Bruno Politano – 2014 WSOP Poker Player Profile


Brazil’s Bruno Politano finished Day 5 of the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event with 5,475,000 in chips, which was good enough for fourth place with 79 players remaining.

Although Politano was not a household name prior to his 2014 Main Event run, he has had some success playing live poker tournaments, amassing over $110,000 in cashes.

Politano’s biggest cash going into the Main Event was in October 2013, when he finished in second place in the Brazilian Series of Poker Main Event for over $47,000.

Politano was in the chip lead for almost two hours on Day 5 after hitting set-overset before the Day 5 dinner break against Zach Jiganti. The action was 4bet pre-flop, with Politano holding Kd-Kh against Jiganti’s 9s-9d. Jiganti was the victim of one of the biggest coolers of the day when the flop came Ah-Ks-9h, giving both players a set.

It was inevitable that all the chips would eventually go in the middle of the table and Politano found his stack soar from about 2.2 million in chips to close to 5 million.

While still having the chip lead, Politano battled it out in a pre-flop betting war against American poker player Adam Coats. Politano raised from the cutoff to 52,000 in chips with the blinds at 12,000/24,000 with Ah-Kc. Coats responded by shoving his entire 500,000+ chip stack in with Th-Ts, which Politano quickly called. It appeared that Coats might find himself with over a million chips when the board came 3s-3c-2h-Qc. However, luck was not on Coat’s side when the Kd spiked on the river, shipping a healthy pot to Politano and sending Coats to the showers.