Ben ‘sauce123’ Sulsky Tops Cash Game Leaderboard in April


Ben ‘sauce123’ Sulsky was the biggest winner at the high-stakes cash game tables in April

After finishing third on the high stakes cash game leaderboard in March, Ben ‘sauce123’ Sulsky moved all the way to #1 in April. He earned $164,642 during the somewhat quiet 30-day period, according to HighStakesDB, beating out the next closest player by $63,000.

Sulsky had 39 sessions totaling 5,624 hands during the month for an average of $4,221 per session and $29 per hand. His $164,000 in profit at the high-stakes games HighStakesDB tracks boosted his lifetime profit to almost $4.6 million. His most lucrative game during the month of April: Pot Limit Omaha, which netted him almost $100,000 on its own.

Sulsky was never in the red during April. Instead, he went up $40,000 early on before a run during the second half of the month took him to $164,000 in winnings. Sulsky captured the two largest pots played at the high stakes tables in April, and both came at $250/$500 Pot Limit Omaha tables against ‘joiso‘. Combined, they contributed over $236,000 to his bottom line.

Second place in April went to ‘kkopghy‘, who reeled in $101,980 in profit from 29 sessions and 4,074 hands. That’s an average profit of $3,516 per session and $25 per hand. The strong month moved ‘kkopghy’ from $60,000 in lifetime winnings at the high stakes cash game tables to $172,000. All of his damage was done in Draw games and, like Sulsky, he never went negative for the month.

Fake Love888‘, who is rumored to be Finnish poker proPatrik Antonius, finished in third place in high stakes winnings in April at $91,030. ‘Fake Love888’ boosted his bankroll after a highly successful eight sessions and 1,771 hands during April for an average of $11,378 in profit per session and $51 per hand. He had the fewest sessions of anyone in the top five and the second fewest hands. He was ninth on the cash game leaderboard in March with $56,818 in profit.

‘Fake Love888’ cut into his $1.4 million lifetime deficit as a result of the nearly $100,000 he earned in April. He started the month up $21,000 before plateauing until mid-April. Then, he eventually settled at $91,030 in the black on April 23, after which he didn’t play. Antonius is playing at the European Poker Tour Grand Final in Monaco, perhaps explaining his absence from the online ring game tables for the second half of April.

Next on the high stakes cash game leaderboard was ‘kjunia‘, who recorded $52,679 in profit from exactly 10 sessions and 300 hands. He went from an almost breakeven player on the high stakes tables to up just over $62,000 lifetime as a result. He averaged $5,267 in profit per hand in April along with $175 in profit per hand.

Rounding out the top five was ‘Threalmjm147‘, who had $48,822 in profit from 16 sessions and 2,041 hands. April was the first month that HighStakesDB recorded any data for ‘Threalmjm147’, who did all of his damage at Pot Limit Omaha.

Here’s the top 10:

  1. Sauce123 – 39 sessions, 5,624 hands – $164,642
  2. kkopghy – 29 sessions, 4,074 hands – $101,980
  3. Fake Love888 – 8 sessions, 1,771 hands – $91,030
  4. kjunia – 10 sessions, 300 hands – $52,679
  5. Threalmjm147 – 16 sessions, 2,041 hands – $48,822
  6. AmSoGood – 8 sessions, 130 hands – $40,298
  7. Fresh_oO_D – 109 sessions, 14,585 hands – $39,238
  8. readas_reada – 23 sessions, 272 hands – $38,265
  9. TCfromUB – 6 sessions, 59 hands – $34,447
  10. uwinho312 – 4 sessions, 491 hands – $32,174