Series of Poker gold bracelet.

Theologis, currently ranked #40 in the world (#1 in Greece), put on an impressive final table performance en route to a career-high online score. He entered the day third in chips but amassed a formidable chip lead that kept his tough competition, including Kahle Burns, Adrian Mateos, and Anatoly Filatov, from ever really closing the gap.

The first elimination of the day arrived quickly when, with the blinds at 35,000/70,000, Timothy Nuter put in put in a raise of over 680,000 with AcKh, leaving himself just two big blind behind. Kahle Burns called from late position with the 8s8c. The Ah8s2d flop gave Nuter top pair, but it also brought Burns middle set. So, when Nuter open jammed for his final 140,000, Burns quickly called and his set held through the 9c turn and Jc river. Nuter ended in ninth place and picked up $151,503.

The early bustouts continued when, with the blinds at 40,000/80,000 a short-stacked Adrian Mateos moved all-in from the button for just over 10 big blinds with the AhTh and Theologis, in the big blind, snap-called holding QcQs. The flop came 8d7d3c keeping pocket queens well ahead, but offering Mateos some back door outs. The turn was the Ts, bringing Mateos a pair, however the 7h river was no help to the three-time WSOP bracelet winner and Mateos was eliminated in eighth place for $196,476.

On the very next hand, Rui Ferreira shipped his final 840,000 all-in from under the gun with his AdJd. He was immediately called by next-to-act Wenjie Huang holding AhKc. The rest of the table got out of the way and the flop came down AsTh7c, bringing both top pair, but leaving Ferriera dominated. The turn was the Qc, giving the top-10 ranked Ferriera three outs to the gutshot straight, but the 3h was a miss and he bowed out in seventh place which was good for a $254,798 payday.

During the same level, Huang opened his 8s8h from under the gun to 168,000, and Burns flat-called with the KcQc. Then, on the button, Brazilian Eduardo Silva three-bet shoved his final nine big blind with the AsTh. When the action returned to Huang, he called and Burns came along as well. The flop came Jc6s3h, and both Huang and Burns checked. The turn came the 9s, and Huang led for 600,000 and Burns called. The Qs hit Burns, giving him top pair and when the action checked through, he dragged the pot and sent Silva to the rail in sixth place for $330,432.

It took nearly thirty minutes of five-handed play for the next elimination. With the blind up to 60,000/120,000 Anatoly Filatov opened to 240,000 on the button with AhJh. After Theologis folded the small blind, Mark Radoja shipped all-in with the AdTc. Filatov made the call and after the flop came Qh9h8h, Radoja was drawing dead. A meaningless 2d and Jd came on the turn and river respectively and Radjoa finished up in fifth place for $428,518.

Although he picked up some momentum from the knockout of Radoja, Filatov’s fortunes turned when play got to four-handed. With the blinds up to 70,000/140,000 Filatov was on the short stack when he moved all in from the small blind holding JcTc and was called by the chip leading Theologis in the big blind with KcQs. The flop came AcJs2h, giving Filatov a pair, but leaving Theologis with both pair and straight outs. The turn was the 5s but the Ks river gave Theologis the best hand and sent Filatov out in fourth for $555,719, the second-highest score of his online career.

Five hands later, a critical pot took place when Theologis put in a small raise from the small blind holding 8h8c and with more than 34 big blind in his stack, Huang pushed all-in with 5c5d. Theologis essentially snap-called which build a pot of nearly 10 million. The flop came AhKh6h, leaving Huang looking for the 5s, the only card that would save him. But the Jd hit the turn and the Jh completed the board, ending Huang’s run in third place for $720,678 and giving Theologis a massive chip lead.

Theologis started his heads-up battle with Burns with a nearly seven-to-one advantage and while Burns held his ground for the roughly 20-minute match, Theologis was able to use his stack to take it down.

On the final hand, the pair found themselves all-in preflop, Burns holding a dominating AhTs to Theologis’ Ad6d. The Kc9h4h flop looked good for Burns. When the Qs came on the turn, Burns looked like he was in good shape to double. But one of Theologis’ three outs, the 6c spiked on the river, giving him the hand. Burns settled for second place and a $934,604 payday while Alexandros Theologis earned the $1,212,032 first-place prize and his first WSOP gold bracelet.

WSOP Online $25,000 Super High Roller Final Table

  1. Alexandros Theologis – $1,212,033
  2. Kahle Burns – $934,604
  3. Wenjie Huang – $720,679
  4. Anatoly Filatov – $555,720
  5. Mark Radoja – $428,518
  6. Eduardo Silva – $330,433
  7. Rui Ferreira – $254,798
  8. Adrian Mateos – $196,476
  9. Timothy Nuter – $151,504