Bradley Ruben Snares Second Bracelet, Wins WSOP Online Event #21

Bradley Ruben
Bradley Ruben won his second PLO WSOP bracelet when he defeated a final table full of genuine poker big hitters

The latest World Series of Poker Online bracelet event produced a fast-paced final table as Bradley Ruben took down Event #21 ($600 Pot Limit Omaha Six-Handed). After a heads-up victory against Michael Holtz, Ruben won the $69,148 top prize to claim his second WSOP bracelet and deny the final table chip leader Holtz a maiden victory.

With nine players left, Holtz was dominating not just his table but the tournament, sitting with 2.7 million chips. Only Ruben held over a million chips at that stage, with Holtz’s dominance typified by his elimination of Kijoon Park in 10th place. Park’s AdKsTc5h was unable to hold onto a lead gained and lost against Holtz’s QcQd6d2s across the board of Ac8c2c8d8h, which gave Holtz a full house on the river.

As play sped up towards the six-handed final table, some big names jostled for position behind the leader, and Alex Foxen chipped up to keep himself in contention for his first WSOP bracelet by knocking out both Mark Liedtke in ninth place ($4,760) and Joe Ranciato in eighth place($6,456). When Anirudh Seth was eliminated in seventh place for $6,456 too, this time falling to Holtz, the final table was set.

Ben Yu and Dylan Wilkerson started the final table in second and third position respectively, but the swings of Pot Limit Omaha soon saw them plummet to the bottom of the chip counts.

It was Wilkerson who busted first. His hand of JcJs7s2h was all-in on the flop against Holtz’s KsTs9c5c. Sadly for Wilkerson, the flop of Qc9h5s may have kept his pocket jacks ahead, but the Kc gave Holtz the better pair. The 3c river couldn’t save Wilkerson, who cashed for $8,955 in sixth place.

Troy Lee was eliminated in fifth place for $12,764. Lee called a big three-bet pre-flop from Holtz to see a flop of Kd5s4d then moved in for his final chips to be called by Holtz. Lee had a strong drawing hand of QdQsTd9s, but was behind Holtz’s Kh7s6h5h and stayed there through the 6c turn and Jh river.

Just four players remained, but play was soon three-handed. Ruben took out Yu in fourth place for $18,656. Yu called off his stack pre-flop with AsQcJd5c and would need help against Ruben’s QsQh5d4s. Sadly for Yu, the board of KcTh4h6h2c did not provide it, with a dry run-out, particularly on turn and river, seeing him leave just before the podium places.

With Yu’s elimination, just one WSOP bracelet winner remained as Ruben had taken out the only other previous winner of WSOP gold in that hand. Things were to get even better for Ruben with the next bust-out, too, as he took out Foxen in third place for $27,909.

Foxen made it 250,000 to go from the button with AsKsTd6s pre-flop and Ruben defended his big blind with AdQs3d3c. the flop of Jd8s3s put Ruben in a strong position to win the hand with a set of threes and while the flush draw was out there, the 6h turn and 4h river condemned Foxen to another deep run without closing out the win.

Heads up did not take long to conclude, with Ruben’s chip dominance helping it home. The final hand saw Ruben’s KhQsTh4s up against Holtz’s AhKd9c5h, with Ruben opening to 300,000 from the big blind and Holtz’s three-bet to 900,000 from the button getting called by the eventual champion.

The 9s5s3s flop had both players check, but on the 8h turn, Ruben bet a chunky 1.8 million and Holtz called the bet for his tournament life. Ruben’s made flush meant that Holtz needed either a nine or a five to complete a full house, but the 6s river didn’t help him and Holtz ended the event as runner-up, earning $42,816.

Plenty of big names had left the event before the money bubble burst, with Event #19 winner Martin Zamani crashing out, former WSOP Main Event winner Ryan Riess departing early, Ryan Laplante busting twice and Joseph Cheong also being eliminated before the money bubble burst. All in all, there were 551 total entries from 281 players who rebought 270 times to create a prize pool of $297,540.

Players who made the money places included Pierce McKellar (38th for $1,398), who busted Garry Gates on the bubble, Shawn Stroke (33rd for $1,576), Clayton Maguire (28th for $1,874), and Jason Gooch (12th for $3,600).

It was Ruben’s day, however, after a thrilling final table saw the now double WSOP bracelet winner bank $69,148 for the win and claim the Event #21 title in the process. Having won his first WSOP bracelet in a PLO event last August, Ruben will be delighted to have completed a double during this year’s WSOP 2021 Online Series.

WSOP Online Event #21 Pot Limit Omaha Six-Handed Final Table Results:

  1. Bradley ‘drstrange7’ Ruben $69,148
  2. Michael ‘BrockLesnar’ Holtz $42,816
  3. Alex ‘orcinusorca’ Foxen $27,909
  4. Ben ‘WhyIsGamora’ Yu $18,655
  5. Troy ‘troyrlee’ Lee $12,764
  6. Dylan ‘thedogsofwar’ Wilkerson $8,955