‘BLaaZeKuSH’ Obliterates 888poker Micro Tournament Scene in 2017

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888poker offers a wide variety of tournaments for all bankroll sizes. MTTs of the Micro ($22 and under) variety do particularly well. The Micros have attracted long-term customers from all market shares. The Micro tournaments are often the first stepping stone to playing higher stakes and the PocketFives leaderboard for those games are full of impressive results. Long-term EV is what every player strives for and a select few maximized that axiom in 2017.

Leading the pack in both wins and money won in 2017 is ‘BLaaZeKuSH.’ In 2017, ‘BLaaZeKuSH’ accumulated $98,724 in tournament winnings on 888poker. ‘BLaaZeKuSH’ won 88 tournaments to help his cause, a nice pace of 1.69 per week. Nearly three-quarters of the $910,389 in career winnings for ‘BLaaZeKuSH’ have come on 888poker. The leftover total belongs to the former online giant Full Tilt Poker.

The most profitable tournament for the green-oriented ‘BLaaZeKuSH’ came for a second-place finish. ‘BLaaZeKuSH’ earned a silver medal in the $20,000 guaranteed XL Eclipse Event #52 and rolled $3,941 into his account.

‘BLaaZeKuSH’ placed second in overall cashes in 2017 to Artem ‘ArtiTAG’ Ivanenko. Ivanenko notched 1,527 ‘Congratulations’ pop-ups and ‘BLaaZeKuSH’ earned 1,296.

Ivanenko finished with 67 wins and took third in total winnings with $52,915. He also took third in overall Micro MTT earnings with $52,915, completing an impressive poker triathlon.

‘drbones666’ made a name for themselves in the top-10. The good doctor placed second in earnings, fourth in wins, and fourth in cashes. No need for a physical just yet as ‘drbones666’ put $77,886 during 2017. Thanks to a successful 12-month campaign, the devil inside ‘drbones666’ has them knocking on the door of $750,000 in lifetime earnings.

The only other player to make their way into a Micro Triple Crown is ‘Cherman9.’ Their respective finishes across the board are ninth, third, and eighth. The 54 wins for ‘Cherman9’ came with a peak payout of $4,660 in the Sunday Swordfish.

A few players double-dipped between the overall leaderboard and the Micro list and ‘Vzsolt85’ is one of them. ‘Vzsolt85’ was eighth in cashes among the full player pool. The cashes were worth the hourly as 39 of them scores came in a Micro tournament win. That number puts ‘Vzsolt85’ seventh on the Micro standings.

Another crossover is ‘machkonti’ as they placed third on both lists for total cashes. ‘machkonti’ cashed on 1,030 occasions within the Micro circuit and 1,037 times overall.

Eugino ‘meJogi’ Di Stefano and Dean ‘mugggggy’ Quinn found themselves near the top in  earnings and wins to make the most of their volume. Both finished with 35 gold medals in 2017.

Player Earnings
BLaaZeKuSH $98,724
drbones666 $77,886
ArtiTAG $52,915
Vzsolt85 $50,081
meJogi $49,742
mugggggy $47,949
machkonti $46,192
jlaku $45,789
Cherman9 $45,026
gailius46 $42,930
Player Wins
BLaaZeKuSH 88
ArtiTAG 67
Cherman9 54
drbones666 47
rameez23 40
Vzsolt85 39
JefersonLA 37
mugggggy 35
meJogi 35
Player Cashes
ArtiTAG 1,527
BLaaZeKuSH 1,296
machkonti 1,030
drbones666 834
progresssive 760
gailisu46 745
jlaku 736
Cherman9 713
alussonspfc 707
hudfoter 684