Bonomo, Adams, Koon Score Triton Super High Roller Jeju Titles

Justin Bonomo (left), Timothy Adams (center) and Jason Koon all took home titles during the 2019 Triton Super High Roller Series Jeju.

The Triton Super High Roller Series returned with a seven-event series this past week, offering some of the best players in the world the ability to compete at the highest stakes offered on the tournament circuit.

Live from Jeju, South Korea the live-streamed action did not disappoint as every event featured some of the biggest names in poker battling for career-defining scores.

Justin Bonomo Takes Down Event #1

Justin Bonomo continued to do what he does – take down big- buy-in tournaments for massive amounts of money. This time, Bonomo survived the 65-entry field of Event #1: HK$250,000 Short-Deck Ante-Only to claim his first ever recorded short deck cash of $586,000 USD.

By besting the star-studded final table that included Ben Lamb, John Juanda, and David Benefield, Bonomo adds the over half-million score to his All-Time Money List leading sum of over $44 million and takes home his first Triton trophy.

Event #1 Final Table Payouts:

1. Justin Bonomo – HK$4,600,000 ($586,114)
2. Yeu Wei Hsuang – HK#3,300,000 ($420,473)
3. Sergey Levedev – HK$2,140,000 ($272,671)
4. David Benefield – HK$1,620,000 ($206,414)
5. Tong Siox Choon – HK$1,250,000 ($159,270)
6. Ying Lin Chua – HK$975,000 ($124,231)
7. Ben Lamb – HK$780,000 ($99,385)
8. John Juanda – HK$610,000 ($77,724)

Devan Tang Runs Hot In Event #2

Hong Kong high-roller Devan Tang turned a one-outer into over one million dollars by taking down Event #2: HK$500K Short-Deck Ante-Only for over $1.2 million.

Earlier in the tournament Tang was in a tough spot on the turn, when his pocket sixes turned a set and he was facing a bet for his tournament life against Mikita Badziakouski’s flopped set of queens. Tang made the call and had one foot on the rail when his 4% came through and the case six hit the river. The one-outer gave Tang new life in the tournament and he rode a wave of run good to help him defeat Peter Jetten heads-up and take home the Triton title.

The victory marks the second-highest score in Tang’s career, pushing him to over $6.2 million in career recorded live earnings.

Event #2 Final Table Payouts:

1. Devan Tang – HK$9,730,000 ($1,239,758)
2. Peter Jetten – HK$7,040,000 ($897,009)
3. Romain Arnaud – HK$4,540,000 ($578,469)
4. Jason Koon – HK$3,435,000 ($437,674)
5. Isaac Haxton – HK$2,660,000 ($338,926)
6. Leong Chan Wai – HK$2,075,000 ($264,388)
7. Mikita Badziakouski – HK$1,650,000 ($210,236)
8. Paul Phua – HK$1,300,000 ($165,640)

Michael Soyza Hits Career-High Cash In Event #3

Malaysia’s Michael Soyza picked up the first seven-figure score of his career by winning Event #3: HK$500,000 No Limit Hold’em Six Handed for $1,420,581 USD.

Souya has a pair of obstacles to overcome in order to hit his new career high. The first was a broken left hand he suffered from a recent snowboarding accident two weeks prior to the tournament. The second was a final table full of some of the world’s best players including Jason Koon, Byrn Kenney, Ivan Leow, and eventual runner-up, high stakes crusher, Sam Greenwood.

“Feels pretty good, it’s nice to win something,” Soyza said after his victory. “You just play your hands and hopefully it works out well. Win flips, you know? That’s how you do it.”

With the new million-dollar score, Soyza soars over $5 million in lifetime recorded cashes.

Event #3 Final Table Payouts

1. Michael Soyza – HK$11,150,000 ($1,420,581)
2. Sam Greenwood – HK$8,000,000 ($1,019,251)
3. Ivan Leow – HK$5,200,000 ($662,513)
4. Bryn Kenney – HK$3,921,000 ($499,560)
5. Beh Kok Weng – HK$3,040,000 ($387,315)
6. Jason Koon – HK$2,360,000 ($300,679)

Jason Koon Wins His Second Triton Title In Event #5

Superstar high roller Jason Koon is quickly becoming known as the king of Short Deck after taking down his second seven-figure Triton Poker payday in the variant.

Koon bested the field of 81 entries, including eventual runner-up and Triton founder Paul Phua, in Event #4: HK$1,000,000 Short Deck Ante Only for a $2,840,945 first place prize. The multi-million dollar score marks the seventh seven-figure cash in Koon’s remarkable career and his second largest haul of all time. With the victory, Koon rises to just under $27M in lifetime earnings ($26.938M).

In May 2018, Koon took home the title in the same event during the Triton Super High Roller Series in Montenegro where he won a career-high cash of $3,579,836. To date, over $7.5 million of Koon’s career recorded cashes comes from Short Deck events, making him the unofficial leader of the short deck all-time money leader.

Event #5 Final Table Payouts

1. Jason Koon – HK$22,300,000 ($2,840,945)
2. Paul Phua – HK$15,900,000 ($2,025,607)
3. Furkat Rakhimov – HK$10,440,000 ($1,330,021)
4. Jun Wang – HK$7,900,000 ($1,006,434)
5. Gabe Patgorski – HK$6,100,000 ($777,120)
6. Richard Yong – HK$4.700.000 ($598,764)
7. John Juanda – HK$3,700,000 ($471,368)
8. Wai Kin Yong – HK$2,900.000 ($369,450)

Timothy Adams Takes Down Main Event

Timothy Adams and Byrn Kenney navigated their way through an ‘insanely tough’ final table of the HK$2Million Triton Jeju Main Event to face off in heads-up play at which time the duo negotiated a deal that locked up career-high cashes for both high rollers.

Adams would take home the title of 2019 Triton Jeju Main Event champion and a $3.54 million haul. Kenney also secured just over $3 million for second place.

Adams entered the day with the largest stack with Kenney not too terribly far behind him. The rest of the final table, however, needed to find a way to spin up their short stacks. On the first hand of play, Isaac Haxton fell in a clash with Kenney. On the second hand of play, David Peters busted to Peter Jetten. Eventually, Kenney sent both Jetten and Dan Smith, who made a last-minute decision to fly to Asia to play in the Main Event, to the rail.

Adams and Kenney secured their multi-million dollar chop and left $500,000 on the table to battle over. Adams ended up on the right side of a cooler for all the chips. Adams, holding 8d5s and Kenney holding Ah4s saw a board run out 4d3s4s5d5h and in the end, the pair put all the chips in the middle and Adams ended up with the trophy and the half-million on top.

While Adams has earned plenty of six-figure paydays, nothing in his career compared to this accomplishment. It’s his first million dollar score and sends his career earnings to over $14 million. Kenney’s lifetime total now surpasses $30 million as he jumped to sixth place on the All-Time Money List.

Triton Jeju Main Event Final Table Payouts

1. Timothy Adams – HK$27,760,500* ($3,540,000)
2. Bryn Kenney – HK$24,039,500* ($3,060,000)
3. Dan Smith – HK$10,390,000 ($1,700,000)
4. Peter Jetten – HK$10,390,000 ($1,300,000)
5. David Peters – HK$8,150,000 ($1,040,000)
6. Isaac Haxton – HK$6,300,000 ($803,000)

Koon Outduels Chidwick In Event #7 For Second Jeju Victory

Red-hot Jason Koon won Event #7: NLHE Triton Refresh for his second victory of the week. The event was supposed to be a two-day affair however organizers and the 25-entry field agreed that the tournament could be completed in one day.

The final four players made the money. After Michael Addamo’s departure in fourth place, Paul Phua was looking to get some revenge for Event #5 where he lost heads-up to Koon. It wasn’t meant to be as Chidwick eliminated Phua in third and then the regular high-rollers struck a money deal, leaving only the trophy to play for.

Although Koon eventually won the trophy, Chidwick takes home the largest payday of Event #7, locking up $1.13 million in the deal. Koon officially took first place and walked with $973,000.

Event #7 Final Table Payouts

1. Jason Koon – HK$7,640,160* ($973,306)
2. Stephen Chidwick – HK$8,858,840 ($1,128,685)
3. Paul Phua – HK$4,200,000 ($535,052)
4. Michael Addamo – HK$2,800,000 ($356,702)