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iPoker Tiered Skin System Ends Today


The iPoker Network‘s slogan is, “Always a full house.” For the last three years, though, it wasn’t. The member rooms had been living in a duplex, with some on the top floor and some on the ground floor, only co-mingling at certain times. But today, the walls are being knocked down and all of the poker rooms will be reunited in a single dwelling.

888 CEO Remains Confident in Fight for bwin.party


The tug-of-war over bwin.party continues as GVC Holdings and 888 Holdings try to win the heart of their online gambling rival. 888 CEO Brian Mattingley (pictured) is both confident that his company will win the day and none too thrilled about the latest developments.

Drama at Slovakian Poker Event, Players Sit Out Final Table


According to a poster named “Scarmaker” on Two Plus Two, there was a controversy surrounding the guaranteed prize pool of a €300 Slovakian Poker Sport event held at the Golden Vegas Poker Club in Bratislava over the weekend.

Virtual Reality Coming to Online Poker?


One complaint poker “purists” have about online poker is that it doesn’t feel like real poker. You can’t stare into your opponent’s soul to see if he really has the goods, you can’t count out your chips, and you can’t see and hear the poker room’s atmosphere all around you. According to VRWorld.com, some of that could change in the next few years thanks to rapidly developing virtual reality technology.

Fedor Holz – 2015 WSOP Poker Player Profile


Germany’s Fedor Holz went into Day 7 of the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event in 19th place with 4.645 million chips. If he had won the whole thing, he wouldn’t be the youngest to ever do so – that honor belongs to Joe Cada, who was a month shy of 22 years old when he took the title in 2009 – but he would be one of the youngest. He ended up in 25th place for $262,000.

David Peters – 2015 WSOP Poker Player Profile


David Peters of Rancho Santa Fe, California may have been the short stack in the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event entering Day 7, but his 2.1 million chips are more than about 6,400 other players who entered the tournament have. He was a long shot to make the November Nine, but this is poker and we all know that a couple double-ups to get Peters right back in contention were not out of the question at all. He ended up in 17th place for $325,000.

Christoph Brand – 2015 WSOP Poker Player Profile


Have you ever played sports against a good friend? Not just in the backyard, but real, organized sports where you were on different teams. You really want to beat them, but at the same time, you feel kind of weird about it. I remember striking out my friends in before we all played together in high school and while I mentally fist-pumped, I really didn’t want to make them feel bad.

Chad Power – 2015 WSOP Poker Player Bio


Chad Power, who based on name alone would make a great poker-player superhero duo with 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event 11th place finisher Leif Force, was in a unique situation going into Day 7 of the 2015 WSOP Main Event. Of course, he is in the top 27 with his eyes on the November Nine and that is as unique a position as any, but he is also feeling the excitement of seeing his friend and roommate, Christoph Brand, still in the tournament as well. He ended up in 26th place for $262,000.

Matt Guan – 2015 WSOP Poker Player Profile


Mozheng “Matt” Guan entered Day 6 of the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event fifth in chips and spent most of the day at the top of the leaderboard, eventually finishing the day in second place with 14.23 million chips with 27 players left. He ended up in 13th place for $411,000.

George McDonald – 2015 WSOP Poker Player Profile


When you fly across the ocean from Scotland and then fly across the entirety of the United States to play in the 2015 World Series of Poker, you really don’t want to see your name at the bottom of the chip counts at the end of a day. Then again, if that day is Day 6 of the Main Event and there are only 27 players remaining, that really isn’t so bad. The week will certainly pay for airfare.

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