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RANKINGS: Bobby McLawhorn #1 in Nevada for Fifth Straight Month

Make it five months in a row that Bobby ‘bcm4924’ McLawhorn sits atop the Nevada Online Poker Rankins

It’s a new month and the summer is finally behind everybody, but the story is still the same for the Nevada Online Poker Rankings. There wasn’t any movement at all in the top half of the rankings and Bobby ‘bcm4924’ McLawhorn finished atop the leaderboard for the fifth consecutive month.

RANKINGS: Bobby ‘bcm4924’ McLawhorn #1 in Nevada for Fourth Month

Bobby ‘bcm4924’ McLawhorn spends a fourth consecutive month at the top of the Nevada Rankings

With another dominant month, Bobby ‘bcm4924’ McLawhorn has officially spent one third of the 2017 atop the Nevada Online Poker Rankings. McLawhorn finished July atop the rankings and for the fourth consecutive month, McLawhorn holds down the top spot in the Silver State rankings.

The top half of the leaderboard held steady for the most part. Jed ‘JCHAK’ Hoffman spent another month in in second. McLawhorn and Hoffman put significant distance between themselves and the rest of the top half of the leaderboard. McLawhorn finished nearly 900 points ahead of ‘Power,’ who moved up one spot to third and Hoffman held just under a 700-point lead over him in his own right.

McLawhorn’s July would have made DJ Khaled jealous, as all he did was win poker tournaments. McLawhorn finished took down seven events in July and what makes the feat even more impressive is that it looks as if he only played the first 17 days of the month. He won seven tournaments in 17 days.

Hoffman had a solid month of his own, including a win in the Sunday Reloader on WSOP.com for $,614 and cashes in several WSOP.com Online Championship events.

‘Power’ and ‘CloverSparklesFartShovels’ swapped spots this month, finishing in third and fourth, respectively. ‘Power put in lots of volume in the early and middle portions of the month. He cashed in the $1,000 online bracelet event for $3,490 and finished runner-up for $6,174 in Event #107 of the Online Championships.

After being a fixture in the top spot of the leaderboard in the latter half of 2016, ‘CloverSparklesFartShovels’ has seen his point total steadily drop throughout the recent months, which could be attributed to the WSOP taking place at the Rio. He didn’t race up a ton of scores in July, but he did have a runner-up finish in the Sunday Reloaded for $2,200, which was good for his biggest cash of the month.

Ian ‘ApokerJoker2’ Steinman rounded out the top five for another month. He enjoyed an impressive summer at the WSOP on the live felt and ‘DatDude’ finished in sixth for the second consecutive month.

Jake ‘Wolf_51’ Didonato made his Nevada debut in the seventh spot and Paul ‘PaulDewald’ Dewald made his return to the rankings in the eighth spot.

Didonato took down two events on WSOP.com and finished the month with over 13,000 in earnings for the month. Dewald had an impressive month of his own to make a return to the top 10. He won three events and netted over $21,000 in July. His biggest score came in one of the online bracelet events. He finished 29th in the $3,333 Big Grind for $7,613, which isn’t much of a score for that event, but he also earned $6,192 at the end of the month for a second place finish in The BIG Deal on WSOP.com for $6,192.

Jarred ‘GodsBigToe’ Gabin dropped two spots and finished July in ninth, while ‘savannahh’ finished the list in 10th place for the second month in a row.

Nevada Online Poker Rankings Top 10

  1. bcm4924 – 2,626.41 (-)
  2. JCHAK – 2,420.99 (-)
  3. Power – 1,742.23 (+1)
  4. CloverSparklesFartShovels – 1,598.00 (-1)
  5. APokerJoker2 – 1,583.73 (-)
  6. DatDude – 1,509.69 (-)
  7. Wolf_51 – 1,503.85 (NR)
  8. PaulDewald – 1,422.37 (NR)
  9. GodsBigToe – 1,391.51 (-2)
  10. savannahh – 1,375.20 (-)

Dropped Out of the Top 10 – wsopfreezer, Butters,
Just Missed Out – wsopfreezer (11th), Butters (12th), Jonblvze (13th)

Bobby ‘bcm4924’ McLawhorn Spends Third Month on Top in Nevada


Bobby ‘bcm4924’ McLawhorn spends a third consecutive month at the top of the Nevada Rankings

Bobby ‘bcm4924’ McLawhorn dethroned ‘CloverSparklesFartShovels’ from the top spot in the Nevada rankings three months ago and is now starting to put together a streak of his own at the top of the Silver State online rankings.

McLawhorn finished in the pole position for the third straight month as he finished June with a sizable lead over his fellow Nevada grinders.

The World Series of Poker taking place at the Rio surely detracted from the volume that some of the familiar faces generally put in, but McLawhorn didn’t miss a beat from his online grind. He cashed in 58 events in June, with seven wins. His biggest cash of the month came in a bracelet event.

McLawhorn finished fifth out of a massive 1,780-entry field in the $333 ‘Little Grind’ online bracelet event. He took home $29,205 for his efforts and the 330.32 points that he earned from the cash was the difference in separating himself from Jed ‘JCHAK’ Hoffman.

Hoffman moved up a spot this month from third to second, overtaking ‘CloverSparklesFartShovels’ for the second spot on the leaderboard.

Hoffman’s volume fell off a bit this month, but he still won three events and earned a couple nice scores in the WSOP.com Online Championships. His best score coming with a runner-up finish in event #32 of the Online Championships where he cashed for $4,143.

‘CloverSparklesFartShovels’ fell to third in this month’s rankings, but that is due mostly to the fact he has been participating in several WSOP events at the Rio, which caused him to only cash in 11 events online, with three final tables.

Ian ‘APokerJoker2’ Steinman also fell one spot due to some events at the Rio. He finished in fifth after earning 13 cashes and one win online. He did, however, make a final table in a $1,500 No Limit Hold’em bracelet event, securing $48,276 for his efforts.

Steinman was overtaken in the number four spot by ‘Power.’ He put up a solid month by anybody’s standards, winning three events including one in the Online Championships. He started the month off on the right foot by winning the $3,000 guaranteed nightly with rebuys and add-ons on WSOP.com for $2,179. It was his biggest cash of the month.

‘DatDude’ finished sixth thanks to three wins of his own, including a win in event #71 of the Online Championships for $6,778. He jumped up a spot from May’s ranking. ‘GodsBigToe’ also jumped up a spot from eighth to seventh, while Mark ‘wsopfreezer’ Johns dropped two spots to number eight before two newcomers round out the top 10.

Thomas ‘Butters’ Kearney and ‘savannahh’ make their way into the rankings this month. Kearney is well-known for his deep run in the 2016 WSOP Main Event, where he finished 15th for $411,453, but had a very impressive month on the virtual felt in order to crack the top 10. He cashed 58 times on WSOP.com and racked up four wins.

‘Savannahh’ won two events as well, taking down the Midnight Mayhem and the $10 at 10. The two newcomers moved ‘Nutsinurface’ and David ‘MastAAce08’ Goodman out of the top 10.

Nevada Online Poker Rankings Top 10

  1. bcm4924 – 2,452.03 (-)
  2. JCHAK – 2,126.96 (+1)
  3. CloverSparklesFartShovels – 1,803.81 (-1)
  4. Power – 1,673.25 (+1)
  5. APokerJoker2 – 1,552.75 (-1)
  6. DatDude – 1,486.90 (+1)
  7. GodsBigToe – 1,429.80 (+1)
  8. wsopfreezer – 1,419.80 (-2)
  9. Butters – 1,346.26 (NR)
  10. savannah – 1,326.11 (NR)

Dropped out of the top 10 – MastAAce08, Nutsinurface

Just Missed Out– Nutsinurface (11th), MastAAce08 (12th), Jonblvze (13th)

Bobby ‘bcm4924’ McLawhorn Keeps Top Spot in Nevada Rankings


Bobby ‘bcm4924’ McLawhorn spends a second consecutive month at the top of the Nevada Rankings

After ending the reign of ‘CloverSparklesFartShovels’ at the top of the Nevada Online Poker Rankings in April, Bobby ‘bcm4924’ McLawhorn spends his second straight month in the number one spot.

McLawhorn finished May atop the rankings and was the only player to crack 2,000 points for the month. He put some distance between him and the rest of the field, finishing more than 200 points ahead of his closest competitor.

It was another strong month for McLawhorn on the virtual felt with 23 cashes and three wins. His most noteworthy cash of the month came by winning the $3,500 Guaranteed No Limit Hold’em Freezeout on WSOP.com for $2,039.

‘CloverSparklesFartShovels’ had a similar month to McLawhorn. He cashed 24 times in May with one win. He lone win of the month came on the last day of the month. He took down “The $10 at 10” on WSOP.com for $544. His biggest cash in May was a fourth place finish in the “The Weekend Warmup” on WSOP.com for $783.

The rankings for May are almost identical to those for April. The top seven spots remain unchanged from last month. The only movement in the top 10 comes at the bottom. GodsBigToe jumped two spots to eighth, while David ‘MastAAce08’ Goodman and ‘Nutsinurface’ round out the top 10 after not being ranked in April.

It seemed as if the top of the rankings decided to drop their volume a little bit in May with the World Series of Poker set to start at the end of the month. Jed ‘JCHAK’ Hoffman continued the trend with only 16 cashes in May. He earned a win just before the end of the month, taking down the $2,000 Guaranteed No Limit Hold’em Deepstack with re-buys and add-ons for $1,093. His biggest cash, however, came with a fourth place finish in the $20,000 Guaranteed Weekly Sunday for $2,075.

Ian ‘APokerJoker2’ Steinman was the only player in the top five to put in a lot of volume before the WSOP started. He cashed 31 times and earned three wins. He started off the month on the right foot with a win on May 2 on WSOP.com for $1,115, his biggest cash of the month.

‘Power’ rounded out the top five for the second straight month. Even though he only cashed seven times in May, he made them count with three podium finishes – a first, second and a third.

Mark ‘wsopfreezer’ Johns had a similar trend to ‘Power’ to finish sixth again. He cashed six times on WSOP.com, but also had a first, second, and third. He won the $3,000 Guaranteed Nightly No Limit Hold’em for $2,186.

‘DatDude’ finished in seventh and GodsBigToe had a very solid month to jump two spots in May, but it was the final two spots who arguably had the best month of anybody in the rankings to come out of seemingly nowhere to finish just inside the top 10.

Goodman had the biggest score of anybody in the top 10. He won four events and had the biggest score of anybody in the top 10 with a second place finish in the $20,000 Guaranteed Weekly Sunday for $4,262. For the entire month, he won $14,709 for the month to put himself back in the rankings for the first time in a while.

Goodman won the most money, but ‘Nutsinurface’ held the most cashes of anybody. He also had a strong month, cashing 51 times to lock up the last spot in the top 10.

Nevada Online Poker Rankings Top 10

1. bcm4924 – 2,041.33 (-)
2. CloverSparklesFartShovels – 1,836.27 (-)
3. JCHAK – 1,697.12 (-)
4. APokerJoker2 – 1,667.87 (-)
5. Power – 1,582.54 (-)
6. wsopfreezer – 1,367.85 (-)
7. DatDude – 1,359.81 (-)
8. GodsBigToe – 1,357.12 (+2)
9. MastAAce08 – 1,347.53 (NR)
10. Nutsinurface – 1,322.17 (NR)

Dropped Out of Top 10 – voff, VintageATL
Just Missed Out – Jonblvze (11th), voff (12th), VintageATL (13th)

How to Follow the 2017 WSOP Action From Home


For poker fans, the World Series of Poker is one of the most exciting times of the year. With the game’s best competing for 74 bracelets and millions of dollars over the course of seven weeks, there is plenty of action for fans to sweat.

If you aren’t in Las Vegas on the rail, there are several options for fans to follow the action from the comfort of their own home.

partypoker Rolls Out New Diamond Club VIP Program


partypoker’s new top tier of their VIP program aims to reward high volume players with increased rakeback.

In an online poker landscape where many sites are cutting rewards and scaling back cash bonuses to high volume players, partypoker is reversing the trend with the implementation of their new Diamond Club VIP Program.

Players that earn 100,000 points over the course of a calendar year will qualify for Diamond Club status, which is at the top of the Cashback Loyalty Program that was implemented by the site. Players who meet the requirements will earn at least 50% rakeback along with other bonuses.

Ryan Fee Rediscovers Happiness Running Upswing Poker


Being a successful poker player wasn’t enough for Ryan Fee – he wanted more – and found it with Upswing Poker (WPT photo)

Ryan Fee became one of the best poker players on the planet by honing his craft online. He earned a mainstream poker following, however, by founding Upswing Poker – a training site created by Fee, Doug Polk and Matt Colletta.

Fee and Polk are the prominent faces of the site and are both successful, high-stakes poker pros over the last decade. They know each other from gaming ventures before poker, but if it wasn’t for Polk trolling a poker forum in 2008, the two may have never become friends.

2017 WSOP: The How-To Guide for Registering with a Credit Card


The WSOP is allowing players to register with a credit card for events with buy-ins up to ,000 for the first time ever.

In 2016, the World Series of Poker allowed players to pay tournament entry fees up to $1,500 with a credit card for the first time in history. Players can do that again this year – but the limit has been increased high enough to allow players get themselves into the Main Event.

Players can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club credit cards to enter tournaments with buy-ins of $10,000 or less. It comes at a cost though, a $3 processing fee for each transaction using the Bravo registration service plus an extra 2.95% fee (3.95% for American Express users) to cover credit card processing fees.

Sweating High Stakes Action Part of the Fun For StakeKings Users


Ethan Brandenburg doesn’t have the bankroll to play $100,000 super high roller events. As a school teacher in New Jersey, he probably needs to save for several years to even dream of putting up that kind of money.

With the rise of staking websites, Brandenburg is able to buy small pieces of players in an effort to get in on the action without risking huge sums of money to play himself.

RANKINGS: ‘bcm4924’ Overtakes ‘CloverSparklesFartShovels’ in Nevada


Bobby ‘bcm4924’ McLawhorn ends ‘CloverSparklesFartShovel’s’ reign at the top of the Nevada rankings

After making a massive jump up the leaderboard last month, Bobby ‘bcm4924’ McLawhorn overtook ‘CloverSparklesFartShovels’ for the top spot in the PocketFives Nevada Online Poker Rankings.

‘CloverSparklesFartShovels’ held the pole position in the Silver State for all of 2017, but over the course of two months, McLawhorn moved up six spots on the leaderboard to dethrone ‘CloverSparklesFartShovels’ and finish number one in the state for April.

Not only did McLawhorn jump the previous leader, but he put he did it in convincing fashion. He finished the month with 2,103.06 points and about 176 points ahead of ‘CloverSparklesFartShovels.’ McLawhorn used a wildly successful month to do it. He cashed in 51 events, all of which came on WSOP.com and won eight events.

His largest cash of the month came towards the end of the month when he won the $3,000 guaranteed No Limit Hold’em nightly event with rebuys and add-ons. He topped a field of 81 players to win $1,930. The 51 cashes brings his career earnings on WSOP.com alone to $267,142 over 538 career cashes.

‘CloverSparklesFartShovels’ was on a torrid pace throughout 2017, but seemed to take a little break from the tables in April. Even with slightly reduced volume from what he was doing in previous months, he still cashed 44 times and won seven tournaments. He started out the month on the right note after winning two events on the first day of April. He won the $700 guaranteed No Limit hold’em freezeout and the $3,000 guaranteed No Limit Hold’em nightly event with rebuys and add-ons for over $2,200 combined on April’s Fools Day.

Jed ‘JCHAK’ Hoffman and Ian ‘APokerJoker2’ Steinman finish out the top four. They finished third and fourth in March as well, but this month they switched places with Hoffman finishing in third and Steinman finishing in fourth.

Like ‘CloverSparklesFartShovels,’ Hoffman’s volume dipped a little bit in April. He only cashed in 13 events, but he made those counts. He cashed for just shy of $10,000 and won two events, including the $10,000 guaranteed Sunday Reloader for $3,498.

Steinman, the 2016 WSOP.com Nevada Player of the Year, put in another solid month on the felt with lots of volume and several wins. Lately, Steinman has begun streaming his sessions on Twitch which allow his followers to watch his deep runs on WSOP.com.

‘Power’ rounded out the top half of the rankings, finishing in fifth. Him and Mark ‘wsopfreezer’ Johns switched spots like Hoffman and Steinman did ahead of them. Johns slid a spot down to sixth, allowing ‘Power’ to move up a spot.

Drawing more similarities to Hoffman, ‘Power’ also earned a big win in April. He also won the $10,000 guaranteed Sunday Reloader. ‘Power’ won the third running of the event for the event and earned $3,500 for his win, which was the biggest cash of the month for him.

‘DatDude’ finished in seventh for the second straight month and the bottom three players each moved a spot with the departure of Thomas ‘respeckt’ Wheeler from the rankings.

Daniel ‘voff’ Deveau moved up a spot to eighth, James ‘VintageATL’ Piccolo moved up one spot to ninth and Jarred ‘GodsBigToe’ Gabin moved up one spot to 10th. Gabin was in the ‘Just Missed Out’ section in March, finishing in 11th, but cracked the top 10 in April.

Gabin is a player that spreads his play across multiple sites and cashed 39 times over the Winning Poker Network sites and WSOP.com. His lone win came on the first day of the month on WSOP.com. He won the $350 guaranteed no limit hold’em two rebuy and one add-on six-max event for $207.

While it was his only win of the month, his largest cash was a second place finish in the $3,000 guaranteed No Limit Hold’em nightly rebuy and add-on event on WSOP.com for $1,117.

Nevada Online Poker Rankings Top 10

1. bcm4924 – 2,103.06 (+1)
2. CloverSparklesFartShovels – 1,927.81 (-1)
3. JCHAK – 1,717.39 (+1)
4. APokerJoker2 – 1,658.54 (-1)
5. Power – 1,558.58 (+1)
6. wsopfreezer – 1,527.61 (-1)
7. DatDude – 1,484.78 (-)
8. voff – 1,234.51 (+1)
9. VintageATL – 1,232.69 (+1)
10. GodsBigToe – 1,225.76 (NR)

Dropped Out of Top 10– respeckt
Just Missed Out – Jonblvze (11th), droseph (12th), Nutsinurface (13th)

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