Birthday Boy Dominik Nitsche Wins 888Poker Millions Superstorm ME

Dominik Nitsche received a nice present on his birthday by winning the 888poker Millions Superstorm Main Event for more than $121K.

The 888poker Millions Superstorm online series came to a conclusion on Sunday night when 888poker ambassador Dominik Nitsche bested a total field of 3,196 runners in the $1M guaranteed 888Millions Superstorm Main Event to take home the $121,146 first-place prize.

Nitsche, who was celebrating his 30th birthday, spent the day battling through the 567 players who managed to survive the opening flights of the event and make it to Day Two. By the time the final table got underway, the high-stakes pro had faded the majority of the field but found himself with fewer than seven big blinds. Despite that, he stayed out of trouble in the early parts of the final table and eventually eliminated his final four opponents to walk away with a six-figure score.

After a few orbits at the final table, Lithuanian grinder ‘joolius’ was the first player eliminated. After ‘Artemka168’ opened holding KcKh, ‘joolius’ moved all-in for his remaining 15 big blinds with JcJs. ‘Artemka168’ made the quick call and the pocket kings held when the board ran 9h3h2c6cAc. ‘joolius’ exited in ninth place for $15,000.

After ‘GarbinaD’ opened from late position with AhJs, Brazil’s ‘franguet’ made the call from the big blind with the Ad7d. The flop came Ac8c2c and Rocha put in his remaining short stack with top pair and was called by ‘GarbinaD’s dominating ace. The turn was the 9h and the river came the Kh sending the Brazilian out the door in eighth place for $20,000.

It didn’t take long before ‘dulek_jason’ hit the rail as well when he pushed his final seven big blinds in the middle holding 5c5h and was called by ‘Artemka168’ in the big blind with KhJh. The QhTs7s flop kept ‘dulek_jason’ ahead in the hand but offered ‘Artemka168’ some additional straight and backdoor flush outs. The 6h gave ‘Artemka168’ even more opportunities but it was the 9c river than brought ‘Artemka168’ the straight and eliminated ‘dulek_jason’ in seventh place for $25,000.

Minutes later ‘GarbinaD’ was involved in another elimination when they raised their KdJs from early position and ‘DreamLikeMe’ called with their tournament life on the line with the AhQs. The board ran out 5c7c4c3dJc giving ‘GarbinaD’ a pair on the river and sending ‘DreamLikeMe’ out in sixth place for $30,000.

Nitsche got to work five-handed when he put in a raise from the cutoff with Ad3d and the short-stacked ‘kiskutya23’ made the call for it all with Ks5d. Nitsche hit his ace right away on the 5sAc6d flop but ‘kiskutya23’ also had a pair and some additional two pair and trips outs. But the 9c turn and the Th river did nothing to help ‘kiskutya23’ and they fell in fifth place for $45,000.

The final four players began to talk about a deal as the original payouts had a steep increase with a $100,000 difference between second and first. It didn’t take long for all the players to agree to an ICM deal with $20,000 left for the eventual winner.

Nitsche began four-handed play as the short stack but found a critical double that kept him alive and it started him climbing the chip counts. He picked up another major pot when ‘MrMarley83’ made his last stand by shipping Ad2h under the gun and Nitsche made the called with AsTh. The board ran out AcQd5hJc7d to give Nitsche top pair with a better kicker. Canada’s ‘MrMarley83’ finished in fourth place for $80,551.47, more than $20,000 than the original posted $60,000 prize for fourth place.

Nitsche took over the chip lead and quickly took out another player when he limped on the button with AdTc and was shipped on by ‘Artemka168’ who held AhKd. Nitsche made the call and saw the bad news that he was dominated. But the Td6h5d flop flipped the script and with his pair of tens, Nitsche held on through the 3h turn and the Jc river. ‘Artemka168’ walked away in third place with a $106,193.93 score.

The final hand of the tournament saw ‘GarbinaD’ move all in with the shorter stack holding the KdTc. Nitsche made the call with his Ah9d. The Qh9h9c looked bad for ‘GarbinaD’ as it gave Nitsche trip nines. But the Jd turn brought in the straight for ‘GarbinaD’ and Nitsche left to look for an ace or the board to pair to win it all. It did just that when the Qd hit the river awarding Nitsche the pot and eliminating ‘GarbinaD’ as the runner-up and a payout of $112,609.

With a little luck on his birthday, Nitsche pulled out the win and walked away with the $121,146.01 first-place prize to add to his more than $6.3 million in career online earnings and his $18.6 million in career live earnings.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Dominik ‘888Dominik’ Nitsche – $121,146.01*
  2. ‘GarbinaD’ – $112,608.59*
  3. ‘Artemka168’ – $106,193.93*
  4. ‘MrMarley83’ – $80,551/47*
  5. ‘kistkutya23’ – $45,000
  6. ‘DreamLikeMe’ – $30,000
  7. ‘dulek_jason’ – $25,000
  8. ‘franguet’ – $20,000
  9. ‘joolius’ – $15,000