Back-to-Back: Ben ‘sauce123’ Sulsky Tops May Cash Game Standings


Ben ‘sauce123’ Sulsky was the biggest winner at the high-stakes cash game tables in May with 2,242 in profit

Oops, he did it again. After profiting $164,642 at the high-stakes cash game tables in April, Ben ‘sauce123’ Sulsky did it again in May, according to HighStakesDB. This time, Sulsky added $272,242 to his bottom line, edging out Dani ‘supernova9’ Stern by a mere $2,000.

Sulsky ended May with 117 sessions that HighStakesDB tracked. They totaled 15,931 hands, meaning that Sulsky turned a profit of $2,326 per session and $17 per hand.

In April, Sulsky had 39 sessions totaling 5,624 hands for an average of $4,221 per session and $29 per hand, so his averages were cut in half in May. Nevertheless, he was the big winner once again.

Thanks to his $272,242 in profit in April, Sulsky is up to $4.85 million in career winnings from tables that HighStakesDB tracks. He’s up $810,000 for the year and might now head to Las Vegas for the 2016 World Series of Poker, which starts this week.

Stern, who won the March high-stakes leaderboard with $352,017 in profit, finished second in May with $270,032, trailing Sulsky by only $2,000. Stern did not appear in the top 10 in April, but logged 76 sessions and 2,445 hands in May for an average profit of $3,553 per session and $110 per hand.

In March, Stern raked in $352,017 in profit over the course of 131 sessions and 10,203 hands. On average that month, he profited $2,687 per session and just over $34 per hand.

Dani ‘supernova9’ Stern was second on the high-stakes cash game leaderboard in May (photo: PokerNews, Danny Maxwell)

The month of May helped Stern pull back to almost even lifetime in the high-stakes games that HighStakesDB tracks, as headed into the month, he was over $300,000 in the hole. Stern is up almost $400,000 on the year and has been in the black for the vast majority of 2016.

Tournament pro Fedor ‘CrownUpGuy’ Holz got it down in the online cash game world in May. Holz, from Germany, finished in third place on the high-stakes cash game leaderboard for the month with $147,934 in profit from 38 sessions and 5,002 hands. If you do the math, you’ll get an average of $3,893 in profit per session and $29 in profit per hand.

Holz’s productive month boosted his lifetime earnings that HighStakesDB has tracked to close to $200,000. This year, he’s up almost $100,000.

Holz spent the first part of May in Monaco for the European Poker Tour’s annual Grand Final. There, he finished fourth and fifth in High Roller events and pocketed over $500,000 total. Needless to say, it was a good month to be Fedor Holz.

steamraise‘ finished in fourth place on the high-stakes cash game leaderboard in May with $142,691 in profit, trailing Holz by only $5,000. ‘steamraise’ logged 26 sessions and 2,221 hands during the month. Right behind him on the leaderboard was ‘happyhammy‘, who had $84,771 in profit from 54 sessions and 12,204 hands.

Dan ‘w00ki3z.’ Cateswas the winner of the largest high-stakes cash game pot played in May. It happened in a hand against Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom at a $250/$500 Mixed Pot Limit Omaha table. Holding Ts5dJcAs, Cates check-raised all-in on the turn of a 6sAc5hQc board. Blom called with 8c8sAh3c and the river was the 5c, giving Cates a boat and a $138,612 hand. It was one of six pots to cross $100,000 in May at the high-stakes cash game tables.

Despite the cash influx from the pot against Blom, Cates did not finish in the top 10 for the month.

The top 10 high-stakes cash game winners in May:

  1. Sauce123 (117 sessions, 15,931 hands) – $272,242
  2. supernova9 (76 sessions, 2,445 hands) – $270,032
  3. CrownUpGuy (38 sessions, 5,002 hands) – $147,934
  4. Steamraise (26 sessions, 2,221 hands) – $142,691
  5. Happyhammy (54 sessions, 12,204 hands) – $84,771
  6. Educa-p0ker (45 sessions, 2,977 hands) – $72,014
  7. Fresh_oO_D (71 sessions, 8,804 hands) – $61,880
  8. buck21 (11 sessions, 463 hands) – $56,905
  9. Fake Love888 (6 sessions, 459 hands) – $53,640
  10. Vaga_Lion (21 sessions, 892 hands) – $44,515