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What’s Your Routine?


Poker is a game where a lot of things are out of your control. What cards you get, who sits at your tournament table (and where), and how the cards fall are left up to the poker gods. What is under your control are your diet, study habits, and state of mind. Studies have shown that having a pre-game routine can greatly increase performance. So what constitutes a pre-game routine and why should you have one?

What is Poker Coaching?


Although certain forms of coaching have gained popularity in recent years, coaching has really been around as long as humans have been educating one another. The word “coach” actually comes from the 1830s slang word for “tutor.” Just like the old stage coaches carried passengers to their destinations, a tutor carried students towards understanding.

Settling for the Right Answer


Consider the following scenario: You’re a new poker player who is invested in a strategy coach to get you on the track to making steady income at the tables. You end up in a hand with Kh2h on a board of AsTh9h4c and your opponent accidentally flashes you his hand of Ac6d.

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