Brandon Adams Wins Poker Masters Event #2, Takes Commanding Lead

Brandon Adams leads the Poker Masters leaderboard after winning Event #2 on Sunday. (PokerCentral photo/Drew Amato).

With just two events of the 2018 Poker Masters in the books, Brandon Adams has established himself as the leader in the clubhouse. A day after finishing 4th in Event #1, Adams topped Event #2 ($25,000 No Limit Hold’em) to pick up $400,000 and put himself atop the Poker Masters leaderboard.

Adams started the day second in chips and ended up eliminating three of the final five opponents on his way to victory. He picked off his first victim just 20 minutes after Day 2 began.

Adams raised to 75,000 from the cutoff with QcQs and Daniel Negreanu called from the button with TdTs. After the 8s7h5c flop, Adams check-raised to 205,000 after Negreanu bet 60,000. Negreanu called. The turn was the 3h and Adams bet 405,000 and then called when Negreanu moved all in. The river was the Jc and Negreanu was eliminated in sixth place.

Jared Jaffee, who began play Sunday with the chip lead, picked up his first elimination of the day just 45 minutes later in a blind vs. blind situation. Action folded to Jaffee in the small blind and he moved all in with Td7h and Jason Koon, down to slightly less than three big blinds, called with 8h2c. The board ran out AhTs8cQhKc to eliminate Koon in fifth.

While Adams and Jaffee were atop the chip counts with four players left, the bottom two players clashed in a pot that saw one of them sent packing.

Jake Schindler raised to 110,00 from the cutoff with Ad8d and Bill Klein shoved all in with KcJs for 410,000 more. Schindler called and then watched as the 8c7s6d flop, 9d turn and 3s river kept him in front the entire way and eliminated Klein in fourth.

Three-handed action started with Jaffee holding more than 50% of the chips in play and Adams on the short stack but a big hand changed the dynamic dramatically.

Adams raised from the button to 150,000 with AcTc, Schindler called from the small blind with Kc5c and Jaffee defended his big blind with 3c3d. The flop came As4s3h and Schindler and Jaffee both checked. Adams bet 250,000, Schindler go out of the way and Jaffee moved all in. Adams called all in and then watched as the Td turn and Ad river gave Adams a bigger full house to double through Jaffee into the chip lead.

Schindler managed to battle with Adams and Jaffee for almost 90 minutes before he saw his tournament end short.

Jaffee folded the button, Adams moved all in from the small blind holding Ad5c and Schindler called off his last 1,075,000 with QcTs. Schindler headed to the last card with 17 outs thanks to the As3s2s9s runout but was out in third place after the 6d river.

Jaffee picked up pocket kings on the very next hand but couldn’t get any action from Adams’ Qh2c. One hand later it was all over. Jaffee moved all in for 1,045,000 with Kc5s and Adams called with Ac9h. After the 8d4c4s flop, Jaffee could only watch as the 7s turn and 2d river failed to pull him ahead of Adams who eliminated Jaffee to win his second Poker Masters title.

“The last one I would say was really smooth. It felt like I was playing good and running good and I had a chip lead on the final table for a lot of the final table,” Adams said. “This time, it was a rollercoaster. I had to get really lucky in some spots.”

Final Table Payouts

  1. Brandon Adams – $400,000
  2. Jared Jaffee – $262,000
  3. Jake Schindler – $175,000
  4. Bill Klein – $125,000
  5. Jason Koon – $100,000
  6. Daniel Negreanu – $75,000
  7. Dominik Nitsche – $62,500
  8. Cary Katz – $50,000

2018 Poker Masters Points After Event #2

  1. Brandon Adams – 420
  2. David Peters – 300
  3. Jared Jaffee – 210
  4. Brian Green – 210
  5. Jake Schindler – 150
  6. Rainer Kempe – 150
  7. Bill Klein – 120
  8. Cary Katz – 120
  9. Jason Koon – 90
  10. Cord Garcia – 90