Brandon Adams Beats Doug Polk to win Poker Masters $50,000 Event #4

Brandon Adams won the final ,000 buy-in Poker Masters event on Sunday (PokerCentral photo)

Heading into the final table of the last $50,000 Poker Masters event on Sunday afternoon, it looked like German Steffen Sontheimer might be on his way to a second win. The German came into the final table behind only Doug Polk and Brandon Adams in chips. When the dust settled though, Sontheimer busted earlier than he would have hoped and Adams ending up beating Polk heads-up to win Event #4.

After Zach Clark was eliminated on the bubble in seventh place, the final six players went to work chasing the $819,000 first place prize.

From the hijack, David Peters raised to 36,000 before Jake Schindler re-raised to 90,000 from late position. The flop came As7s4s, Peters checked and Schindler moved all in for 314,000. Peters snap-called and revealed AcAd for top set while Schindler showed Ah7c for top two. The hand was wrapped up after the 8c turn and the river was the Th.

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Sontheimer, making his third final table appearance of the Poker Masters, had his run at a second title fall short. Action folded to Sontheimer on the button and he bet 350,000, leaving himself just 40,000 behind. Adams called to see a flop of Tc9h2d. Sontheimer threw in his last 40,000 and Adams called. Sontheimer turned up Ac5c while Adams had 5h5s. Neither the Th turn or 2c river were any help for Sontheimer and he was out in fifth place.

Sontheimer cashed in three of the four $50,000 preliminary events. He finished fourth in Event #1, first in Event #2 and now fifth in Event #4 for $1,221,000 total earnings. The German sits atop the Purple Jacket standings heading into the final event, the $100,000 freezeout which gets underway Monday.

Just 45 minutes later, Adams sent another player to the rail. Adams raised to 75,000 from UTG and action folded to Justin Bonomo who moved all in from the big blind for 770,000. Adams called and showed 7c7s while Bonomo tabled As3c. The board ran out JhTc4h3h4s to eliminate Bonomo in fourth and propel Adams into the chip lead for the first time.

Adams had a hand in the next elimination too. Adams raised to 90,000 from the button, Doug Polk made it 260,000 to go from the small blind before Peters moved all in from the big blind for 545,000. Adams responded by moving all in and Polk called. Peters tabled 8c8d, Adams showed AhKd while Polk was well ahead of both with AcAd. The board ran out QhJc7s7cQs to eliminate Peters in third and send Polk into the chip lead as heads up play began.

Over the next 20 minutes, Adams re-took the lead and eventually finished Polk off. With Adams up just over 2-1 in chips, Polk raised to 80,000 from the button and Adams called. After the Ks8d6d flop, Adams checked, Polk bet 100,000 and Adams re-raised to 320,000. Polk moved all in and Adams called immediately. Polk showed 5d4d for a flush draw but Adams tabled 9d7d for a better flush draw. The 2d turn ended any chance for Polk and he was out in second place. The inconsequential river was the 5s.


  1. Brandon Adams – $819,000
  2. Doug Polk – $468,000
  3. David Peters – $273,000
  4. Justin Bonomo – $175,500
  5. Steffen Sontheimer – $117,000
  6. Jake Schindler – $97,500