Andras Nemeth Scores GGPoker Super MILLION$ Title For $326K

Former #1-ranked Andras Nemeth grabbed his second GGPoker Super MILLION$ title for $325,957. (photo: Poker Central)

Andras Nemeth started the final table of this week’s GGPoker Super MILLION$ eighth in chips, but the former #1-ranked online pro quickly climbed out of the cellar and promptly ran over the table, eliminating five of his final eight opponents and earning his first career Super MILLION$ title and the $325,957 top prize.

It took nearly forty minutes for the first player to hit the rail. Although he started the day seventh in chips, with the blinds at 20,000/40,000 (5,000 ante) Daniel Dvoress was sitting at the bottom of the chip counts. After Nemeth opened from the cutoff to 84,000 with KsKh, Dvoress moved all-in for 536,000 from the big blind with the AhJc. Nemeth made the quick call and the board ran out Th8d4s7s3c shipping the pot to Nemeth’s pocket kings and ending Dvoress’ day in ninth place for $45,100.

With the blinds up to 30,000/60,000 (7,500) ante, a rare double bustout took place. A short-stacked ‘Nator’ moved all-in from middle position for just over 530,000 holding JsTc and right behind him, Marius Gierse called with his AcQd. When the action folded around to Daniel Smiljkovic in the big blind, he moved all-in for a total of 1.1 million with JcJd. With ‘Nator’ already all-in, Gierse took a few moments and, with the largest stack of all three, decided to make the call. The flop came Ah7c4h, quickly putting Gierse in command of the hand. The turn was the 8h and the river was the Qs, giving Gierse top two pair and securing the double KO. ‘Nator’ officially exited in eighth place for $57,750 and Smiljkovic finished in seventh place, good for $73,948.

One orbit later, Nemeth opened to 126,000 from under the gun with 7s7h only to be three-bet to 646,000 by Austria’s ‘niNohR’ on the button holding AhKh. After the blinds let their hands go Nemeth four-bet enough to put ‘niNohR’ all-in, and ‘niNohR’ called it off. Nemeth’s pocket sevens held across the board of 9h9d4s5c3d and in just their second ever Super MILLION$ event, ‘niNohR’ finished in sixth place for $94,689.

Thomas Muehloecker has had a habit of making the final table of the Super MILLION$ as of late, but has yet to close one out. He started the day fifth in chips but had a hard time gaining momentum. On his final hand of the day, with blinds up to 35,000/70,000 (8,500 ante) Nemeth raised from the button to 147,000 with [a]9h and from the small blind, Muehloecker shipped his 13 big blind stack with KdJc. With the overwhelming chip lead, Nemeth made the call. The flop came AcJs4h bringing Nemeth top pair, and pairing Muehloecker’s jack. The 3c turn was no help to Muehloecker and the 5d river ended his quest for a Super MILLION$ title in fifth place for $121,247.

Minutes later, after the blinds escalated to 40,000/80,000 (10,000 ante), ‘oiltrader’ open-shoved his 1.3 million stack with KdJs. On the button, high-stakes savant Artur Martirosian three-bet shipped his more than 2 million chip stack with TdTh forcing folds from Gierse and Nemeth. The 9s6s4s flop brought ‘oiltrader’ flush outs to go with his overcards, but the 4h turn and 5c river was of no help. ‘oiltrader’ fell in fourth place for $155,254.

Three-handed play started with Nemeth holding a roughly 2:1 chip lead over both Martirosian and Gierse. Nemeth would add on to his lead in a classic flip against Gierse. In the small blind, Gierse completed with his QdQh and Nemeth put in a raise to 320,000 holding AcKs. Gierse took a few seconds and three-bet to 960,000 and Nemeth promptly four-bet shoved. Gierse, looking for a double up, called with his pocket queens and the pair saw a flop of AdTh2c, putting Nemeth in the lead. The turn was the Jd bringing Gierse some additional outs, but the Js was not one of them and Gierse, who started the day with the chip lead, settled for third place and a $198,800 payday.

Heads-up play didn’t last long as momentum continued to be on Nemeth’s side. On the final hand of the day the blinds were at 50,000/100,000 (12,500 ante) and Nemeth held a better than 12:1 lead over his talented Russian opponent. Martirosian completed on the button with Jd8s and Nemeth checked his option with 3h2c. The 8s2h2s flop provided all the action that was necessary to finish the tournament. Nemeth checked, Martirosian bet 100,000, Nemeth check-raised to 200,000, Martirosian made it 350,000 and Nemeth called. The turn was the Tc and after Nemeth checked, Martirosian moved all-in and Nemeth quickly called leaving Martirosian looking for an eight. The river was the 6s and Martirosian ended up in second place for $254,559 while Nemeth captured the $325,957 first-place prize.

Super MILLION$ Final Table Results (8/10)

  1. Andras Nemeth – $325,957
  2. Artur Martirosian – $254,559
  3. Marius Gierse – $198,800
  4. ‘oiltrader’ – $155,254
  5. Thomas Muehloecker – $121,247
  6. ‘niHohR’ – $94,689
  7. Daniel Smiljkovic – $73,948
  8. ‘Nator’ – $57,750
  9. Daniel Dvoress – $45,100

edit: a previous version of this article indicated that Nemeth had won his second Super MILLION$ title when it was his first. This has been corrected, we regret the error.