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Daily Fantasy Baseball: Factors to Consider When Choosing Hitters


Mike Trout is more likely to produce for you on a given day than Lucas Duda, but should you roster him?

When choosing your hitters for your daily fantasy baseball lineup, there are a number of factors that you should be keeping in mind during your prep work. Attention to each one will yield benefits to your bottom line over the course of a baseball season.

Daily Fantasy Baseball: Resources for Building a Winning Lineup

Stats like Fielding Independent Pitching can make you a winning DFS baseball player

Now that spring has sprung and March Madness is winding down after a front-heavy first weekend, the focus of the daily fantasy sports (DFS) landscape turns to baseball. While way behind the NFL in terms of popularity, MLB has consistently gained DFS market share over the past few seasons.

DFS Strategy: Late Swap Game Theory

Should you keep Patrick Kane late in a GPP slate or swap him out?

Of the numerous differences between the two major daily fantasy sports sites, none is greater than the late swap feature on DraftKings. FanDuel lineups lock at the start of the first game of the night, regardless of when later games begin. On DraftKings, your handicapping is just beginning once you send your roster in and the action starts.

DFS Strategy: NBA Optimizers

How can you take advantage of lineup optimizers? Use players you like on a given night, like LeBron

Football is the undisputed DFS Prom King, but in terms of the truly daily sports, nothing approaches the popularity of the NBA. On the major sites, you will find the head-to-head lobby filled with players from the micro-stakes all the way up to the five-figure buy-ins. The GPP and 50/50 lobbies are stuffed with huge fields at every level, from the quarter arcade on DraftKings to the nosebleeds.

DFS Strategy: NHL Lineup Deconstruction

Was fading Ovechkin a key to victory?

One of the most powerful tools a DFS player has in his arsenal is the ability to deconstruct his own tournament plays post-game in order to see what went wrong, what went right, and, in some cases, “What the hell was I thinking?”

DFS Strategy: Short-Slate NHL Cards


In this article, we will focus on the NHL, but the basic principles involved certainly translate to basketball and baseball in their own ways. When playing a GPP on a short-slate NHL card, we want to use game theory to go out of the box and give ourselves an edge over our competition.

DFS Strategy: NHL Research Tools


One of the most essential tools in the arsenal of a good DFS player, regardless of sport, is a solid set of research sources to call upon in their daily routine. Hockey is no exception, and just as in every other sport, there are advanced statistics documenting what’s going on over at the frozen pond.

DFS Strategy: NHL Cash Games Versus GPPs


When constructing an NHL DFS lineup, the type of contest you are entering will dictate the type of player you will want to roster in order to maximize your odds of a victory. In DFS play, the contest formats are usually referred to as ‘cash game’ or ‘tournament’.

DFS Strategy: FanDuel vs DraftKings NHL Rosters


When choosing to enter NHL DFS tournaments, the site you choose to play is almost as important as the players you select. In all DFS sports, the roster format is different between the major sites, and hockey is no exception.

DFS Strategy: Power Play Stacking


While MLB DFS players will notice similarities with NHL DFS in terms of roster construction and stacking, there is an additional aspect to NHL stacking that makes it unique: the power play unit. Hockey is the only one of the four major North American sports where a penalized team is forced to compete with fewer players than they ordinarily have.

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