bigdogpckt5s Hits $5 Million in Tracked Online MTT Cashes

Published on Mar 5th, 2013

There have been a small handful of PocketFivers who have managed to pass $5 million in tracked online MTT scores. Joining the tiny but talented group this week is Casey bigdogpckt5s Jarzabek (pictured), who hit the milestone and is now $34,000 in the black headed toward his next profile badge of $7.5 million. The member of the Ontario poker community told PocketFives, "It obviously feels good to get to $5 million. I think there are fewer than 20 people in that club, so it's pretty cool. I'm happy to be a member."

Jarzabek is the first PocketFives member to hit the $5 million milestone this year. We had three poker players reach the mark in December of last year: Kevin ImaLuckSac MacPhee, Matt ch0ppy Kay, and theczar19. The next step for each of them is $7.5 million, a badge only one member of our community owns, Chris moorman1 Moorman, who reached $9 million in tracked cashes in recent days.

Jarzabek is #371 worldwide in the PocketFives Poker Rankings and in mid-2010 could be found as high as #3. The Tournament Poker Edge front man has $2.5 million in tracked cashes on PokerStars to go along with another $1.8 million on Full Tilt. He has been part of PocketFives since mid-2006.

Jarzabek's potpourri of brand name cashes include an FTOPS jersey in late 2009 for $278,000. He final tabled the Full Tilt Sunday Brawl just days before Black Friday for $165,000 and is just a few weeks removed from chopping the PokerStars Sunday Million on back-to-back weekends in January. That feat will go down as one of the greatest of all-time in online poker.

All told, PocketFives has logged 102 victories for Jarzabek in online MTTs. He was clearly in high spirits on Twitter, posting on Monday to start the week, "It has been an amazing 2013 in every way. Hope it keeps rolling. #lovinglife." On Sunday, he finished third in the Sunday Brawl for $22,000 and shipped the PokerStars $265 No Limit Hold'em Knockout for another $21,000. Nearly $50,000 later, his Sunday grind was over.

On his exit out of the Brawl, Jarzabek Tweeted, "3rd somehow when someone decided to get in 70 bigs 3 handed with ace timbey and hit his ace. Oh well, what can you do, sigh." Congrats to Jarzabek on becoming the latest PocketFiver to hit $5 million in tracked online MTT cashes.

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