Andres ‘Educa-p0ker’ Artinano Wins $833K in Cash Games in January


Andres ‘Educa-p0ker’ Artinano, image courtesy PokerNews

80 sessions. 18,126 hands. $383,800 in profit in a single day. One poker player did exactly that at the high-stakes cash game tables in January.

His name: Andres ‘Educa-p0ker’ Artinano, whom HighStakesDB began tracking in November 2011. He was the biggest winner at the high-stakes cash game tables in January, according to the tracking site, and turned in a profit of $833,000 during the month. He was the only member of the top 10 to record more than 10,000 hands and his 80 sessions were the second most.

His average profit was $10,421 per session in January and $45.99 per hand. Artinano had almost triple the profit of the next closest player, ‘Cobus83‘, who also holds a PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker title.

Artinano stood at nearly $300,000 in lifetime profit at the high-stakes tables in November before surging to $1.25 million at the end of January. All told, he has played 74,042 hands for an average winnings of $16.94 per hand. Pretty much all of his cash has come from No Limit Hold’em.

On January 27, Artinano dismantled Alex ‘Kanu7’ Millar and Timofey ‘Trueteller’ Kuznetsov at the high-stakes tables. According to HighStakesDB, “The trio played for over four hours from mid-morning through to mid-afternoon at up to three tables at a time and at five in total. While ‘Trueteller’ lost at all five tables and ‘Kanu7’ lost at three, ‘Educa-p0ker’ won at all [of them].”

During the same session, there were five pots that eclipsed $100,000; Artinano won all but one of them. When the day was said and done, Artinano was up almost $384,000 and had passed $1 million in high-stakes winnings for the month before falling back a bit to $833,000.

Second place on the cash game leaderboard in January went to ‘Cobus83’, whom HighStakesDB began following in mid-2013. The site tracked 48 sessions and 4,844 hands for ‘Cobus83’ last month, resulting in $300,509 in profit. That equates to $6,260 in profit per session and $62.03 per hand.

‘Cobus83′ now has $652,000 in profit lifetime, with the bulk of his winnings coming in Pot Limit Omaha. He is down in Limit Hold’em and has played 19,204 hands over the last two-and-a-half years at an average win rate of $33.99 per hand.

Trailing ‘Cobus83’ by $73,000 on the high-stakes cash game leaderboard for January was Ben ‘sauce123’ Sulsky, a staple of the nosebleed tables. Sulsky is ninth on the list of the biggest winners tracked by HighstakesDB and passed $1 million in profit after only a year of playing online.

Ben ‘sauce123’ Sulsky

In January, Sulsky turned in 87 sessions and 9,367 hands for a total profit of $227,927. For his lifetime in games the tracking site follows, he’s up $4.2 million across 577,201 hands, an average profit per hand of $7.38. So far this year, Sulsky has earned the most at Draw Games.

“Sauce’s poker journey began as a college student on a spring break trip to Mexico,” HighStakesDB explained. “With a lot of time to kill, he immersed himself in poker books and strategy forums and developed a rudimentary strategy that he took to the online felt upon his return. He experienced a fair amount of success early on and climbed the stakes using strict bankroll requirements.”

At last year’s World Series of Poker, Sulsky finished fourth in the $111,111 High Roller for One Drop for $1.1 million. He also took fourth in the $50,000 Poker Player’s Championship for $353,000.

Here were the 10 highest-earning high-stakes cash game players in January:

  1. Educa-p0ker: 80 sessions, 18,126 hands, $833,747 profit
  2. Cobus83: 48 sessions, 4,844 hands, $300,509 profit
  3. Sauce123: 87 sessions 9,367 hands, $227,927 profit
  4. dougiedan678: 13 sessions, 2,527 hands, $98,260 profit
  5. bazzzzzzz: 3 sessions, 369 hands, $87,377 profit
  6. supernova9: 23 sessions, 2,327 hands, $78,595 profit
  7. calvin7v: 29 sessions, 2,149 hands, $65,302 profit
  8. Jaqueline: 12 sessions: 990 hands, $58,924 profit
  9. kkopghy: 22 sessions, 2,171 hands, $53,670 profit
  10. Anjeyyy: 2 sessions, 297 hands, $37,674 profit