Bodog Brand Departs U.S. Market, Replaced by Bovada

Published on Dec 15th, 2011

In a move that took place today, the Bodog brand officially left the U.S. market. In its place is Bovada, which does business on the website and is owned and operated by Morris Mohawk Gaming Group, the company that had marketed Bodog in the United States since 2006.

Note that PocketFives does not recommend playing on any sites offering rake-based games in the United States. We fear deposits and withdrawals on these sites could be at risk. We encourage U.S. players to play on sites like ClubWPT until online poker is regulated in the U.S.

Attempting to access from the United States now results in the following error message: "Access to this site is not available from your current location. The Morris Mohawk Gaming Group no longer offers its services under license from the Bodog Brand. You can find their services now available at" has the same look and feel as and, according to an e-mail sent to U.S. Bodog players that was posted on PocketFives, "Your account and balance have automatically been transferred to the new website and you are able to log into the site using your existing account details and password."

In a thread on PocketFives, Bodog site rep BodogBecky outlined the changes in store for players: "This is a name change we are talking about - nothing more, nothing less. The company that has owned and run the software and operations since late 2006 (MMGG) will continue to operate as normal, just under a new brand name. Your funds will be transferred to the newly branded site and you can request a payout anytime."

An overnight outage took place to transition the two websites. The same e-mail sent to players noted that the Bovada customer service number was 888-263-0000.

Players on PocketFives posted their reactions to the departure of Bodog's brand from the U.S. One member of the online poker community admitted, "Is anyone else here kind of somewhat sketched out about this? I have a pending cashout and now they did this. Not really sure what to think about this. Anyone else have pending cashouts in the last two weeks and have received them or at least gotten tracking numbers?"

Bodog cashouts were purportedly taking around three weeks to process, according to posters on PocketFives.

Bodog originally announced plans to leave the U.S. market back in July. On the logic for the move, Bodog officials explained five months ago, "In order to ensure the brand's expansion is not affected by negative perceptions, both in the U.K. and elsewhere in emerging markets such as Asia, where Bodog88 is already successful, a decision has been made to withdraw the Bodog brand from the U.S. market at the end of 2011." Bodog officials added that the Kahnawake Gaming Commission licenses Bovada.

In July, the U.K. Gambling Commission granted a gaming license. The site recently made the move to all anonymous tables, which resulted in its cash game traffic dipping 10% within a week, according to PokerScout, as players and software companies alike apparently did not take too fondly to the move.

In a statement posted on on Wednesday, Bodog officials reached out to concerned players: "The Bodog brand is confident MMGG's customer account information and funds will continue to remain safe and secure, as it has done since MMGG entered its original agreement with the Bodog Brand in 2006, and we would like to wish MMGG the greatest success in its new venture."

Referencing the .lv extension on Bovada's website, one poster on PocketFives indicated, "It's just a top-level domain. It was .eu previously and before that, it was .com. It's not indicative of anything, I don't think." Dot-lv corresponds to Latvia, leading one person to remark, "Is nobody else bothered by the .lv? Because I find Mohawk and Latvia, you know, like together, to be really tilting."

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  1. Fwiw, I cashed out my last $150 from there last week and it was in my moneybookers account within 48 hours.

  2. What a joke been trying to log into my account for last 4 hrs

  3. So is Bovada available to US players or no? If no why are they sending me e-mail marketing to join?

  4. I cant login says 'try again later' .

  5. I cant log on to either the sportsbook I did but Poker cant be accessed. Bodog GG GL Rest in Peace. NO MONEY on the site took my payouts twice in last two months and refused to put more cash in when they went anonymous. Well came home to play the Football Free roll and cant log in.

    OH well. GG GL all Lock Poker is the last hurrah for the online community. Thank God I live in South Florida and we have real poker here.

  6. Betonline Poker is the only one i trust but tournaments are mostly micro-micro buy ins. First one i played on that site was a .70 cent rebuy 500gtd(thats right .70 cents 500gtd). i won it for $170! and got paid in less than a week by MG.

  7. I'm not able to login?? & am from Canada

    withdrew the majority of my meager bankroll off Bodog 10days ago (waiting for cheque), left enough on there to play a $18 satty (30seats) to the $100k.

    Thought Canadians would be able to login tonight?? Guess I thought wrong.

  8. yeah definitely cant login to this "bovada"argh and still waiting on a check that I cashed out almost 4 weeks ago.

  9. I would stay away from Betonline from what I have read.
  10. Assholes, yea this helps everyone feel comfortable about playing online.[/QUOTE]
  11. Cashed out 750$ bucks last week, w/o any problem

    Originally Posted by 4thehaters View Post

    Betonline Poker is the only one i trust but tournaments are mostly micro-micro buy ins. First one i played on that site was a .70 cent rebuy 500gtd(thats right .70 cents 500gtd). i won it for $170! and got paid in less than a week by MG.

    Lol the only one you should not trust is bet online

    Originally Posted by Sirocko View Post

    Cashed out 750$ bucks last week, w/o any problem

    Thats so cool!

  14. I had been cashing out from Bodog every month, took 2 weeks average. After anonymous table implement I requested cashout of balance on 12/01. No confirmation yet on 12/16 and response to email stating that due to holiday and increase of cashout request traffic process will be significantly delayed. These brand and site changes make me wonder if I will get paid at all. Overall, the whole thing smells like rotten eggs.

  15. I think everyone needs to relax, bovada is the same as bodog and bodog is all good. cashouts take 2 weeks, during high volume time periods (holidays) may take a little longer big deal. and anyonymous is great, no poker tracking HUDs, more skill is required , its pure poker. good day.

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